Ascended Masters 20140506 Melchizedek’s Weekly Message: Be the Owner of Your Life


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Be the Owner of Your Life
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ 
May 04 – 11, 2014
Received by Julie Miller 

Have you ever wondered if you are merely a product of all your combined circumstances? Have you ever thought that the path your life has brought you on has been mostly determined by forces or powers that are out of your control? Even if some of the experiences you have had were out of your control, it is important to not believe that you are a product of their outcome. It is imperative to persuade your Self that you are the one who is in control of your life. 
There are many circumstances you have been a part of even if your part was the smallest, whatever part you had you are responsible for. You may not be able to control someone else’s words, actions, thoughts, feelings or choices, but you are responsible for your own. Because it is your choice to feel happy, sad, angry, or to act spitefully, with compassion, to demonstrate genuineness or have feelings of euphoria or anything else you may feel, think, say, do or choose are all your responsibility. It is a seductive temptation to avoid responsibility and many people, possibly some that you know; maybe even yourself has felt the allure of ignoring responsibility. You may think if you are not in control, then it’s not your fault, therefore as a result you don’t have the life you want. Yet when you persuade your Self that each and every mistake and error made lies outside of your identity, then your precious little ego self will be safe. This very way of thinking or similar creates a colossal spur of encouragement to run from problems or difficulties, to act as if they don’t exist, or possibly that choices don’t make a difference. 
This is not the best approach. Tactics such as these dear ones really only delegate control, not your responsibility. No matter which excuse you choose, you are still the one who is responsible for your life. You are responsible for each choice, each thought, each word, each action and each feeling. Blaming another or a situation will not solve the issue, having the belief that you are unable to change is the best way to avoid improving your walk in life.
It is vital to your own development dear ones to explore your beliefs with honesty and truthfulness, and examine if it is your beliefs that is clouding your views and growth potential. Personalities are not set in stone, they are changeable. Whenever you have observed another person’s success do you simply assume they must be a genius, or very lucky instead of concluding that they must have worked very hard to reach their success. Have you blamed events of your past for how your present currently is, or how your future may unfold? 
Once you’ve left the nest of your parents, caregivers, teachers and others who have influenced you and taught you and conditioned you with incorrect views, fed you biased opinions that were not entirely correct, taught you the wrongs of life or anything else that has helped you develop a negative and sour outlook no longer has any weight once you begin making a life for your own. You may think their influence still has power over you, but once you are old enough and mature enough to make your own choices and pave your way on your journey, then you become responsible for the direction it takes and where it is leading you. 
It is a delicious temptation to relinquish your control and allow the fates to choose which path you are to take. But that kind of belief dear ones is more disempowering than anything else. It is important to not use destiny as an excuse for taking responsibility for your life. For your own growth and development it is necessary for you to be responsible not only for your actions but also your inactions because even if you don’t act, that is a choice. So many still believe that it doesn’t matter what they do as their future is already predetermined…understand dear ones that this is a very harmful and misconstrued idea of destiny. 
You could replace the belief that it doesn’t matter with what you do because your future is predetermined with YOU are intended for greatness. Fill yourself with positive thoughts and create positive feelings. Know in your heart and soul that you have been gifted with the power to do amazing things, but it is up to make them happen, to bring your path to them. If you wait around for fate to take action, it would similar to believing God has given you the gift of sight, then expecting and assuming that He would also do the seeing for you. God has given you many gifts, but it is you that must learn them, make them work by applying them through exercise, honing them by daily focus and administration, not by ignoring them and assuming they’ll work on their own. 
We remind you that your decisions cannot be made for you. Even if what you decide came from a friend or something you read, it is you doing the choosing not them. Many times excuses are made before or after your choices, “Well I had to because…,” or “I needed to because…” Your excuses don’t lessen your responsibility. Quite often when you feel forced to make a choice, you declare necessity, treating any and all inner forces, energy and limitations as being external. But that would simply be another attempt to avoid accountability and responsibility. 
To make changes in the wrongs you observe in your life, you really must begin believing that you are the one in control. There is no blaming, no complaining or no need to criticize. Accept full responsibility for everything in your life, regardless if you were the cause or not, understand dear ones, even your external problems and issues have inner clarifications and answers. Taking responsibility will definitely empower you, it will encourage you to take new directions, you will create more successes and positive experiences, you will raise confidence and self-esteem and all this will lead to an increase of happiness which will bring about joy and peace that will fill your entire being. 
It is important dear ones to think of yourself as a creator being, not just an acceptor. You are an owner, not a victim. Accept responsibility, be accountable for your life, for who you are and for who you will become from the choices you make and from the cost that may result. 
Only you can free yourself from living a negative lifestyle, only you can create ways to becoming more successful. Instead of trying to bring perfection into everything, work at bringing wholeness. Learn to see any mistake or error as learning stepping stones that will in time bring you success, increased happiness and more joyful experiences. And the best part dear ones, in doing so you remove many of the reasons you and others may have used to avoid taking responsibility. Your life becomes that much better when you stop living from a victim mentality. You are a survivor, someone who can persevere; who has persevered, you are strong and capable and you are in control of your journey in every aspect.
We have a little activity for you to at least consider. Try to conclude 4-5 of what you consider to be your biggest problems that are in your life right now, problems or issues that are preventing you from experiencing a better and happier life. Then honestly and truthfully, determine the causes of each problem or issue. Do you see these problems or issues as being created by others and outside situations, or just by you? Where do you expect or assume to find the answers to these problems or issues? Do you think their solutions will be found externally or internally?
These questions and others similar will create new thoughts, feelings, possibly encouraging a different course of actions, words and choices. Become aware of them, all of them and take notice when they become negative and you begin thinking that your choices are out-of-your-control. Remember dear ones you are not a victim. You are a traveler, a journeyer of life. There will be ups and there will be downs. Step up to the plate and own your life. Your journey has just as much delights to show you as the many wrongs or mistakes you have faced. Learn dear ones, allow yourself to grow and to become ALL you are meant to be—because your life can lead on the path to greatness. We encourage you to choose this path and embrace the beauty and vastness of every step, to be thankful for the mistakes for they have so much to teach you, so much wisdom to be gained from them. We are here for you whenever additional strength and support is needed, and never forget how loved you are by God and by all of us of the Divine. 
And so it is…
I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller




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