Ascended Masters 20131025 The Divine Mother: You are the Holy Grail Channeled by Linda Dillon


Universal Mother Mary:

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of change, of constancy and consistency. Welcome my beloved ones, my sweet angels of blue and it matters not if you are magenta or topaz, citrine [a color not known on Earth] or amethyst, you are mine. And as I have told you before and I need to emphasize this to each and every one of you, I am yours.

What does this mean? It means that we are braided in and of the heart, the spirit, the umbilical cord that stretches from the heart of One to your heart and has and never will be broken.

Many of you think of the energies that I send you as coming down and descending through the pure rays, the rays of blue, of Blue Diamond, of blue topaz as tanzanite [also not known on Earth – I think!], of every hue and color. And sometimes, dear heart, it is the purest white and at other times it is tinged with pink, but let me be clear, it is all mine and therefore, it is all yours.

Everything that I have ever created, birthed, is yours; the trees, the flowers, the elephants, the dolphins, the whales, the dogs, the cats, the hens, the chickens, the roosters, the goats, the horses, the mountains, the Rockies, Victoria Falls, the quiet lakes and the bustling rivers, the purity of air and each other. Everything I have ever created is yours just as you are mine and I am yours.

There are some of you at times who say, “Oh, I am having difficulty connecting; I do not feel in complete alignment.” In those moments, dear hearts, look around you, look to each other, look to the sky, to the ocean, yes Linda, to the bunnies, and know my energy and my love is in each and every one of these creations I have given you and you have accepted with open hearts.

Your heart is an open chalice; you are the Holy Grail and you are receiving everything I send to thee, whether it is pure light or through the umbilical cord from my heart to yours. Never, well not since the very beginning, and that was eons ago, have you been in such clarity of saying and of such enthusiasm of saying ‘yes’.

You have no idea what that means to a mother’s heart and how much we are celebrating. Our purpose is never, never and forever, never to overwhelm but yes, to implant inspiration, ideas, joy, laughter, sweetness, tenderness, consideration, for yourself and for others whether it is a blade of grass or your sister or brother.

And let me be clear: yes, there is expansion going on in your head, in your brain but there is not one of you who has a tumor or who is looking at premature departure. There is not one of you whose hearts will not heal. There is not one of you whose bodies will not heal. There is not one of you whose financial situation will not heal.

You did not come to live on my planet, Gaia, this planet of such diversity and abundance to live in lack … of any kind.

And now, bright angels, you are seeing this. You are not at the portal, you are through the portal. Celebrate with me and do not worry about those that you may think that you have left behind because they are right behind you. You are wayshower. If you did not jump through first, who would?

You are on your way and tomorrow is now and I am with you. If you have any concerns, fears, trepidation, give it to me, dear heart, give it to Raphael, give it to St. Germaine. Give it away and let it be gone from your very core because there is no room for it in the 7th dimension of love.

There is no room and never has been any room for anything but sweetness within your core. You just became accustomed to living with it because that was the illusion and the false grid of the 3rd. Sweet angels of light, it is not of truth. And you are seeing that now, more clearly than ever before; your eyes, your heart, your being is adjusted.

Now I want you to share this clarity, this expansion of love anchored within your very core. And I ask you to share it, yes, in your Sunday night peace meditation and I ask you to send it to what you would think of as every troubled spot upon the planet: Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, all of Africa, Venezuela, Washington, D.C., you get the idea.

Send it. Perhaps it is to your neighborhood, but keep it going. I ask you to do this not only Sunday night but to continue it for the whole week. The peace has begun to anchor; yes, there are some areas that are a little more petulant than others, it matters not, we know how to deal with petulant children.

And how do we do that? We simply love them until they are laughing and giggling and playing once more.

I am proud of you, sweet ones, and I am with you and you are with me. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-19-13




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