Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20140103 Shifting Realities – The Pleiadians through Ishante



Some very odd and unusual experiences have been occurring in my life recently. A few weeks ago my partner and I were driving down through the hills when all of a sudden we were back half way up the hill again on the same stretch of road that we were on 5 minutes earlier. We didn’t lose any time at all, we both just found the whole experience really bizarre. Initially I thought that maybe we’d had some sort of close encounter or contact experience that we’d lost the memory of, but when I felt into it with my heart it didn’t seem to me like this is what had happened to us because I have had those types of experiences in the past, and this to me felt very different. Then yesterday, a calendar sheet that my partner uses to lovingly record when a regular medication that I’m on is due showed up in duplicate in the bathroom. Two separate December 2013 calendar sheets, both with my partner’s hand writing on it. When I asked her about it, she was as perplexed as I was about it. I decided to ask the Pleiadians if they could shed some light on what was happening to us both and following was their response:


As you become more familiar with the 4th dimension many of you are beginning to observe quantum behaviour on a macro scale. You are noticing some of the subtleties of different yet interconnected parallel realities and how these play out as you shift (often ever so slightly) from one to another. 

You may experience ‘frozen’ moments of time, or objects that you think you’ve lost suddenly re-appearing in strange locations that you wouldn’t ordinarily place them. Sometimes, as was the case with you Ishante, two of the same items may mysteriously show up in your life, or a beautiful garden that has always been there on a road you constantly travel seems to disappear in front of your eyes or simply isn’t there anymore. You may think that you have taken a wrong turn, or that you are on a completely different road altogether; that is until the garden miraculously comes back into view again! This may leave many of you scratching your heads and wondering whether or not you’ve had a momentary lapse of concentration whilst driving, or perhaps are just a little stressed.


Throughout 2014 and beyond some of you may feel somewhat uneasy about these strange events and experiences that are occurring, particularly as the shifts become more obvious and seemingly out of place. However, if you are able to relax and breathe into it a bit, you can really start to have some fun with this! Just as when you are lucid dreaming and you become aware that you are ‘awake’ inside the dream, shifting to parallel realities can be equally as exciting once you become conscious of what’s occurring.


Please understand that you are not going crazy or losing your memory or mind, you are simply expanding and experiencing life in new and exciting ways now. Enjoy it, have fun and laugh a little. Use your awareness to be more present with the shifts, and they will become increasingly apparent and discernable to you.

As you move from 4D more fully into 5D, alternate realities and timelines become simultaneous and that’s where things get really interesting! It is such an incredible time that you are all in at the moment, and it is exciting for to us to watch you explore and remember your new found surroundings and abilities.


Until next time, many blessings to you ~ The Pleiadian Collective




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