Ascended Masters 20140407 ArchAngel Michael Message for 7-13 April 2014


AA Miguel

Continue to invite me to be with you all in your energy fields. As everything is coming undone layer by layer, your sensitivity is also increasing. Whether you use beneficially for yourself or not depends on how focused and in the heart you stay. The feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety that is spread begins to leak into your space and vibrate with you as long as you allow it. Your awareness is very important my little ones, in order to understand why what comes comes and why what goes goes. Experience these feelings, do not surrender to drama, pass through it. Slow down a bit, look at the world you have created, the energy you spread from inside to the outside, pay attention to every word. Your every call is being heard. We are with you for the healing process, forgiveness and liberation works. Let the residue on your wings, the wounds in your heart be purified. Slow down a little, to hear the sound of the world inside you. Let yourself to what is, be patient, everything continues to Be for a reason, even if you cannot witness every step personally, open your heart to see what is behind the visible. We are with you.

Love and Light,
ArchAngel Michael

Channel : Gulcin Onel

Here is a practice I decided to include after the content of the recent messages and upon ArchAngel’s call to invite him. Read this from your heart morning and evening, taking deep breaths. May the light be with you always.

Dear ArchAngel Michael, be with me in my energy field in all times and dimensions, wrap me with your energy. I allow you to wrap me in order for me to work with you. Wrap the energies that belong to me or do not, that I know about or do not, that no longer serve me, that are unhealthy and of a lower vibration, from bottom to top, top to bottom, from the inside to the outside, from the outside to the inside, from right to left, left to right, in every direction and in my every layer with the Light you have brought on from the Divine. I know that everything is energy. Leave everything that is keeping me from being one with myself to the light. Let us unite in my every deeper breath, getting deeper. Any ties that I have with past lives, places, people, emotions that no longer serve me shall dissolve in the Light. Let psychic attacks, hooks leave my energy field, my body, and mix with the Light. Arch Angel Michael bathe my with the Light, until I am completely liberated and have become a Body of Light. I know that I come from the Light and I am the Light. Everywhere I go our Light is with me. And, it is so.

Thank you.




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