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St. Germaine: I am St. Germaine.

SM: Welcome.

St G: And welcome to each of you, my beloved friends. I step forward this day to offer you the torch of freedom. And, yes, the torch of the I AM, because as I have said to you previously, there is need right now for my armada of Healers – and you come in all shapes and forms, it matters not. You are brilliant.

The process of healing with the I AM does not need to be long and arduous. And so I offer you my torch that you may bring it to bear everywhere: in the cities, in the squares, in your families, in your heart, in your joints, in your mind, in your hospitals and your governments, in your financial institutions. Each of you knows your role. And there are public roles and there are private roles and there are family roles. All are part of your magnificent journey.

I do not entrust this torch to simply anyone. Oh, all who request it will be given it because it indicates a willingness to go forth. But I have always been prudent, ensuring that this torch is given only to the most trustworthy and committed. It cannot, even by accident or coincidence – which we know does not exist – can never be misused. So there is no fear attached to this gift, my friend.

Reach out your hand, your arm, please. And take this torch, this Flame of Freedom that I entrust to you. You are the Masters who walk Gaia, who ignite the Cities of Light, that ignite the hearts of humanity and open them to the Tsunami of Love, to the Tsunami of Healing, to the Tsunami of Acceptance and Surrender.

I give you this and I give this to you with trust and reassurance. I will guide you. Be brave; be courageous. Step forward in ways that you never have before. Be as outrageous as I am. We can have fun.

Feel yourself extending your hand, your arm, and accepting this wondrous gift of the torch of the Violet Flame. Hold it high so that all may see. And know that you will use this with prudence, with courage, with fortitude, and with joy. Go forth.

Now, Dear Hearts, we have a great deal to cover this day. And, yes, there are many forms of healing. And it is neither my place nor yours to rank or to even comment on forms of healing because it is the heart that determines what you use and how you use it. But might I suggest today that, regardless of what you use or how you use it, that you will use my Violet Flame in conjunction with it.

There are so many gifts being brought forth at this moment in your time and ours. And I say to you as one who has walked the Earth and understands that time is of the essence. So I ask of you this day and in this meditation and in this moment to have a practical application for this torch that I have just given you.

Let yourself raise this torch and go to humanity, simply see them right now with me, as a collective. Your room, your car, your home, wherever you are is full. And to this collective of humanity, seven billion strong, I wish you to take the torch and to hold it with me now to the collective that we burn away, eliminate, any issues of self worth that are not of truth and wonder. Let us together, now, eliminate the lack of self worth which is the cancer of the human race. Let us do this together NOW.

This torch of the Violet Flame is not simply for burning and elimination, although it is a splendid tool for that. Now let us infuse self-love, Divine will, alignment. Thank you.

Now, beloved Suzanne, where do you wish to begin this day?

SM: I hesitate to ask this first one, but I’m going to go ahead with it anyway. First, I would like to speak to the collective request for relief in the form of lifting of financial burden. Surely, I don’t want to be ungracious and I completely understand that money does not heal. Yet my heart feels how rapidly humanity’s frequency would pop up when people are able to get out of survival mode. Would that not help the Ascension process along in a most tangible way and would it not also add exponentially to the number of awake and waking humans?

And bringing this into the subject of today’s discussion, would it not also bring more energy healers into the ranks?

St G: Yes, yes, and yes! Let me explain. Burden – it is an interesting word, is it not? For so many upon the planet have felt burdened. But that is why this day and, by the way, every day, I ask you to torch this issue of lack of self worth. Now you may say to me “But, St. Germaine, it is not that I do not feel worthy. It is simply that circumstances have not unfolded into a place where the burden is being lifted.”

Dear Heart – and I do not say this in any way that is of a critical nature – we begin with self worth. And not only your self worth, but the self worth of the collective, because this is a group process. And I might say to you that you are a mighty big group. It is a belief system that allows burden.

And so you begin with the self worth so that you can then proceed with the infusion of wonder and wholeness. Then you can begin to torch, to eliminate. The analogy I wish you to keep in mind is the phoenix rising from the ashes, so you torch what you wish to destroy and then you infuse and allow the phoenix to rise. So torch the self worth lack; infuse the phoenix of worthiness.

Then torch the burden and all the circumstances, human and otherwise, that have contributed to the burden. Then allow the phoenix to rise. And keep doing that, because there is still – it is improving and it is dramatically improving, might we say, with the gifts of Clarity and Purity from the Mother. But there is still this belief that somehow the burden needs to be worked on or resolved, when all that really needs to be done to it is for it to be torched and eliminated. Burden – it is a mental, emotional belief system that then translates into the physical reality.

Let me be very practical about this because what you are really talking about, Suzanne, is about financial wherewithal. So you take care, you heal, with the I AM presence, the essence of God Source, who is never in need. If anything, there is an overabundance. So you eliminate any sense of anyone not being worthy to receive.

But how does one receive? How does one receive in their I AM presence? Well, it used to be that you could simply sit back – and there is still an element of this, so I’m not saying it has come and gone – but that you would sit back, hold out your hands, and simply receive. And that is how I operated for a very long time when I was upon the planet. And I would manifest gems and stones. And I would claim it from the Universe, from the Source, and I would simply show it, to show how easy it is.

But now what we are asking you is also for you to do the same. Now we know that you are not all at a point where you are manifesting things from thin air, although you are each and every day – you simply don’t know it. But then when you are letting go of the burden, claim your abundance.

And how do you do this? Receiving is an action. So decide and declare and open your heart and your body to receive. When you are feeling burdened, there is a physiological response. Your jaw clenches; your stomach clenches, your fists clench. That is not a position in which either to create or to receive. So sometimes your action of receiving is simply opening up your hands, your heart. Calming down and allowing yourself to receive.

But I am asking you also to listen. Because your listening skills, your innate abilities, have been turned up magnificently by the Mother. So when you hear – and it may sound ridiculous – but when you hear “Do this or that”, and I am suggesting to you, I am begging you: go do it!

Because it is the action of receiving. So say I suggest to you “Do this, do that, do this, do that” and you do it and you say “Well, I still don’t have a check in my hand”. It doesn’t matter. The point is that you have followed the guidance. The check will arrive. You do not need to know or decide the manner in which it will arrive. You simply need to know it will arrive and it will arrive in time.

So does the burden need to be lifted? Yes. Do I need, do we request, your help in lifting the burden? Yes. That is why we are having this conversation.

SM: Before we go to callers, I’d like to share the shift in my meditation since last week when you offered a suggestion about how to best bring about the release of funding for the world’s humanitarian projects. I appreciate how present you’ve been with me through this, and the power of what’s been happening has taken me a little by surprise.

What’s come to me in meditation is to use my breath to help power the coming Tsunami of Love. I feel that this can happen throughout my day as well, whether I’m in a meditative state or not. Each in-breath through the nose carries intention, and each exhale through the mouth sends a violet stream of energy that adds more momentum and Love to the wave. For me, there’s a juicy added component that captures an awareness of my entire body in a sensual way. And the truth of that kind of power has been lost and hidden for far too long. Perhaps a future show could be dedicated to the sacred nature of the human body and the immeasurably powerful connection to Source available to us through it.

dragon heart

St G: We would love to talk about this and, yes, the very simple and yet incredibly complex process of breath and what can be accomplished through conscious breath work. And you are doing it, sweet Angel, through the intention in and the Violet Flame out. You are a beautiful dragon!

And, yes, the body and I say this as one that has loved being in form – why do you think I stayed so long? The body is the vessel in your realm for creation and the strength to use the body for creation – you have merely scratched the surface. And yet it is all around you. And you are quite correct – it is forgotten wisdom. But it is also wisdom that is being brought to the forefront and remembered.

Think of the most basic reality of how you birth. Oh, there is biology, but the energetics of procreation are phenomenal. And even using that energy to hold in your hearts, in your bellies, in your wombs – male and female – and to birth the reality that you wish to experience is phenomenal.

Your hands – to be able to touch not only what exists, but what is in the very air around you. To be able to see what is there in a physical reality but also what is there in a variety of forms to hear our voices. So, yes, you are correct.

And the Ascension – one of the reasons, and I do not believe this has been talked about a great deal, but one of the reasons why this Ascension in physical form has been such a joyous, yes momentous, but also joyous plan is so that the fullness of the physical vessel, of the human body – whether it is hybrid or not, it is still a physical vessel – that it could be enjoyed to its fullest the way it was intended to be.

So it is the Mother’s restoration of her original plan. It was never intended that you would come and be stuck – limited by your body – quite the contrary. The sensors on your body are phenomenal. So, yes, more and more as you go through this Ascension process, as you are working with the Violet Flame of the I AM, you will see this. And you will perceive and you will learn and remember how to use your body for delight, for creation, for joy, for love.

SM: Ah, that’s wonderful. I so appreciate that. I really appreciate the confirmation of that work, because it’s become the core of what I’ve been doing every day. So thank you, thank you. Are we ready for some callers, then?

St G: I am. Are you?

SM: I am. Thank you so much. So, we are on to Danielle.

Danielle: Good morning. Hi, ladies. Hello, St. Germaine. Thank you so much for taking my call.

St G: You are more than welcome, sweet One.

Danielle I love you, I love you, I love you. I was calling… I missed last week’s show and I’m going to listen to it after today’s show, but I was calling to see if you have any messages regarding my gifting or anything that you feel is pertinent for me to know at this time?

St G: Each of you – including you, sweet Danielle – have brought to the planet enormous gifts, significant gifts, talents, capacities, abilities. It has come with the integration of the fullness of yourself, of your soul. What does the word “gift” mean? It means something that you give freely, joyously, generously.

So the gift, whether it is healing or telepathy or the ability to know, the ability to support others financially, is meaningless unless it is shared. And each gift that each one of you has increases exponentially the more you share it, the more that you allow the gift to be given away totally and completely, so that you feel like the empty vessel, the greater it is. So this is the key to the gifts, and that is how the gifts for each one of you grow. Is this clear?

Danielle: Yes, it is.  I’m just trying to figure out which route to go because I’m so eager to share and to help others, so just trying to get some clarity on which route to go with what giftings I have.

St G: The key is to not limit yourself. It does not need to be this choice or that choice. Dear Heart, you can have it all!

Danielle: Wonderful.

St G: So it may be healing on Monday, flying on Tuesday, gifting on Thursday. Do not forget a day of rest to gift to yourself. But do not limit because, as I say, teacher, channel, healer, gatekeeper, pillar, wayshower – you are all these things. And you are angels in form. You are Star Beings in form. You are Earthkeepers in form. You are creators. You are destroyers. Do not limit yourself. Decide that you can have it all.

Danielle: Okay. Thank you so much.

St G: You are welcome, Angel.

Danielle: Many blessings and Namaste.

St G: Farewell.

SM: Very beautiful. We are on to area code 404. Are you with us?

404: Yes, Hi, how are you doing?

SM: Hi, Good morning.

404: Thanks for taking my call. I have just dabbled in healing in terms of learning how to do it. I can do readings and I can bring in Source like that. But as far as healing, maybe I’m just too practical. I’m just not convinced that it’s really real because physically I haven’t seen it, I guess, the way I logically see it.

In fact, over the last few months, I’ve actually had some physical issues going on which I’ve never had before and I was going, like, that would give me such proof if this was real or not if I was starting to feel better, because I could get back to my normal routine of doing what I want to do and doing it for other people. So I was wondering if you would give me any insight on how to proceed to believe it?

St G: Yes, I can give you excellent advice – try believing it. So let us start. You say that you can connect and call in Source in the blink of an eye and this is the I AM presence. And it is the ultimate strength of the Universe. That is the nature, the essence, of the Violet Flame. Then you acknowledge that in one area of your life and then what you are doing is questioning it and falling into your mental body with a little bit of your emotional body thrown in, questioning it logically on the other side.

So what you are doing is you are not being the clear conduit. You are introducing doubt, fear, attachment to the outcome, rather than allowing the energy to simply flow. Now, you have touched on something vital. Two things actually: proof and what do you do when, in your estimation, healing doesn’t work?

First of all, the proof is to allow the energy to flow without judgment, to practice this and become a purer and purer conduit. Because when you are working with the Violet Flame, when you are allowing this energy to move in you, through you, with you, as you sit in the violet bonfire, Dear Heart, emotionally, mentally, spiritually it is guaranteed. You are going to feel better.

And that will be your proof. But you have to set aside that logical interference because that is ego not wanting to surrender and saying “I am in charge”, so reassure your ego, reassure your body, every part of your body, particularly that which is, shall we say, disfunctioning at the moment, that you are simply taking care of it and allow the energy to flow.

But this question of what is it when healing doesn’t work is a pivotal question for every healer or channel that has ever lived. And it is simply knowing that there is more. Very rarely, and I mean once every few thousand years, is healing truly and fully rejected. This is important for you to know.

So what is going on when healing is not occurring? Well, first of all what is happening is that there are layers and layers and layers, and that the healing is starting what you can think of in the sub-basement. It is going to the core issues rather than what you have thought of as the identified issues. And sometimes that is even a collective issue. Generally, it is, actually.

It also means that the rate of the healing – or not healing – is related to the bigger soul mission and purpose and soul decision of the individual – in this case, yourself – that is involved. So what I am asking you to do, what I am guiding you to do in this case when you feel “Now I have gotten ego out of the way. I am allowing the I AM energy to flow freely, but the healing does not seem to be coming as rapidly as St. Germaine has promised or indicated”, go deeper and simply ask – and I will answer you and you will answer you – “Why? What is it that is blocking this?”

Now, if it is because you have chosen – and there are very few of you, particularly during this time of Ascension – many of you came with disabilities or lessons that you wanted to learn. You are in a time of karmic dispensation and you are in a time of claiming the fullness of your physical body as well as your Light body.

So what is it that you are afraid to let go of? It is never the physical ailment. It will be a mental or a spiritual or an emotional issue. Allow that to well up within your heart; then torch it and go on.

404: I appreciate that – some great insight.

St G: Let us begin together, my brother.

404: Thank you.

St G: Farewell.

SM: Great. We are on to area code 413. Are you with us?

413: Yes, I am. Thank you so much. Last week I woke with a feeling that you had tried to give me a (unintelligible), and I couldn’t quite remember what it was. I don’t know if it is still relevant, but I was glad to receive it. And I’m very glad the discussion of surrender came up this morning, because that’s something I’m very much working with.

I’ve been following my guidance and I am now here at my mother’s getting rid of all my stuff. And I have this vision that I feel I was given of what I really want to achieve – to move to London – and what’s being offered seems to be a job here which doesn’t feel really in the direction that I want to go in, but perhaps this is about surrendering to the present. So I would be very grateful for clarification and guidance.

St G: The wonder of being human and alive is the creation of choices. Now, each of you never likes to feel – neither did I, by the way – that you are hemmed in, that you only have one direction in which to move. And that the situation that you are referring to is “Should I be practical or should I follow my dream? Should I follow my guidance?”

Now, this is an issue for you that has occurred not only throughout this lifetime, but many lifetimes. And there is a, shall we say, a shadow or a sliver of “ought” – well, I “ought” to be responsible and take the job that is directly in front of me and stay and be part of this community and support my family.”

And then there is the anger. There is the anger about “I am tired of being trapped and I want to pursue my dream. My heart, my mind, my Angels call out to me to follow and declare my freedom.” Then there is the fear. “What if I follow my dream and I move to London and it doesn’t work out? And then I am embarrassed and broke?”

You know, I had much the same issue when I jumped on a ship and decided to sail to America. Everyone thought I was a fool. It didn’t matter. This is a time, and I say this as your brother and your friend, I am not guiding you to be irresponsible. But I am saying to you, at the crossroads such as where you are, if the choice in front of you does not make your heart sing and palpitate, then don’t do it.

Now, torch the fear. Torch the anger. Torch the concern that you will not have the right flat or the right people or the right opportunities in your new adventure. And let that phoenix rise full of opportunities and splendor.

The problem – yes, the problem – with humanity, not all of you but I am free to speak frankly because you have asked me to, the problem is you stopped following your dreams, the collective. And you allowed yourself, in the old 3rd, to be controlled. And you bought into limitation and lack. Now you are breaking free. Claim those wings, Dear Heart, and fly!

But as you fly, do not forget your torch. Is this clear?

413: Yes, although it doesn’t feel terribly loving to me to use the last of my pennies to fly to London and have no place to stay and no work, and no invitation or no place to land or nothing that seems to be on that side meeting me in this wish or endeavor.

St G: But you are a powerful creator. Why do you not create these things prior to your departure? This is not an urgent matter. This is not a matter of life or death. This is not a question that you have to be there by 5:00 pm. So use the Violet Flame. Hold it in your hands. See what you are creating. Do the practical creation so that the whole voyage – it will be filled with enough challenges – so take care of the practicalities of taking care of your sweet self as well. But you can create and bring into physicality very rapidly with the Violet Flame.

So, no, it is not loving to create a situation or to declare yourself in poverty. That is not what I ask of you. What I ask of you is to create the dream. And the dream does not include poverty. So bring forth the jewels that will support you – the location, the financial support, the emotional support. And then pursue your dream.

If you commit to a job, knowing that the job is simply what you are doing in the interim to bring Light to your current situation while you collect and create for your next adventure, there is no problem like that. I did not jump on a boat without making arrangements, Dear Heart, for food, for water, for men, for support, for a sturdy vessel, for the support of the queen.

So make your plan and arrangements. Create the wherewithal and then fly free. So do not relinquish the dream because all the infrastructure isn’t there. Say “I will create the infrastructure. St. Germaine will help me. My Guardians will help me. St. Theresa will help me.” And then go forth.

SM: Okay. Thank you for your call.

413: Thank you.

St G: Farewell.

SM: All right, we are on to area code 949. Are you with us?

949: Yes, I’m here. Hi, St. Germaine. Well, one of the things I would like to ask you is it’s been two years and I always see these showers of purple while I’m sleeping or in my meditations. But I’m curious about why is the purple I see all the time and not so much the other colors. I see green, or I see gold, but the purple is the one that showers me night and day.

St G: Well, we are connected as you well know. But the reason that you see primarily the purple is because that is your soul color, your soul ray.

949: Okay, okay. I was wondering about that. Also, I have a very tense situation at work going on right now. And I’m trying to figure out – of course using the Violet Flame – but can you suggest ways I can use it more effectively to reduce the negativity that is around me right now?

St G: When you are home and in your meditative state, when you are in a place of feeling safe, secure, and calm, take the meditation and put the entire work situation in the violet bonfire. So you are igniting the campfire and then it is burning brightly. And everybody and all the circumstance and misunderstandings, the tension, the competition is being resolved.

So you do it away from work; you do it outside the situation. Then, when you go in, see that you are carrying my torch as well. And as the situations arise, simply torch it and let it go. Torch it; let it go. There is no room on your beautiful Gaia for judgment, so it is not that you are standing there in judgment of this or that person or this or that circumstance. What you are doing is, when you see discord, when you see anything that is not of Love, then you simply torch it and let it go. You do not dissect it and you most certainly do not judge it. Doing the work at home, outside of work, will truly improve the situation.

949: Okay. Thank you so much.

St G: You are welcome, Dear Heart.

SM: Okay, so we are now onto area 559. Hello, are you with us?

559: I am. Good morning, Suzanne and Linda and St. Germaine. First of all, Suzanne, may I thank you for your visualizations, which have helped me. I want you to feel that and know that.

SM: Oh, I do!  Thank you.

559: I’m grateful. And. St. Germaine, I am awakening to what seems to be past life fear born out of some past life experiences that wants to be cleared, and I want to balance it with joy and all that seems to be true for me, but I’m just wanting your glorious input. You’ve answered so many and it’s been so helpful, that I’m just putting that out there.

St G: And you are claiming your joy, sweet Angel. And you are becoming much like Suzanne. You are breathing in the intent of joy and you are exhaling the dragon breath of the Violet Flame, destroying anything in the past or, for that matter, the future or the present, that does not bring you joy.

The reason for many of you for these past life situations to arise at this time is not to sit and review and dissect and analyze, but to truly torch it. And to allow that which has hindered you. You see, when you look at a past life, all it is is information. And then a knowing “Oh, well, that occurred and the outcome is I learned ‘X’”.

There is no charge. It is simply information. So there is no suffering. There is no pain. There is no discord. There is no discouragement. There is no judgment. So allow it to come to the surface, glean the information, and let it go.

559: Okay. That’s wonderful. Oh, thank you. And I have a little addition, if I may, and that is regarding, dear St. Germaine, the sacred retreats on our planet and my longing to be with you in the Cave of Symbols. And can I sit in the atomic accelerator? And that is, you know, from my green book reading. But I wonder if that’s still… where am I with that? I want to hear you respond to that.

St G: Simply come to the cave. That is all you need to do. You do not need to learn the technique of teleportation. You already know it. Blink and you will be there and we will sit there together.

559: Thank you.

St G: It is my honor.

559: And mine.

St G: Farewell.

SM: Okay, so we are on to area code 44-742. Are you there?

44-742: I’m from southeast England. I returned to the UK very spontaneously from a tropical paradise in Queensland in Australia. And I’ve returned here with my son and I’ve been jokingly telling friends that whilst there are wolves in sheep’s clothing, there are plenty of Angels in dark suits. And I’m returning to take my training back into corporate where I used to work before. And everything is falling into place for me to be here. And I’m busy writing materials and playing with the wonder of everything that can be offered to people that may not normally chance upon this sort of information and work. And that is what I was doing before.

My question is if there are any ideas that you may have in addition to mine on how best to disguise the material, but to present it so that it is easy for people who are not familiar with this type of thing to digest. I have lots of ideas, but I’m just looking for something completely out of my box, so to speak.

St G: Yes, and you are correct. Many of you are being repositioned or are positioned in what you can think of as mainstream. Because, Dear Hearts, that is where the change takes place. That is where the healing occurs. That is where you are needed.

Now, you are doing a great deal with the issues of change. And the entire planet, and particularly humanity at this time, goes through a process of tremendous change. It matters not whether you are calling it transition, shift, Ascension. For your purposes, you are talking about the management of change.

Traditionally, what people have felt, particularly in the cultures of which you speak, they feel that change is necessary but they have a belief system that it is arduous, that it is lengthy, that it can be painful, and that some will suffer as a result of change. So what you are doing, dear Angel, is bringing a different understanding and belief system of what change is.

Change occurs and can occur in the millisecond. That is the purpose of the torch. It is not sitting there quietly waiting. But the key to this is the human decision, the human choice, to change. It is mental, it is emotional, and it is most certainly spiritual. But it is mostly mental. And once you have that agreement that change need not be painful, it need not be arduous, that it can be as quick as they choose, as they choose to implement and shift within their own mindset. Then it is done and the new adventure has begun. The prosperity, the abundance, the feeling of productivity has begun.

So what you are focusing on, and what you are “Violet Flaming”, is the old belief system that change is lengthy, painful, and arduous.

44-742: Right. Okay, I’ve been given the opportunity to put together material under the label of “Neuroscience for Managers and Leaders”. And it’s such a huge and broad label, I’m playing with bringing all sorts of this type of material and just finding labels for it that will sit easily with people that have not come across any of what we’re talking about before.

St G: But it is brain chemistry. It is neuroscience that as soon as there is a shift in the belief system, there is actually a chemical neurotransmitter shift in the brain patterning. If you were to measure brain waves, if you were to measure chemistry, you would see. As soon as a decision to change is taken deeply, then the chemistry changes. You are activating different pieces of DNA.

44-742: Right. That’s an excellent segue. Thank you very much and I am just wanting a little bit of validation that I’m in the right place now at the right time because I shifted so much in a matter of weeks to be here. And it all just seems to be happening. And it’s beautiful – I see beauty everywhere. The southeast of Queensland is meant to be wintery and rainy and it’s just gorgeous. – blue sky, golden sun, squirrels, and birds – it’s magical.

St G: You are exactly where you have need to be. Thank you for saying yes.

44-742: Thank you.

SM: Okay, so we have about a minute left. Is there anything you would like to add in closing, St. Germaine, and thank you so much.

St G: Yes. We will visit again in the near future, and I would truly, truly, truly like to hear from all of you the results. I want to hear and share the miracle stories of the Violet Flame, of your healings, of how your torch is working. So call me back, let us say, in a month or so or two, and let us discuss how you are doing. Because I love you, and I care, and I am here to assist with the healing of humanity.

Go with my blessing and go with my torch.

SM: Thank you so much.




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