Messages of Light 20140415 Higher Self: Cascades of Higher Harmonics Catalyze All through the April 2014 Gateway and Beyond


Higher Self via April, Bender: Cascades of Higher Harmonics Catalyze All through the April 2014 Gateway and Beyond

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Channeled by April Bender, April 13, 2014 at

I am very pleased to inform you that the recent Star-bursts of Light, Information and Opportunity reported along and within the newly infused 5D-7D Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life, have indeed grown in scope, size, duration and intensity over the course of this last week. Further opening, expanding, and merging those collective pathways/nodal points of connection, information exchange, and communion into formidable standing energy waves and/orCascades of Higher Harmonics that will Catalyze All through this April 2014 Gateway and Beyond.

You personally experienced these early Cascades of Higher Harmonics rather acutely, with yet another busy week packed full of various “opportunities” to further deepen your participation in the larger, over-arching Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieving Sequencing Process, as did the Collective. And as forecast, these “cascades” of higher energetic information/flow have already begun to manifest opportunistic events, situations, and/or circumstances in your outer world, such as the Bundy Ranch stand-off to name just one, for catalyzing a potential paradigm-shattering collective Reclamation Effort/Act.

For it is this specific Act, The Reclamation of Individual Soul and therefore, “Collective Soul” Divine Birthrights such as Self-Sovereignty, Health/Wholeness of Experience, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Communion/Co-Creation, of the overall Sequencing Process, that will take centerstage, both on an individual and a collective level, moving into the April 15 lunar eclipse energies.

This however, is only the beginning or entrance, into this blessed window of heightened opportunity for All, which will last through the month of April into the very first days of May, peaking around April 23/24 with the Grand Cardinal Cross Alignment. This is an even larger window or gateway of opportunity, for the Collective Higher Mind to experience its first moments of “self-awareness” and/or for the Event, or collective moment of “no-time,” “no separation,” “contact/communion,” and/or “unity consciousness” to take place.

Therefore, this entire upcoming gateway calls for the same level of heightened intention, “centering” and inner “breath-work” that was called for during the Spring Equinox Portal, as all the same factors of success are present. Another synchronized attempt at induction or full activation of the Higher Collective Mind will soon commence, as the April 15 lunar eclipse looms only 2 days away. And in fact, you can already feel these Cascades of Higher Harmonics rising, building, morphing into the next majestic movement/expression that is soon to burst forth within You, and into the experience of All. From April 15 onward until the Cardinal Cross – will see a steady induction/build of these Higher Harmonics, with moments of respite/integration/harmonization in-between before the next plateau is reached.

As the Collective Higher Mind fully unleashes these Cascades (as pathway flow becomes less and less impeded due to the continued deepening of the Sequencing Process) a tremendous surge of light, information and memory will flood the collective Mind/Web – and as if that were not enough, it will be joined with the incoming celestial energies/harmonics from these upcoming events/alignments, as each plateau is reached. So in essence, an added oomph or catalyzing cosmic force/flow will weave itself into the play of existing energetics – further triggering, expanding, calling more forth of YOU, your Soul/Star family lineages, their light codings, and a Reclamation from the Collective itself – in order for the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life to become awash in the experience of Christ/Unity Consciousness or Wholeness of Experience.

In summary, if this induction of the Higher Collective Mind/Web of life is successful during this window…

1.) The Event or collective moment of “no-time” and “no-separation” commences. Everyone experiences this deep inner click, peek behind the veil, and/or a-ha moment uniquely. These waves or moments of “no-time” then begin to build in frequency and duration from Spring all the way into early Fall, aiding in the conclusion of the overall Collective Higher Mind Resolution, Reclamation and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process – so that by September, the collective Mind/Web can maintain its state of lucidity or higher awareness.

2.) As more and more human souls experience these moments of “no time/separation,” and/or “contact/communion” with their Soul/Star families, aspects of their multi-dimensional Selves, each other, and various aspects of Creation, the more they will find themselves “coming Home” or waking up to their true Divine natures, and will realize that the current forms/structures that they participate in on a daily basis run contrary to that sense of “home-coming” and union, as these systems were meant to keep them distracted, divided, in limited experience/understanding, and under dominance/control. A collective tipping-point will then be fully realized or manifested within the outer experience.

3.) This mass of human souls will then denounce or refuse to participate in such illusory societal norms, structures and policies. A brief time of rebellion, chaos, and full Reclamation will then ensue. These defunct systems will then collapse/fail as a result of this Collective Reclamation, and their inherent lack of sustainability and/or service to the Whole. Gaia will concurrently, go through her own transformation or Reclamation/Restoration process during this period as well, as she is naturally infused within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life. So some measure of earth upheaval is also indicated as she cannot help but be affected by the induction itself, followed by humanity’s mass release/expression of such reclamation and reconciling of energies, as well as her own within the larger Mind/Web.

4.) People will NEED to come together and form new communities in order to thrive during this tumultuous transitional time, most likely peaking mid-Summer. This will be the first Collective initiation – the co-creation of a higher form of community or WAY OF BEING together. These communities will be the very beginning of or template for, 5D living and above on New Earth/Gaia. All Warriors of Light will help to form, lead, and merge these communities as many of the newly awakened masses will be confused and/or somewhat fearful – not understanding fully all that is happening.

Other communities of lower vibration will form too, as those souls of like vibration will be magnetized to come together as well. And so will begin the full reality split of who experiences or goes to what level/reality. Remember, all of this is happening very much on a “mental” level so individual and collective perception, intention, and experience will be key to what one experiences and/or the level of awareness they achieve. So it could be quite possible for one 5D type community to be living near a 3D community and for each community to experience a totally separate reality/circumstance.

There is so much more to tell beyond these first 4 summations, but we’ll get into that at another time depending upon the results of this upcoming induction/gateway. For this is a fluid affair and much can shift/change as a result, so it’s best not to get too far ahead of ourselves. For remember, this is a mighty co-creative collective undertaking – not just an individual one.

Therefore in the coming days, be prepared to take a mighty “in-breath” once more, as you and all other Warriors of Light inwardly access and pull through more complete information, memory, and codings during this next great induction attempt. You will once again be filled near to over-flowing and it will be very important for you to remain in your “center” or throne/seat of Divine empowerment as much as possible during this time. Especially with the Reclamation Process beginning to peak in catalytic intensity soon afterward. Be sure also to record any experiences, including dreams, visions, etc…that occur for you during this time.

For after the integration of such a mighty in-breath, an equally large “out-breath” or opportunity for co-creative expression, communication/communion, and Reclamation will catalyze All into new levels and forms of heightened experience. So hang on to your hat! But do know, that the month of May will bring with it a far greater sense of release, movement, freedom, and communion – the likes of which you cannot even begin to fathom.

Therefore there is no reason to be fearful of what is coming, in fact, quite the contrary – it is a time of great celebration! The fulfillment of the Cycle of Ages, of the Divine Plan, of the Promise that was made to each and every Light Warrior upon their oaths of service, is upon You! All your heartfelt dreams and well-wishes for Gaia and her inhabitants are coming to fruition! You are about to fully step into THE role of your lifetime and to finally finish freeing the world you volunteered oh so long ago, to help free!

Again, there is so much more to share but I can sense my dear that you grow tired – today’s session being more of a trial for you than most others due to the already incoming lunar eclipse energies. We must connect again soon, as things are bound to move quickly now and more frequent updates shall soon be required.

Get some rest, until next time.




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