Contacting Beings of Light 20131128 25 November – 01 December 2013 Archangel Cassiel Message




We’ve mentioned before that this month is going to be different. You’ve been through a month which intensely full with emotions. Besides the intense energies have been sent, we embraced you with a healing effect. Divine One’s mercy was always with you. All of the fatigues, aches, imbalances, various sicknesses was the reflection of the cure. As the flowing energy penetrates to your every problem, you perceived its exit from your body as sickness. The ones who have higher awareness levels felt that this is something else, it was the purification of your heart and soul by mercy. You’re developing emotionally my dears. This growth opens the ways which you haven’t noticed before. It brings back the abilities and feelings that you have forgotten but still seem familiar. Moreover you need to abandon every situation that doesn’t give you any pleasure, and set free every emotion. Be aware of the fact that the term ‘separation’ is only valid in your dimension. And most importantly, be honest to yourself. As you keep being honest to yourself you’ll eventually find the wholeness that you seek. You hear the voice of your conscience, therefore you should keep going without neglecting the voices of other dimensions; listen. As you keep advancing with the only truth, love, inside you, miracles appear in every single step. Tell the truths to yourself, because your essence is the light. When you feel the wholeness, you’ll ascend and become a muse. Thus only utter what is inside of you. Heighten as you lighten. You’ll form your reality by keep expressing it.

With Love and Light
Archangel Cassiel



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