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Posted by Steve Beckow

Having released my core issue, leaving me with my basic agreement in balance, I ended up in a space I recognized.

I now saw why I had been given an experience of that space long ago and why I had written about it even earlier.

I was given an experience of it at a meditation retreat perhaps two years ago. I called it, at the time, “regal,” which is the only word I could find to describe it. AAM called it an “experience of the oversoul.”

In that space, everything transpired telepathically. I spoke without speaking, moved without moving, acted without acting. (1)

And I also saw that I wrote about that space even earlier in asserting that we were all monarchs in our own domains.  (2)

What is our domain? This body and its energy field, our other bodies and their energy fields – this is our domain. And within this domain we are kings and queens.

And now, released from my core issue, I gravitated back to that space. Over the course of the day, there have been moments when I was bathed in bliss.

And I hear AAM reminding me that I may not be able to see what’s transpiring behind the scenes, but I can feel the shift in myself. And yes, I can.

When I’m in that space, I imagine myself as being the king of my realm and also the minister or secretary of state for internal and external affairs, finance and commerce, education and health, etc.

When I do, I feel this terrific sense of competence, far greater than normal. I almost swell with it.

This isn’t the same as the Preedy-like feeling I described some years ago, which is ego-based.

Preedy is Erving Goffman’s fictional character in The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life who chose to be expert at image management (wrong choice!).  Preedy constructs each move for maximum effect. Here he walks down to the water’s edge in preparation for a swim:

“[Preedy] took care to avoid catching anyone’s eye. First of all, he had to make it clear to those potential companions of his holiday that they were of no consequence to him whatsoever.

“He stared through them, over them – eyes lost in space. If by chance a ball was thrown his way, he looked surprised; then let a smile of amusement lighten his face. (Kindly Preedy.) …

“But it was time to institute a little parade, the parade of the Ideal Preedy. … [He] gathered together his beach-wrap and bag into a neat sand-resistant pile (Methodical and Sensible Preedy), rose slowly to stretch at ease his huge frame (Big-Cat Preedy), and tossed aside his sandals (Careless Preedy, after all).” (3)

Preedy nurtures the ego; but monarchs in our own domain nurture the Self.  It nurtures balance, personal responsibility, prudence, groundedness.

So, not Preedy.

Every monarch has a choice between being noble or dissolute, between being George V or Caligula. Imagining ourselves as monarchs in our own domain makes that choice available to us in a way that’s as real as any other choice we make in a day.

So what if it’s imaginary? Our core issues are imaginary.

Having a core issue, we make an imaginary threat real for ourselves; what harm is there in making an imaginary benefit real as well?

As far as living in an imaginary world goes, we live in one anyways. Why not make that world support us rather than undermine us?

I take a deep breath, enjoying the sense of satisfaction, fulfilment, and completion I derive in seeing myself as king in my own realm. This is emergence, (4) the emergence of something deep that my core issues obscure and render unavailable.


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