Greetings from Sirius 20131128 Archangel Uriel: You Are The Light



via Jennifer Hoffman
November 25, 2013 

This is the channeled Archangel Uriel message for November 25, 2013

The feeling of wanting to go home’ that you believe will take you back to Source is a manifestation of the belief that where you are, on the Earth or in your physical body, is somehow separate from Source.  While density may separate you from the full expression of Source light and vibration, what makes you believe that density is not also part of the creation of the Universe or Source energy? If it is in and part of all things, then all things must also be part of it. And so are you, even in the midst of your density and separation, also connected to and part of the light, love, truth, energy, and vibration of Source.

It is not possible to be anywhere in the Universe where there is no Source connection, even in the density of the Earth. The presence, light, and energy of the Universe is within and is part of all things. You cannot be disconnected from this presence, no matter where you are or what you are doing. The divine is within you and is an expression of your wholeness, not your holiness; it is not a reward that is granted if you deserve or work hard enough for it. You are divine. You begin each lifetime with the state and condition of divinity that you add to during your journey of healing into wholeness. You do not become divine once you are whole, divinity is part of your energetic blueprint and is not something have to seek or earn.

You were not cast away from Source or banished from the love of God. The separation is not separate, it is merely a process of embodying darkness (or density) for the purpose of having an experience of light as a physical being instead of as a light being. You cannot have an experience of Source while you are within the light, you must step away from the light to experience it. Rather than a punishment, this is a journey each of you has undertaken willingly, with great love and often with great sacrifice. You are each the master who has become the servant to be part of the ascension cycle and ensure its completion.

Beneath the layers of density you have embodied that allow you to become physical is your divine center, shining brightly. When you connect with it you remember your Source connection and you will calm the voice that wants to ‘go home’. You are always home, wherever you are because you carry the light of home with you and within you. The task of bringing heaven on earth is nearly complete, which is what you are doing with each step of your journey from healing to wholeness, which is a journey from density to light, from disconnection to reconnection, bringing the inner Source light to merge with the physical, so they are no longer separated. The veil is now gone, as Source and physical merge into one divine connection.

Each new frequency you embody, each new vibration you align with, every new joy you allow yourself to experience, and the love that you allow yourself to receive brings you closer to the end of this journey which, as you will discover, is not a destination but a realization that what you wanted most was always with you and was ever separate from you because it could never be separate from you.

Your hearts are heavy, you are tired and the journey has been long. It is time for you to re-member yourselves to your light, your divine spark and your inner flame that is your Source connection. Go within to find it, as it holds the peace and comfort you desire. Nurture this connection because it is your reconnection, the ‘home’ you want to return to, the promise of ascension that you have been holding for lifetimes. It is the light, your light, the light of the world and the light of the Universe. You do not have to look anywhere for it, you cannot find it anywhere else, it is within you and it is part of you. Be home now, your journey is complete when you reconnect with your light and fully embody your divinity within your humanity.

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