Ascended Masters 20131106 Finding Happiness within Unhappiness ~ Ascended Master Lady Nada’s Weekly Message for October 31 – November 07, 2013 ~ via Julie Miller


By Ascencion Earth

It is always possible Beautiful Bright Hearts to change the course of your path that will bring into alignment with greater positivity and greater outcomes. In order to attain the highest potential that life has for you, you must be able to be fully aware of where your mental and emotional faculties are in order to make the Right decisions that will produce favourable outcomes, learning how to detach your emotions from weighing over your efforts will deepen your alignment with the Divine Source of God but also strengthening your ability to attract the highest of good from your Karma. 

You already are well aware that life does not always go as you expect, your journey will bring you to some unexpected turns. No matter how hard you try to avoid mishaps, they happen and any hardship or difficulty you have faced or are currently going through even if that challenge is an internal struggle or a hiccup that suddenly appeared, you will persevere and if you think you fail along the way, those are negative thoughts Beautiful Bright Hearts as you have not failed, you have learned. 

There will be times where you will be confronted by mean-spirited individuals; we encourage you to consciously attempt to not take their actions seriously. Don’t allow them to take away your power by minimizing who you are and by belittling your self-worth. It is okay to cry if crying is what is needed, but understand why you are crying. Are you crying because their words or actions stung? If so, why did they sting so much? Is there something you have yet to uncover that they somehow touched upon, even unknowingly? Every interaction regardless if its kind or difficult all carries valuable lessons that are pertinent for your ongoing growth and development. When you choose to react heavily with emotion you are attracting negative Karma to enter your current life stream. 

There is a great secret to finding happiness even during times of unhappiness and upset. Any time you find yourself over-reacting or responding in a way that is unlike you, these responses, feelings and so forth are just in your mind. When you feel you are under attack by another without the attempt of understanding, this is another example of your Ego trying to protect you, but in truth your Ego only increases the negative energy and encourages more negative thought forms to take place. Your Ego creates in your defense your very own slings and arrows to defend against those that challenge your perception, thoughts or way of being. You do not require slings and arrows. Liberate yourself Beautiful Bright Hearts by changing your thought forms to more amiable considerations. Realize that each person is beautiful and necessary. You are not necessarily going to like what everyone has to say, but that does not make what they say is wrong or invalid. Remember dear ones, at any time you feel hurt during any confrontation or situation, you can change how you feel because you have the power to change how the situation affects you. 

Changing how you see a situation from being problematic to something more simplified and easier to manage is a difficult challenge all on its own, but nothing is ever impossible when one wants to accomplish something eager enough. Many times, your worrying creates shadows over the smallest of things. Cut into any shadow with the Light that is freely given to you through God’s unwavering Love. Allow Him to come and to heal you in order for you to see that good and beautiful does surround all things at all times.

Each step you take on this journey is a new step of learning and improving your current self for the better. Most times it’s all trial and error – it is how you learn. Without mistakes or errors; learning would not occur. Embrace the power of positive thinking when you are face-to-face with negativity or difficult situations. Even if you sometimes feel the need to vent your anger, learn ways that are healthy to release this energy that causes no further harm or foul. The powerful Law of Cause and Effect does not take a day off, it is there in all you do, within the positives and negatives. You know already Beautiful Bright Hearts to attract more positive into your current life stream you need to present yourself in a positive manner which includes your thoughts, actions, words and feelings are required to be in balance. Yes, this means you are required to apply a little elbow grease and become more aware of your total self. Don’t give up when you reach the meat of your challenge and it becomes tough. Have faith in yourself and in God’s loving direction that you are on the Right path. You have always held the power to rid yourself of negative thoughts. No one else can heal these from you; this is something you do when you take the time to truly get to know yourself from the inside and to see honestly and truthfully the truth of any matter that is before you. 

If you have ever misunderstood a person’s intentions, or made a mistake that caused you to step back a bit to review what occurred, remember Beautiful Bright Hearts, each mistake made is your stepping stone to creating different outcomes based on making different choices the next time around – your successes come from the knowledge gained from every mistake made. Because you cannot predict every outcome of every situation, you are presented with these gifts that you take as mistakes in order make better. If a mistake has made you fall, get back up and rise dear ones. Be patient with yourself and understand the growing of you takes time, as there is so much for you to learn. 

Any trials and tribulations that you have met that created pain has not killed you, for you are still here among the living, helping and providing others with valuable insight to your own special way of being. You are that much stronger for what you have seen and experienced. Every Beautiful Bright Heart has a story that is filled with horrors, and some are more tragic than others, but each one required perseverance, tolerance, patience, respect and love just to name a few in order to grow and move on and you did. Let each experience provide all the information you need that will help you to develop into the person you are meant to be, one who shines forth from the inside out, demonstrating within each action, word, thought and feeling from their sacred and authentic self with confidence. 

When you think it’s not possible to carry on another step, and you ask for God’s help, He does come Beautiful Bright Hearts. He comes shining His infinite Light upon you in order for you to see your way out of any darkness. He loves each of you and wishes for each of His Beautiful Children to love themselves and others equally and unconditionally with complete acceptance of each person’s differences. Remember it’s what is different that makes each of you so endearingly special and unique. You were created to be different yet within all your differences, each of you beats a heart that is more than capable to give love and to receive love. 

If a dear soul has offered something that you find offensive, simply turn the other cheek, by choosing to react negatively you attract more negative Karma into your current life stream. There is no need to counter every remark with another remark that is filled with heavy, negative emotions. Remember Beautiful Bright Hearts there is always a higher road to take and you will discover yourself at a greater advantage point for choosing this route. The advantage you are given is your ability and capability to become a better person in spite of any disharmony that can arise within communication with others. You learn much more of yourself, but most importantly you understand that not everything requires a response – sometimes silence is the best answer. 

Learn to forgive and love all those you think oppose you, or think differently from you or feel don’t like you for one reason or another. Learning how to work with and to deal with others is one of your greatest challenges; and we have all the faith in the Universe that you will succeed in any endeavor and through each success you will be greeted by a miraculous gift that you have given to yourself and that Beautiful Bright Hearts is liberation – Liberation from your overwrought emotions that allows you to give love and compassion to all people beginning with yourself. Instead of seeing the difficulty in every situation, challenge or event, see the positive opportunity and watch yourself grow beyond all normal thoughts of awareness and possibilities. 

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller




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