Saul through Johhn Smallman 20130921 Saul: The human collective is making the essential choice to change direction



Enormous changes are occurring with increasing rapidity all across the world, and the mainstream media is unable to ignore them any longer.  Yes, they still pick and choose, very carefully, which issues to address, but even that self-imposed censorship is being bypassed quite regularly, and with so many alternate news sources now available the mainstream networks are basically becoming increasingly irrelevant.  Transparency is in the ascendant, part of the New Age, and many courageous whistle-blowers are cleaning off the thick and obfuscating grime that has built up over the eons on the windows of the most secret and hidden establishments of those who would control you.

The times for the misleading of humanity by a small clique of self-centered and self-styled, grandiose elites is over.  Secrecy, which is always fear based, is succumbing to Love, and Love is fondly, compassionately, and enthusiastically embracing all in Its path, and all are in Its path.  There truly is no way to evade Love, and for that you can thank your heavenly Father who offers you everything, and withholds absolutely nothing!

To awaken from the nightmare of the illusion is your unalienable right, and you are all preparing to do so by working diligently on the issues that are bursting into your conscious awareness, demanding your instant attention.  Mostly it is just a case of observing them, acknowledging them, thanking them for their intent to help you along on your lifepaths, and if they are not in alignment with Love, just releasing them.  You do not actually have to do anything with them.  Once they are seen, acknowledged, and thanked they will dissolve, reducing your stress levels and increasing your sense of peace, of contentment.

And of course these issues are also bursting forth for the collective on a very large scale and are being particularly well demonstrated by the international negotiations and discussions concerning the conflict in Syria.  There are also the world economic, sociological, poverty, and religious problems that are finally receiving the urgent attention needed to resolve them.  All of this shows very clearly that the human collective is making the essential choice to change direction and look at its problems from a new and much wiser perspective.  The collective will is for peace, security, and abundance for all its members and it understands that forceful or dogmatic intervention is not the path to satisfactory resolution of these issues.

The wisdom of the New Age is evident all across the globe as people come together to discuss and negotiate purposefully and transparently, leaving behind the old destructive suspicions that previously only served to further separate you one from another, both in international arenas and in personal ones.  The corner has been turned, Love has been invited in, and the wisdom, warmth, and compassion it supports will ensure that there is no turning back, and that the intent to be fair and honest in all situations and relationships is maintained.

Continue to send Love to every area of the world where you, individually, feel intuitively guided to offer It.  What you have been doing is extremely effective.  All your individual efforts are bringing in the essential changes – the changes for the good that you are beginning to see worldwide – by blending together in a series of powerful energy waves that combine with the divine field of Love enveloping the planet and enthusiastically encourage people to open their hearts to allow It to suffuse them.

Your loving intentions are an essential part of your awakening process, and you incarnated to put them into practice.  Many of you are feeling tired, even let down or disappointed because it seems that you have been working at this for so long with so few apparent results.  In fact, the results that you are achieving are quite stupendous, so continue to hold your Light on high and know that what you are doing is achieving the intended results.  This will become apparent to you if you can let go of your doubts and allow yourselves to praise yourselves, and one another, for the determined and most successful accomplishments that your loving intentions are bringing to fruition.

Without your efforts there would be no awakening.  You are here to do what you are doing, and the honors that await your awakening are beyond anything you can possibly imagine.  Hang in there.  Yes, you have received this exhortation before, but failure is impossible!  And your continuing efforts are still an essential part of the divine plan.

With so very much love, Saul.




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