Messages of Light 20131025 Heavenletter #4714 As the Sun Shines on You



Heavenlettersâ„¢, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said: 

What is the matter today? Does something have to be the matter? You do think so, however. You do tend to greet your mornings with the possible thought: “What do I have to take care of today? What do I have to fend off? What is going to make my day difficult today? What ongoing difficulties do I have that need my attention?”
Haven’t you tended to have a touch of: “Woe is me.”
May I suggest that you wake up this morning with the thought: “What wonderful things are going to happen today! What wonders will I see, and what wonders will God perform, and what wonders will God perform through me?”
Of course, perform is not the right word. There is no performance that I speak of. The word I seek is living. I, God, say: “What wonders will you and I live on this day? What wonders will We observe and absorb? What wonders will brighten this day for Me and for you and for everyone who stands before the world today?”
Do you not stand before the world? And how will you greet the world today? The world awaits you. I, too, look forward to your debut today. How do you come on stage? Come skipping. Come on stage brightly. Not exactly with fanfare but with alacrity. Dance onto the stage. Present yourself to the sun. Shine equally on the sun as the sun shines on you.
And how do you exit the stage at nightfall? The same. And how do you await sleep? Wonder what beautiful dreams you will have. Wonder about the deep rest you will gain. Wonder about the vast renewal of energy. Wonder about this time in bed as you refuel yourself. Wonder about all the wonders that are yours, yours to be, and yours to find.
Consider that you go to a store that you call Life. What are you looking for? What will you shop for today? What will you buy? What offers itself to you today?
And remember where I am and Who I am. Why, I am you, and I am within you, and you are within Me. What a world this is where God abides, and you abide too. Seemingly on your own, absolutely filled with free will, and yet contained in My arms, My heart, My thoughts, filled with My Love Abiding.
What adventure, what joy, what merriment, what walk do We take today through the world? What Vastness do We seek, and what Vastness do We find? The Vastness is always within Us, and it is deep. How deep is Our Vastness today? What path do We take, and where does it take Us when We are Vastness Itself?
Perhaps today is the day you grasp that there is nothing going on except within you. You are the Everything of Life. You are the fire, and you are the embers. You always were, and you always are, and will be. The journey is imagined, beloveds. It is beyond imagination, and yet it is imagined. Many think that the action is Life Itself, and yet it is not the action. It is Being that is Life Itself. We are Being, and We are never not Being. The One Sun seems to rise and to set, and yet the Sun is always beaming its light in perfect harmony. Stars come out at night to remind you that Light Is Always, and to remind you, yes, you, that you are the Light of the World. Light is ever-shining. It can only seem to dim when your eyes are closed, or when your heart is closed, or when you kid yourself into taking illusion for Reality.
There is One Reality, and that is you, and it is I. We, One, the Whole Universe, the Being, the Unperceived perceived, the Unknown realized are All That Is.




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