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Dear hearts, what a pleasure it is to speak with you in this way today, for you are expanding in your uniqueness in such delightful and impressive ways, and I wish to come to offer you even more LOVE inspiration, in deep respect and honour for all you are BEing, and also because I am excited to create further with you, such incredibly creative beings you are!

Dear ones, I wish to infuse your experience today, if you are willing, with a particular way of approaching the concept of beauty, and that is as an energy field. This has been talked of in many different ways, and many of you are familiar with this concept, and I wish to offer a specific interaction with this field which is to play with it in your wondrous creative ways, in order to bring more lightness, more appreciation, more gentleness and more pleasure to your environment and your experience as you diligently and masterfully expand into more and more of your potential.

I wish to bring this for you specifically because I see how delicate the balance is that you are cultivating; between diligence and relaxing, between surrender and involvement, between gentleness and power, between conscious focus and allowing. And these are not opposites, dear hearts, as more and more of you are experiencing; they are in fact different tones and focuses and concentrations of that which makes up ALL, and that is, of course, LOVE. So by bringing a beautiful, playful focus today I wish to support that masterful balance you are all uniquely exploring.

Dear hearts, many of you find yourselves in situations which you have already far outgrown in both your standards and your comfort. We see this and we fully understand the frustrations and distress this brings so many of you – how difficult it is to move beyond and recreate that which has been immovable, in alignment with divine timing, and which you cannot but have built up a great deal of heaviness within and around, as you have striven and worked on this path. We see this beloveds, and we remind you again that this is not a reflection upon your abilities IN ANY WAY, and in fact we marvel at just how truly accepting and allowing you continue to be of these situations in many ways as you move so much closer to growing beyond them for good. You have indeed held yourselves within them for perfect and powerful reasons, beloveds, and this is becoming ever-clearer, and will continue to do so.

And so I come to assist you today to specifically to alleviate some of that heaviness – which has of course served you most perfectly and beautifully – simply by shifting your focus, if only for a few moments, into another way of approaching that which you are surrounded by. And that is by using the field of beauty.

Beloveds, you are all aware of the importance of caring for yourselves in moment-to-moment ways, and you all approach this in your own unique manner. One of the things that can serve you most in those moments of frustration, is when you feel you have the energy to make that moment more enjoyable for yourself, by asking what it is that you would most enjoy – a cup of tea, five minutes outside, a little meditation session, a shopping trip, cake – whatever feeds your joy most. This you often call into practice for yourselves already. How wonderful (smile).

Today I wish to suggest to you that you can also turn your loving attention quite literally to your space, imbuing it with your love quite directly, moving your focus away from those feelings of non-movement and frustration you may quite understandably feel towards that which represents all that you have outgrown, and into the mode of gifting yourself and your space a beautiful face-lift, if you like, an energetic spring-clean, or a new coat of LOVE-paint! And no, I do not necessarily suggest this physically; for you to drag yourself into effort in order to tidy up (unless you of course wish to do so)! I wish to make it far more beautiful for you than that! *Smile*.

Well, of course, if you do have the joyful energy to make a physical change to your space – move the furniture, clean, arrange flowers, burn oils – then wonderful! I am ready to amplify and assist your intentions and energies in that direction with great LOVE and enthusiasm, of course! Joy. And as many of you know I am often experienced by you in this particular focus. However, I would also like to offer a gentler, more couch-directed, relaxed approach, if you will; one that you can bring to your moments any time, anywhere, and brighten up any space with, not just your own specific domestic surroundings.

Dear hearts, bring your imagination into play. Your energies and intentions are so powerful, you can lift your moods instantly if you feel so moved, simply by gently moving your focus. And it is so important for you to realise that this is in no way a call to ‘do more’, beloveds, even with your intention! Dear hearts, you have ‘done’ enough! You have exhausted every direction in which you wished to explore the realms of ‘effort’ and ‘trying’! So, if and when you are ready to, let them go, in each moment you can. And use my suggestions only if they feel lovely to you. Know that we always fully support this self-loving and gentle focus that lets the heart lead you back into full LOVE.

So, then, beautiful ones. In your space, as you sit with your cup of tea, or however you approach this, why not see a huge and overflowing vase of beautiful pink roses, glowing with golden-pink light adorning your table, and know it will now be there, emitting beauty, for as long as you would like? Why not see a beautiful shimmering light-bead curtain hanging in the doorway to your kitchen, that whenever you walk through tinkles and infuses your field with peaceful silver glowing love? Why not see a choir of angels (or a rock band of angels! Whatever floats your boat, beloveds!) taking up permanent residence in the corner of your living room solely for your entertainment? Why not, when you are walking down the street, see energetic confetti, encoded with the highest joy, flying out of your over-flowing heart-field and falling from the sky and showering all who are around you? Why not, when at someone else’s house, leave a gift of love in the form of a gently-glowing candle of love-light, spreading calm and serenity throughout their space?

And remember, this is for YOUR joy beloveds, to be shared when you are overflowing, and in the LOVE, if it feels right, whenever you are inspired. Trust that your inspirations come from highest LOVE, and that they are in alignment with the highest good. You have cleared your mirrors, dear hearts, you have polished your diamond-lights. Let them shine in every way. The sky is no longer your limit, dear hearts! Imagine what energetic delights you could infuse your fields and the fields of the spaces you encounter with, if you spent any time at all playing with these ideas?

You see beloveds, you are immensely powerful. There is no need for any of you to ‘try’. As you read this you may think, ‘But I’m busy ascending! What about my focus on my light body and my cells and my thoughts and my connection to divine love?’ *Laughs* My dear hearts, you are so right, of course! But let me say to you, as you all very well know in your hearts, and are waking up to ever more consciously, this is already so; indeed you would have to make a great deal of effort to even slow the process down, so aligned with your soul’s intention you have become. By allowing yourselves to lighten up, to shift your focus, to keep your minds lightly skipping into joy and beauty and harmony whenever you are inspired, you ASSIST THE PROCESS most mightily, dear hearts, by getting out of your own divine way! I assure you of this most fervently.

Each of you know this logically, and yet it is my joy to assist you to experience it more and more naturally in your physical expressions. This may look and seem frivilous to you, my beloveds – and so it is (wink) – and yet, make no mistake, the light this message brings, and the inspiration it offers, is powerful beyond imagining, precisely because YOU are powerful beyond imagining. By taking the time to read this message and discern for yourselves if this would enhance your daily experience, you are attending deeply to your own happiness, you are paying attention to your well-being and your expanding trajectory, you are offering yourself the opportunity to open up your perspective and allow softer and more beautiful infusions of LOVE to support you as you explode into the starlight of your conscious awakening. MAGNIFICENT, beloveds, truy magnificent.

And furthermore! You only have to look around you to see what powerful creators of your worlds you already are, whether or not you are satisfied with those manifest results. So yes, this is light and fun and playful, but remember, dear hearts, every moment you spend focusing upon and consciously working with the fields of beauty and harmony – indeed any field of light – you entrain your own experience in this direction. You open your own field up to hold more of this LOVE, you say to your expanding self ‘I desire to experience more beauty, more harmony’ and so LOVE responds by granting your wish, your focused intention. You all know in your unique ways how this works, as you awaken to those powers and abilities that have lain dormant for so long, and by speaking about and infusing you with this today, it is my intention to lightly, and with joyful, playful love, open you up further to receiving greater ease and peace and gentleness in your lives. For when you do this playfully, you are indeed at your most powerful…*wink*

Dear hearts, at this time, any support I can offer to assist an easier, gentler, more graceful experience of all you are unfolding, is my delight and my pleasure. I wish most deeply to help you know how you are creating ever-easier and more graceful pathways with your focus, and as each of you turn more consciously and deeply to your own loving hearts for guidance and direction, you allow ever-greater support for yourselves, and make the potential of this process more joyful, more expansive, more peaceful, and a whole lot more fun. And as far away as fun might seem or feel or look to many of you, either for yourselves or the world at large right now, we assure you with great joy that in every moment you make this more possible, not just for yourselves, but for ALL. Just how masterful, loving, compassionate, creative and powerful you are – and are remembering you are – is an ever-increasing delight to us in the light realms, and we adore to be so continually astonished, impressed, excited, in wonderment and in awe of you as you turn this grand and marvellous adventure into a light show of LOVE beyond any of even the greatest of our dreams.

Play my beloveds, in your masterful, imaginative ways. Call beauty into your lives in any way you feel called to do so. Let the universal mind inspire you and love it into being through your hearts. Let your loving selves gift those situations and circumstances, which can feel so burdensome to you, the blessing of your loving focus, let them receive your imaginative visions of beauty and harmony, and know you are expanding the potentials of beauty and harmony exponentially by doing so, without even having to think about it beyond your own delight, comfort and joy. How marvellous. Your focus is powerful, beloveds, and your hearts are strong. Let them weave their magic, simply being being your own loving and inspired selves.

We are ever here to assist, support, love and amplify your every heart wish, your every moment of light, your every divine intention, for that is what YOU ARE in every single moment. Expanding, expanding, expanding in LOVE, beloved masters of light.

I AM at your side, in LOVE, with the fields of beauty, harmony, delight and joy, and ready to support and amplify every joy-filled moment of your imaginative creations. Simply call upon me with your focus and your heart-song, for I AM Archangel Jophiel, and I always hear and answer your call, with joy ♥


Channelled by Sara Hillman, December 9-10th, 2013 ♥

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