Messages of Light 20131101 Heavenletter #4722 Love Soars and Fear Disappears



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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said: 

Your mind and your habits of thinking signal to you that that there is difficulty. Regardless of what befalls, you would be problem-free if you had not so well-learned the concept of difficulty. You would be as free as a bird if you had not learned well that life is composed of difficulties and you have to be on the alert. How well you learned danger and aversion to it. It is as if you planted an alarm within you, an alarm that alerts you constantly.
You were born into a world that taught you ideas of right and wrong, and that challenges in life were wrong, unbidden, unfavored, as if you were not to grow, as if there were a limit set on growth, as if life were to expand so far and no further, that safety was primary and living life really was to be avoided, averted, opposed to you.
There is no doubt about it. You can look at life as though it were treacherous and uncalled for. You can look at injustice and cruelty. They are not hard for you to see. And so you make judgment. All this judgment was cultured into you. You were not born with it. You were born innocent. You were born with the prediction of goodness and care. You were born to thrive and not to retire from life as it comes, as it happens.
What if, as a child, you knew only love and did not become acquainted with fear? What if you were not confined and made to cry? What if you were greeted totally with love and encouragement and knew nothing else?
This does not mean you would be savage or spoiled. You would have your own way in the sense that love is your way. What if there were no repression, no punishment, no correction except for love?
What health you would have, what vision, what joy in life. Joy in life is what you would have learned and what you would give unabashedly. What happiness, what laughter, what consideration. How you would embrace life and be embraced by it.
Alas, this is not how life has been cultured, and, so now, culture well-being for yourself. Love yourself now. Put balm on your wounds, and heal them. Be good-natured once again, and be good-natured to yourself.
The world found fault with you. You have had enough of the concept of fault. There is no fault except a stamp imposed upon you. Love blossoms you, and yet love finds no fault to improve. With more love, the concept of being improved would not exist. Not even approval would exist. There would be no need for it. Nothing would have to be made better. What for? You are a beautiful viable human being who, too often, was being improved, and that may have been to your detriment. Disapproved of, you were not improved. You were hampered.
Where is freedom when you are cramped? Perhaps your sense of self-worth wasn’t allowed to grow as your feet might not if they were always cramped in too tight shoes. Everyone has awareness of not cramping the body, yet when it comes to heart, cramping may be the order of the day.
Let there be an end to this. Substitute enjoyment, laughter, appreciation instead. Let everyone be free. With freedom, there would be no need for license. There would be no need of recrimination or going too far. There would not even be need for love because love would soar on its own. All would come down to the knowledge that love is all, and that is all there is. What a comfort that would be. Love would be like a warm quilt in winter, and it would be a fair breeze in summer. Love would soar, and fear would disappear.
Then you would be able to look at the world and say that all is good, for good is all you would know.




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