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Linda Dillon gives a fuller version of her impressions of Joshua Tree. Linda is frequently awakened at 3-4 a.m. in the morning and given a message to share.

Joshua Tree New You COL Gathering ~ Follow-Up Letter

Good Morning My Sweet New You Soul Family,

Last night on the InLight Radio team meeting the group was asking for insights into the gathering and I was tremendously inarticulate. So no surprise when my 4 AM wake-up call was to share with you (and them) what I perceived, experienced and saw during our time together from both my perspective.

As soon as our hearty group of staff arrived in JT I felt like we had come home. After a grimy day of travel we were elated to be on the land that speaks so deeply to each of us. As we began our opening ceremony on Friday morning with the Invocation of the Elohim I could see the Masters and Archangels gathering and taking their places in the room both as sentinels and participants.

The room was full – and that was before our start family joined us at break-time. As we began our 2-fingers to the heart exercise I could see streamers of light travelling and inter-twining throughout the room. Each of you were increasingly becoming light beings – and by the end of our time together I could barely see human form – you were all incredibly brilliant white light with auras of your soul colors and rays.

As always, there was the official agenda and then there is the flow that the Council decided upon in order to truly download and anchor the energies of the New You deep within. The COL began that deviation with helping us stretch time and fit everything in that needed to be accomplished, mentally, emotionally and physically. The coming together in form of this group to re-weave the tapestry of humanity was as much a physical as spiritual undertaking.

And my friends we did it! We anchored the higher realms with intent, laughter, sharing and miracles. We sealed it with a few tears, polishing and infusing the new tapestry with clarity and the promise of action.

On Saturday morning as we began with the song “How Can Anybody” giving each other the UFOG attunement I could see Sanat Kumara, Grener of Ashira of Neptune and Waka’na’taka in the center of the circle beaming and directing us. The Archangels had already assumed their position in the corners and at the front door – our star brothers and sisters were already part of the circle. We were ready or what?

When you were gathering in small groups I could see the energy whizzing between you all. Again streamers and laser beams, with many many light beings in attendance and participating in your small circles. It was inspiring and an honor to be in the observer position. There was not one group that wasn’t sending the heart love and sharing the heart space with one another – and that my dear ones is new. That is what 5D is about, and that is when you know Ascension is not only underway but pretty much complete. The key is in the acceptance and holding of that knowing.

You all embraced your Stranger and Inter-Dimensional selves sharing experiences freely, accepting with wonder and awe that not only was this possible but it was already in action. There was one point (OK – several) when I was reading a meditation when I could hear the angelic chorus singing so loudly and joyously that I thought it would completely drown me out. When you accepted your journey over the waterfall on Sunday morning and emerged as the New You I could hear the entire Council cheering. Do you know how noisy archangels can be????

I could go on and on about what I was so lucky to participate in and witness – but the best part was being with you – each of you. Of getting to hug and begin to know the human you that I had been talking to ever since you decided to step forward – and for some of you this has been a conversation lasting years! Now the journey really begins – the New You, Nova Earth journey.

Many of us came home spacey and/or with colds. It’s down time for integration my friends so let it be, let it happen – the Council is still working on and with you. If you feel out of body, anchor deeply within the heart of Gaia and then allow. Read The New You book – its chock full of guidance, meditations and practical information. It’s the manual to refer to, to receive inspiration and to know you are part of the New You family.

A couple of final notes. First, on Monday a small group of us – Taka, Christina, Suzanne, Barb, Hetty and I went out to Crystal Mountain (home of my first star experience) far out in the desert and did sacred ceremony to burn our intentions, creations and wishes. We made a little homemade video which Isaac will be posting on the traveler’s forum. I will also be posting the music that you heard throughout the conference. Also thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey – it helps us keep improving – and the kudos encourage us all!

As I left on Tuesday morning, the mother-ship the Neptune was still positioned above the sanctuary, the rainbow ships were still in the sky, the Chiefs were returning to the rainbow path. The land was full and rich, and gratitude was in the very air.

Thank you for sharing this precious time with me. I see you in all the brilliant radiance of the New You – keep going – and know I am always here.

All my love, xxxx





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