Conversations With SaLuSa 20130921 SaLuSa ~ The Terminus of the Empires ~ via Gabriel



There is a certainty in your hearts that something new is coming,and it’s something that will leave you in complete ecstasy. Oh yesdear ones, you are feeling every day more intensely the results of  your efforts to raise Mother Earth from the low vibrations. You canfeel and see the power of your thought been manifested in a eye blink. Because of your will of raise Mother Earth to higher levels,you have witnessed increasingly spiritual nature events due to therange of energy that you are moving.

Your power has caused that a pressure be made on those who have long desired the domain  on Earth. They are trapped and there is noother way but to retreat in their intentions to cause chaos and fear.They no longer have the power structure they had before simply because you have dismantled it with your directly collective power.They are now in internal chaos and  a force has made them turningincreasingly within them so that they can be re-assessed themselvesand choose which path they wish to follow from this time, asMother Earth does not bear more low vibration actions, beingnaturally led them to take a decision. Their power was based ongold that they had in underground, which had been seized by ourallies. There will be a count and they will have to give explanationsabout where the planet wealth ended, which was under their domain.


They will have to give explanations about resources  that were suppressed from each of you and explanations about the bases built on the Moon and on Mars for the purpose of spatial domain. A wave of information will come out in your newscasts as a way to prepare people for further news that we consider even more important thatwill follow. The strong energy that has come from the Central Sun of the galaxy has made that more and more people turn to their inner self,  to a self assessment, and the dark ones are not out of this self-analysis. It is a powerful energy that has shaken each one on youremotional and physical level, providing lightness or stress according to inner harmony or lack of it. Every day that goes by, you can also see a considerable amount of fortunate people losing their financial empires, it tends to occur day after day.


The need for self-analysis will naturally bring an energy that will lead people to give value to the inner self, and the probation, this time for many of them, will be the detachment of material values. In the moment you face the greatness you have inside, nothing will make you suffer and live in scarcity. You’ll see that there was neverneed for exaggeratedly accumulation of material goods because you are constantly supplied on the inside for all you need. Those who don’t wish  yet to breaks off what they consider most important, the money, will naturally be “trapped” in one place, the here and now,and will have to make a decision about how and where they wish tocontinue their journeys. Daily such beings, (worthy of God’s love asany other), have been meeting to discuss the situation that have made them to give up their fortunes and the power for a certainmoment, so they get time for a counterattack.


We would like to say that this won’t be allowed as the Creatordecreed that Mother Earth and its humanity would be freed from the regime of darkness and would no longer be allowed the destruction of a planet in the solar system like in the past. At the moment, those who have had great difficulty  to retreat upon the appeal of light are those who use the crown … But they are alreadywell informed that they will have to leave their posts and make wayfor the forces of light who have advanced every day. Dear ones, I am very happy to once again bring these information to you, and as a spokesman of the Galactic Federation at this time, I bless you in this your now sublime progress, trusting that each of you are on thehigher period of your journey on Earth.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we are at 1… The trumpets sound can now be heard and we are very happy to be part of your awakening.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Thank you, my friend SaLuSa.

Translation: Carolina Barisch




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