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Heavenletter #4704 The Concept of Mourning

God said: 

Remember that being confused is a good thing. Knowing everything is not such a momentous thing. Yes, I understand it’s comfortable to know or to think you know, yet it’s less bounded to not know or not know you know. You are not meant to be an encyclopedia. You are not meant to be what the world may coax you to be. You are not meant to be anything but what you are.
Wisdom and knowledge may be two different things. What’s the matter with knowing less rather than more?
Certainly, the body affects the mind, and the mind affects the body. Certainly, everything affects everything else. There are no one-way streets, beloveds.
Intention and action may be two different things.
This is the whole thing about life in the relative world. It sprouts in many directions all at once. Who cannot be confused? Or, if you don’t like the word confused, you can say perplexed or pensive for your pleasure.
Life in the world is not clear-cut. Who said it had to be or is supposed to be? When was life predictable? When is there only one route to travel or one road to take? Whatever road you are on at the moment has to be the right road for you so long as it is – until it changes. Even when you are on the bumpiest road, who can say it’s not the right one right now?
Who can say with certainty that there is not good in everything? Are My children looking for the wheat or for the chaff?
Who said that life is supposed to be easy? Well, I have. Would not life be easy for you if you did not struggle against it? If you could accept life as it comes, what would be hard about it?
When did sense of loss begin to take over human life? Why was that idea instituted? And why did so many of My children accept this institution of loss? Who said that when a loved one comes to Heaven that you are to mourn and feel a loss? Cannot you be happy for your loved one that he or she is now in Heaven and right beside Me in his or her awareness? Why isn’t this a cause for rejoicing? I may hear you say: “It just isn’t. I feel loss.”
The concept of mourning has been institutionalized. Why not be happy? Why not be happy anyway?
Do you have the idea that you owe your loved ones suffering or it means you do not love? Do you see suffering as dues you are obligated to pay? Are you less if you don’t stop to suffer agony in perceived loss? Are you a better person who suffers than if you do not? Who says that? Society? The past? Ego? Who on Earth decides these things?
If you know better, how come you give obeisance to the old? Is tradition always better?
Many traditions are man-made. Do you believe everything you read or hear? What if you did not mourn? Would you be wrong? Would you be insensitive, or would you be of greater understanding?
Must you follow in the world’s footsteps? Why not follow in Mine? Do I mourn? Do I question?
Ah, do I love? Do I love Infinitely and Eternally? Do I love you? Do I love all? Is not everyone My child? Cannot all then be your brothers? What is meant by the expression – the milk of human kindness? The point is that love is intelligent. Love is the way to go. Remember, I don’t mean gushing love but love intelligent.




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