Contacting Beings of Light 20141105 Archangel Adrigon via Tazjima: On Breaking Through the Darkness


Adrigon 5-11

Posted by Brian R

Archangel Adrigon: On Breaking Through the Darkness, channeled by Tazjima (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara).

Greetings, I AM Lord Adrigon, Commander of the Pleiadian fleet, part of the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Even now, we watch your world, monitor newscasts, and observe the rising levels of awareness amongst your populace.

As some of the readers of this messenger’s work know, our First Wave volunteers from the Galactic Federation of Light will be ascending soon. These volunteers came from an assortment of aligned worlds, all with a desire to see humanity and the planet Earth return into the higher dimensions from whence they fell so long ago.

Our writer has demonstrated, at least in part, the physical reasons for the decline in consciousness. Your planet circles a star, Helios, which in turn circles around an unknown companion, creating the phenomenon of precession of the Equinox.

Your scientists, working with limited consciousness and a reluctance to move beyond the limitations of Newtonian physics have refused to explore the reasons for this phenomenon, discounting it as little more than a wobble caused by local forces.

Nothing lives within a box without cause and effect emanating from far beyond that box. Thus, you find your lives changing rapidly now as your world moves swiftly from one age to another, from one paradigm to another.

Life for some is being turned upside down. Soon only the ability to arrive at and retain your center of neutral calm will aid those who intend to survive the chaotic nodes as they burst upon your awareness.

We watch over your world, yet cannot move to assist you in force until enough of your collective has risen to at least the fourth-dimensional level of consciousness. This is where the lowest rung of our own people live and work, in 4D physical and 5D etheric emotional/mental consciousness (these dynamics are united at this level). You can call us etheric humans.

Many of us have conscious awareness in higher levels and are able to function up to the ninth dimension while still maintaining physical form. Yet, to best assist those worlds such as your own to rise up in vibration, we remain in the lower vibration where we are most effective at reaching at least some of your people as your psychic abilities continue to expand.

We are here in response to your pleas for a world filled with peace and abundance for all. Why do we not land now upon the surface, is the cry taken up by some impatient voices. In reply, we say this: “We come in Peace.”

As long as you remain in conflict with another portion of your collective, peace will not prevail upon your planet. As above, so below; in macrocosm, as in microcosm.

Arrive at a place of peace within your own heart and you will arise accordingly in vibration. Remove the log from your own eye before you seek to remove the mote from your brother’s. See that what one does reflects to everything in the world about him.

We discovered and embraced Peace long, long ago. We as a people from thousands of worlds know the fruits of war. Conflict will never create freedom or peace. The peace that you seek must come from within your own heart, by letting go of your own self-hatred and self-judgment.

What you project upon your brother comes from the fears that haunt your own center. Cast them out as the debris and detritus that has weighed you down for centuries through the past Dark Age.

Like those who have lived in caves for a long time, you are now emerging from an age-long plunge into darkness, partially as a result of the passage of your solar system through the heavens, and partially as a result of lower-density entities gaining an ill-advised entry into your dimension.

These entities are being collected up and removed by dedicated legions of angels. You can assist by calling on the Angels of Resurrection, calling up a Pillar of Resurrection to cleanse a particular area of the astral plane of your world.

In response, those soul fragments who have broken off of their soul aspect due to trauma will respond and begin to approach so that the Angels can take them Home. Those dark entities who have fed upon the desperate fear and trauma of these lost ones may resist the cleansing, but the legions of Archangel Michael will be at hand to lend support.

Few humans are aware of their own potential, so long has your race lived in darkness and despair. We tell you now: Look up and see the rising sun before you, beaming its eternal rays upon you. Allow the clouds of despair to dissipate.

Think not of the future, but concentrate on where you are now, in the moment. If you are in alignment with the Will of God, with the Light within your own heart, the future will take care of itself, unfolding in unexpected ways, allowing for more freedom of expression than you can now imagine.

Golden days are before you, but each of you must walk forward, washing your consciousness of fear, disappointment, and grief. Utilize the gift of the Violet Flame to assist in this cleansing.

You do not need to know any specific mantra, but this: “In the Name of the I AM THAT I AM I call forth the Violet Flame to cleanse and purify my body and auric field!” And believe that it is done according to your wishes and command. We remind you, again, gently… you ARE more powerful than you know.

As you connect with the powerful Light that emanates from the Center of your own Being, you will come naturally into alignment with your Higher Self and with those who have long guided you in the higher dimensions.

Just upon our own ship, we have sponsored an Earth University wherein we have taught millions of Earth citizens, and have prepared those who are our volunteers to Earth before they ventured forth into their incarnations upon your darkened world.

From your own experience, you have learned that life has not been easy or pleasant for the many who still struggle with war, poverty, disease, and lack. None of these things exist upon our worlds; we would have the same be true upon yours.

Free yourself from the conditioning and fear that has kept you from exploring the edges of what has become ‘acceptable’ by the authorities of your world. These same authorities work from a high degree of fear and wish to control all those who do not think and act as they do. Their methods can be both harsh and subtle, but today more and more humans are becoming aware of just how manipulated their lives and consciousness has been.

Nothing on your world is as you have been taught to think it is. We simply call your planet the Planet of Lies. Only you, the inhabitants of this world, can change this, and each of you must start by changing your own beliefs and consciousness.

We understand that this is a journey of some magnitude that we set before you, but also realize that in your dreamtime we are there assisting, guiding, and mentoring. And as you gain in your ability and desire to trust your own intuition, we can assist even more.

The gifts that you carry within are many, but only you have the key… and that key is coded to respond in your rising vibration. More and more awareness and gifts will come online as your consciousness ascends higher and higher. Only you can do this work for self… and ultimately for your work.

The job or assignment given to the Second Wave of Galactic Volunteers is one of familiarizing the population with the forces that have kept them down, systematically disclosing the tricks and feints of the dark ones who seek to reduce the population and keep the rest in fear and servitude. We know your hearts… you rebel at the very thought… so you will find ways to disclose all things and beings who seek to prevent the collective from rising in vibration.

However, and here comes the caveat, you must approach this disclosure not by seeking to punish those who have seemingly plunged your world into darkness. Remember that your world, as a result of your Solar System’s passage through the heavens, naturally undergoes cycles that allow consciousness to rise and fall in response to changes in the frequencies of the portion of heaven through which your world is passing.

The last Golden Age was 12,000 years ago, and your world fell into darkness. Now, it is beginning to gradually come out of this dark age and into the light. Can you take her farther and raise the entire human collective and your own planet into a dimension where she no longer has to endure these great cycles?

You can… and you will, as it is your destiny to join us as a true galactic civilization. But as you say in the military, you have to earn your stripes through experience and work. This goal – this permanent golden age – will not be handed to you on a platter.

The reason that we have sent thousands, if not millions of starseed volunteers into your world is to raise up your vibration and frequency levels from the inside.

By Cosmic Law, your world’s existence as a Free Will planet forbids us to interfere with the development of your planet UNTIL that time when the collective as a Whole decides that it wants the assistance.

Then we will come and come swiftly. Our volunteers are here to assist you; but until you realize the power that you hold in your own heart and hands, you will not believe that they alone can affect change in your world.

Have faith, dear ones, that miracles can happen. You, each one of you, is a miracle of creation. Each one of you was born with a purpose in mind, a goal that your Soul sent you forth to conquer.

Can you discover this by seeking forever outside of yourselves? We think not. In the ancient custom of some of your indigenous peoples and those who are dedicated meditators, go within. Seek the inner vision and guidance that will lead you to your goal, the one set before you.

The goal is to lead your people and world to Peace, abundance, and Love, and to allow culture and the riches of creativity to rule the world – not the phantasms of wealth, money, and power.

We stand beside you and await your decision and your actions. Let the fire within your Heart light the courage that will allow you to break through and devour all that stands in the way of creating a better world for your children’s children.

We are your Star Family, and we stand as human angels to guide and protect. Remember to call upon us in need, or simply for a moment of comfort when you feel down. We will always be there.


I AM Lord Adrigon VaCoupe, of the Isle of Medina, the Pleiades.

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