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Many are simply dabbling with their higher selves. Because of this there is confusion in your mind. Your higher self is trying to push you forward, to influence more of your decisions and daily life. Yet you resist, telling yourself “yes I will meditate more, yes I will read a spiritual book or I will learn more of the higher worlds”.I Kuthumi come forward to take your hand, to lead you forward on your new path. This is necessary because in spite of all our teachings, you still are afraid to step forward.


Yet again and again you step aside from this higher learning to return to your hectic daily life. The emotional body is stretched to zero point and back, the mental body is over whelmed and so shelves the higher learning in order to cope with the many grounded happenings of daily work and the life attached to that. You feel tired, so tired on many levels.


So you begin to see why I take your hand. There is comfort and strength in my hand, you see? Comfort for you to know it is ok to step up. It is ok to let go of outer situations controlled through power. It’s ok. You no longer have to simply put up with this, no. This is the old way and cannot enter the new path before you. The old ways must stay at the doorway, but cannot enter. Why? Because of the vibrational energy my friend. You see the new path before you is a higher vibration. Indeed the higher you go through the layers or dimensions, the faster and finer the energetic vibration.This leads you to the soul plane. No heavy ‘old earth’ vibration of negativity or power can exist. Perhaps think of oil and water. The two cannot merge together.

Kuthumi School of Wisdom, Integrating the Dimensions

Yet I tell you, the highest vibrational rays of energy are able to transform heavy lower energy. The Light is such a vibrational energy. So you se the old ways cannot enter the new path. Yet I do caution you to fully understand the effect of those experiencing the low vibrational levels of energy yo-yoing through their bodies – physical, mental and emotional. Consciously this will have a draining effect. You may feel confused, weighed down, tired, irritable. Understand the time is now and you must learn to integrate more of the higher dimensions into your daily life.

This is not as difficult as you may think. Man cannot survive for long in two worlds of energies. How do you do this? First have a correct intention to integrate more of the higher dimensions into your being. This is essential. Become more positive in your thinking and in your responses to others. Consciously turn away from all negativity on the outer (from others). Do not allow yourself to take the negativity in to your conscious mind. Turn away. Secondly connect to the higher realms daily. Meditate, or simply sit in a peaceful place and invite your guides and angels to join you. Feel the tranquility they bring you. It is no accident that you will feel at peace.

Thirdly remember. Remember the peace you felt in that tranquil moment. Remember this feeling in all your interactions with others and in your decisions. After a while you will not have to think, or to remember. Your reactions of a higher level will come quite naturally. You are then well advanced on your new path.

I also said my hand gave you strength. Initially you may feel you need inner strength to turn to a better way in your life. To provide a better response or simply to turn away. My friend, this is the time to remember my hand and the strength it will give you. So please, take my hand and begin your new journey.

Many will say they are experiencing strife in their life. Look. Look carefully. It is on the outer – outside of you. You are allowing fear, confusion and panic to reign over you. To control you. I say to you stop. Take my hand. Connect to the peace and love of the higher realms. Allow the energy to transmute your fear. Draw the energy deep within you.

Now create your new intent and begin your new path. The time is now.






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