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The idea is prevalent that the Federal Republic of Germany is not a nation state but rather a corporation, a purely financial undertaking in the form of a legal personality. This idea has many sources including the name of the official German financial agency “Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur GmbH.” [Federal Republic of Germany Finance Agency, website]

The idea is formally incorrect. The financial agency, the corporation that administers debt on behalf of the FRG, is a state owned economic enterprise and the incorporated financial agency is a federal German enterprise like the railroad. In actual fact, however, the Federal Republic itself is a financial agency, a branch of the global Jewish financial conglomerate Rothschild-Goldman-Sachs-American Federal Reserve Bank. In actual fact Rothschild manages all of these as the mother corporation.

This global Rothschildian conglomerate, which is openly acknowledged by its political errand boys, was not organized just yesterday. It is a very old organization that has been reorganized and was acknowledged by Hollywood in 1976. At that time Hollywood’s mission was not limited to destroying Western culture; it also distributed cryptic messages for insiders of the emerging New World Order while proclaiming new rules and directions for the masses. This is the light in which we must view the 1976 movie “Network,” although few moviegoers at that time were aware of the film’s real message and significance. The film received several Oscar awards, and it is no wonder. “Network” informed insiders that the start signal had been given for creation of a unified global world whose elite will be the lords of the future.

In the film the head of a global media conglomerate, Arthur Jensen (played by Ned Beatty), fires the immensely popular TV announcer he has created, Howard Beale (played by Peter Finch) for acting independently and criticizing financial magnates. Then Jensen gives Beale a lecture on the subject of the new world order.

The Power of Money is the Face of God

A key scene presents the globalistic gospel In Jensen’s huge conference room, which is very intimidating with drawn curtains and an oversized conference table. Jensen says to Beale,

“I’m very glad you are here, Mr. Beale. They say that I can sell anything, and today I want to sell you something.” Jensen preaches down to his famous mouthpiece with powerful, solemn words. His sermon, the evangel of the New World Order, reveals how things will be on our planet in future. In exalted voice Jensen proclaims, “The international monetary system governs life on this planet. THIS is the natural law that governs everything today, the molecular, sub molecular and galactic structure of life in our world. You, YOU presumed to challenge this all-powerful force of nature, and you are going to regret that. Am I making myself clear, Mr. Beale? …You, Mr. Beale, are an old man who still thinks in the categories of peoples and nations but I am telling you now, there are no longer peoples and nations. There are no longer Russians. There are no longer Arabs. There is no longer a Third World. There is no longer a West. Today there is nothing but the exalted System of Systems, the interconnected multistructural and multinational rule of the almighty Dollar. Today the world is one big corporation, Mr. Beale, a single giant corporation. And I had chosen you, Mr. Beale, to reveal the news of the new evangel.”

Beale, who has turned into a veritable pillar of salt, asks in awestruck voice, “Why me?” Jensen’s response: “Because you were famous, you idiot. Sixty million people watch you every evening, from Monday to Friday. That is the only reason.” Beale whispers hoarsely, “I have looked upon the face of God!” In mild and fatherly voice Jensen responds, “You just might be right, Mr. Beale.” The award-winning Hollywood movie quasi-humorously proclaims that the power of money is the face of God.

The politics of the Rothschildean branch office known as the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) are of course guided by its financial policies, just as depicted in “Network.” These policies are determined by the European Central Bank (ECB), which functions quite openly as a branch office of the global Jewish financial institution Goldman-Sachs. On 4 September 2012 the Franco-German TV network Association Relative a la Television Européene (ARTE) broadcast the documentary film ““Goldman Sachs – Eine Bank lenkt die Welt” (Goldman Sachs: a Bank Directs the World) in which the producers of the film, economic journalist Jérome Fritel and author Marc Roche, state, “The influence of Goldman-Sachs reaches into the daily lives of everyone, as for example the naming of the president of the European Central Bank… G.S. of course directs government policy away from regulation of the financial sector… The arm of the bank is very long.”

Mario Draghi, the former director of Goldman-Sachs, was appointed head of the European Union and then installed as president of the European Central Bank while Alexander Dibelius, the director of Goldman-Sachs in Germany, became personal lobbyist for Chancellor Angela Merkel. Dibelius presents the Lloyd Blankfein’s demands and Frau Merkel delivers the Germans and their wealth as slaves and tribute. In this way “FRG Inc,” acting as a branch office of Rothschild, serves to rob the citizens of Germany, since they “finance the profits of the U.S. banking system under the pretext of solidarity with Southern Europe… Draghi still meets regularly with investment bankers and former Goldman-Sachs bankers in the so-called “Group of Thirty” and other advisory boards… His son is an interest specialist with Morgan Stanley.” [Footnote 1]

It is rather remarkable that, as employees of the Federal German Finance Agency, the Goldman-Sachs errand boys publicly poke fun at themselves and their careers as errand boys. During a recent regional party convention, “Errand Boy” Sigmar Gabriel, the chairperson of SPD, said in a speech that Angela Merkel is the business director of a commercial corporation rather than chancellor of a government: “I tell you we have no federal government… Frau Merkel is the business manager of a new N. G. O. in Germany.” [FOOTNOTE 2]

The regional manager of the Rothschildian Federal German Finance Agency is Horst Seehofer of the Christian Socialist Party, who is permitted to call himself the Minister President of Bavaria. He sees the task entrusted to him, namely that of Tribute Collector, as a lucrative position and even brags on TV. In the TV show “Pelzig unterhält sich” Pelzig interrogated him as follows: “It seems that politics trails a long way behind this financial agency, and this is sometimes discouraging. Whatever the financial magnates decide, the government carries out. Does this great political power in private hands rather the hands of elected representatives bother you?” Seehofer replied with complete candor: “It is just as you say, those who make the decisions are not elected and those who are elected have nothing to decide.” [FOOTNOTE 3]

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