Ascension Earth 20130906 Archangel Michael: Violence and War Cannot Continue – Part 2/2



Posted by Steve Beckow on September 4, 2013   

(Continued from Part 1.)

SB:  I must report that I personally am finding it a real challenge to keep in touch with — I don’t know exactly how to characterize it — the ordinary political discussion and listen to so many theories and yet still hold the ground that we’re moving towards peace, that all this is an out-working.

I do feel pulled from my center at times when I see a really excellent analysis of what’s going on, and I have to remind myself that it’s an excellent analysis, but it’s not true. So, it’s a challenge.

AAM:  It is a challenge, and we are not suggesting that it is not a challenge. But several things are transpiring. One is, as lightworkers, as love-holders, your interests in following the daily drama of news is dissipating. And it has need to dissipate. Because, as we have said, that the purpose, the fundamental purpose of many of these news organizations is the creation of chaos and of drama. So there is a natural evolution in your being, as you are through your Ascension, to disengage from what you know is not truth. It doesn’t hold your interest. It is not where you want to go.

And then, when you see, as you put it, “an excellent analysis” — and there are some — but it is still totally enmeshed in “He said, she said, they said; he did, she did” – rather than elevating the consciousness, it is simply analyzing the existing mayhem, turmoil, chaos, hatred, greed, violence and lack of self-worth and self-love.

Now, they never bring it to this level, do they, these analyses, these political analysts? They don’t say, “Well, this division amongst people” — whether it is in Egypt or Venezuela or Canada — they do not say, “Well, this is because some people do not feel whole; they feel less-than.” So, even the insightful political analysis is lacking, because it does not address the core issues.

And so, as lightworkers, what you are increasingly finding is that your interest in reading or participating in such drama is simply waning.

Now, having said that, this does not mean that I am discouraging you from participating in what little democratic processes you have on your planet, of expressing your desire to not engage in conflict or war or armed action. That is very pro-active, say, that you send your message and your light, not only on an etheric level and a spiritual level, but in the physical reality to affect what is going on in that form.

But what you are going to find is that you are less and less engaged in that old way, because it holds no interest for you. It does not exist in the fifth dimension, and the fifth dimension is where you are increasingly spending your time, and increasingly where you are comfortable, where you want to be.

SB:  Well, that’s quite true, Lord, but there are times when it’s quite embarrassing. I am losing interest in third dimensional affairs, but I failed to watch videos of the Syrian gas attack, and it was quite embarrassing when a week had passed, perhaps…. But, anyway, let’s leave that aside. We have many more areas to cover.

There is one question that arises out of what you just said, and that’s that there was a TV program recently that focused on such topics as general depopulation, stargate portals and manmade pandemics. It was called Unsealed: Conspiracy Files. It was so different from the programs that we’ve had so far! Did the Company of Heaven and Earth Allies have a hand in that program?

AAM:  Many contributed to this program. And it is the unearthing, or the unveiling of areas that the human beings need to simply be aware of and then let go. So, yes, there was a great deal of inspiration, shall we say, from above, including your star brothers and sisters.

SB:  Very interesting. Well, let me move on now to the Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke has resigned. What can we expect to see happening with the Federal Reserve in the weeks and months ahead as a result of this resignation?

AAM:  Bernanke has simply known that his time and his usefulness, and his feeling of commitment to this chore — and it has been a chore — has come and gone. There will be new vitality breathed into the area of the Federal Reserve. It is in conjunction with the, what you can think of as global reorganization of financial systems. We — and make sure that you understand what I say, because sometimes even I, dear heart, am not clear enough, am I?

SB:  Ummmm, at times! (1)

AAM:  I am not speaking of the collapse of financial systems, which would cause panic and disarray. But what we are talking about is reorganization.

Now, usually reorganization is a bureaucratic term for shuffling the deck with the same cards. That is not what I am referring to. We are talking about reorganization of financial systems — political financial systems, bureaucratic financial systems, global financial systems — that are becoming more congruent with the divine qualities of equity, of fairness, of ethical behavior, of charity, of prudence, and of becoming.

And so you can look to not only the leadership, but the role of the Federal Reserve to begin to shift dramatically.

SB:  Well, that’s heartening. I think one of the difficulties we have, Lord, is if we have a follow-up question for you, we can’t just call you back. So, we often need to cover everything in the radio show.

A listener has asked if it’s true, as a commentator has said recently, that all debt was forgiven on July 1, 2013. Now, the subsidiary question is, are we talking about the debt of nations, or the debt of individuals? And I do know that we’ve been told that not all debts of individuals will be forgiven.

Could you tell us, has something happened in the area of debt forgiveness?

AAM:  The area of discussion, of planning of how this would look like has begun. Has it been completed? No.

SB:  So is that report, that debt forgiveness was enacted on July 1st, not an accurate report?

AAM:  It is not an accurate statement.

SB:  Very interesting. Boy, I’m going to have to sharpen my own discernment. Thank you for that.

A dinar commentator said that funds mysteriously appeared in his church’s account from someone in Peru — now, he was in the States — that he did not know. Is this the kind of mysterious appearance of funds that we’re to expect?

AAM:  Yes. It is not mysterious at all!

SB:  How is that? [laugh] Could you give us a bit of background? Who was it that sent the funds to him? Not by name, but what relationship did the two have? How did it come about?

AAM:  If you really want to know how it came about, it was with the power of intent and prayer. That is where it started. And was that prayer heard and received and answered, not only for that church, but for many? And yes, it does start with organizations. So, we have talked about generosity and ethical sharing, and this is simply an example of that.

People are becoming aware, via what you would think of as the airwaves, of what has need to be addressed. The community of man, of humans, of the divine feminine and masculine, is becoming smaller. And the needs of very specific groups are becoming known, almost what you would think of in the old realm as word of mouth, only now it is word of internet. That is what is transpiring. It does not take a genius to do a bank transfer. And yes, they can be accomplished mysteriously and anonymously.

I am glad you have asked this question; because it gives me the opportunity also to speak of the fourth dimension, which is the beginning of ethical behavior, of sharing, of alchemy, of magic.

Now, St. Germain has talked to you a great deal about the subject of his trust fund. But as we have said, there are several, many, prosperity funds. But what is also being utilized is the ability to utilize alchemy or magic, which makes some of you nervous. But it is not in the negative sense. Too many of you have been burned at the stake, (2) so it tends to make you a little itchy. But that is not this lifetime or this incarnation.

Begin to accept magic — the unknown, the unseen — into your lives as part of the ability to be in partnership with the unseen. So often, you say to us — and I mean all of us — “When will I see you? When will I hear you? How can I know you better?” (3) And you wish for the visual.

And we understand this. And that is and will be coming. But your relationship with us, particularly since the downfall, (4) has been a relationship with the unseen; wherever we are able to give signs, we do.
But do not think that we cannot act in unseen ways. What is a miracle, really, except something for which you have no technical explanation that has happened in the unseen into your realm, into the physical? So begin, my beloved friends, to think of the unseen manifesting into the physical realm as normal. And welcome it, celebrate it, and pay attention to how you are creating it.

Prayer, particularly prayers to the Mother. We do not mean prayers of any particular religious sect; we mean the heart speaking. They are always, always heard and responded to.

SB:  Thank you. Let me quickly ask two questions from a listener that I promised to ask, and then we’ll return to this discussion. This listener lives in Maui, and he says, “We’re getting lots of serious reports about the severity of the radiation leaked into the ocean from Fukushima that has now made its way here. I feel we’re not being told the whole truth.” He says that there have been tests on tuna that show high levels of radiation and graphics from NOAA showing the spreading of radiation. “Are these tests and other reports designed to put fear in people? What is the situation with alleged Fukushima radiation?”

Now, I’ve already told him that Hatton has said, for instance, that agencies like NOAA are not telling the whole truth, and the galactics are cleaning up radiation. But could you reassure him as well, please?

AAM:  I would be pleased to reassure him. NOAA. Yes, the extent of the radiation is not truly, completely, fully disclosed. And it is not something that that we have sent alarms out over because it is being cleaned up and transmuted by your galactic and inter-galactic brothers and sisters.

So, has there been seepage into the oceans? Yes. Is it of the level that people are fearful of? No. Is it being cleaned up by your star friends? Yes. Will it have long-term effect? No, certainly because Gaia is not going to permit it. You see, Gaia has the capacity also to transmute radiation. There is natural radiation that occurs many different places and in many different forms. It is a question of balance. So, it is being attended to.

SB:  Thank you for that. People have said to me, people who have invested in the re-val and know they’ll be getting money, they’ve said, “Gee, I’m really worried that I don’t know how to handle money, and I could spend money and find myself having done something that puts me at a tremendous deficit.”

In other words, they’d like to assist other lightworkers, they’d like to be humanitarian with their earnings, but they’re worried about being neophytes in the area, shall we say? What would you say to them? (5)

AAM:  I would say, why are you dropping into fear? Why are you not holding the truth and the vision of who you really are? Which is incredibly knowledgeable and wise and capable of handling and managing money. Why do you revert to the old paradigm, where you feel less-than and incapable?

Do not drop into the false grid of fear and lack. You have been blessed, and you are and you will be blessed — everybody is blessed in different ways; let us be very clear about that.

The real concern is about accountability and responsibility, and extending your hand to feed your neighbor and then feeling that you are responsible for feeding that neighbor for the rest of your life.

Well, in fact, you are responsible. Not in the way that you fear, but in the way of community. You are responsible for each other, because you are but one family. One very small group that decided to come and be the embodiment of love, of the Mother’s plan. As you are ascending, higher and higher, you are capable, and therefore you are capable of teaching how to manifest, whether it is a loaf of bread or currency. There really is no difference.

Now, Jesus – Jesus Sananda Yeshua in that incarnation – taught you this, demonstrated this. And yet you forget. So you are simply learning that you have greater capacity to bring forth what your heart desires than you believe. So look at the fear.

Now, we are not saying to throw prudence out the window. We would never say that. But there is a difference. There is a balance with prudence and hoarding.

So, find that balance where you are in your comfort zone, where you are taking care, first and foremost, of your beloved self, your family, your soul family, and then the bigger circle.

There are many ways to contribute to the well-being of humanity. And it is not simply about currency or food. It is about your heart and your intellect, your talents. What do you have to bring forth? For example, dear Steve, your capacity, your talent is in communication. Would you stop that flow of communication simply because you had sufficient funds to live? Of course not! Your work has never been based on that. It is a matter of the heart and the knowing of your mission and purpose of soul.

So, as you align with that, the fear will dissipate. So stop worrying.

SB:  Okay, Lord. Thank you. I have just had a bit of a milestone here in that a listener has actually texted me a question in the middle of our interview. So let me read that question to you.

It’s been said that a major attack has occurred in Iraq and a major political figure is dead. She hasn’t had time to assess the report. Do you want… has somebody died in Iraq? Has there been a major attack?

AAM:  There has been major civil strife in Iraq, which you well know. And that is being addressed. So do not go into this drama.

SB:  I get the feeling that people out there are either trying to stir us up, or they’re a little bit off balance. Could you comment on all the drama. I know you have commented on it, but it just seems as if not only the dark hats, so to speak, but the lightworkers, too, are engaging in…

AAM:  Yes, the lightworkers are engaged in the drama. Now, let us tell you the good news. They are engaged in the drama. It is getting to the point where they are going to be so sick of it that they are simply going to say, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” It is the final letting-go. (6) And it is the fear of letting go just in case what lies ahead isn’t real.

So, it is this, “I’m going to keep a foot in both camps, just in case.” But that is not the walk of Ascension. The walk of Ascension is what you have said, earlier. It is the letting go and becoming less and less interested in the old third. Because it does not feed your soul or your heart or your brothers and sisters.

So, it is moving from engagement in the drama to resolution. And it is exactly where I have begun. So there is a fullness to this conversation.

It is about raising the vision to a level where you are not engaged in the lowest vibration.

SB:  Okay. Well, that is challenging. I want to be clear that I wasn’t saying that the listener who texted the message was into drama, but the various commentators seem to be into drama.

AAM:  Oh, no. We’re not singling out an individual at all. And when one hears of a massive attack in a country where the pot is simmering very rapidly, it is a reaction to, say, “What can we do to help to elevate the energy so that people do not fall into fear?”

So, we do not criticize any individual. We simply say, immediately, send my peace. Send it along the golden grid. Anchor that golden grid all over the Middle East, and on each conjoining piece, each intersection, plant my blue flame. This will bring peace.

SB:  Thank you very much for that, Lord. A tremendously nutritious discussion. Thank you.

AAM:  Go with my love, and go in peace, dear heart. Farewell.

SB:  Farewell, Lord.



(1) It isn’t so much that Archangel Michael is unclear but that, if a discussion does not go as far as I may wish because of time constraints, I cannot simply pick up the phone and ask for further comment.  So, for instance, if I had been quicker, I might have asked him to tell us whether we can expect more TV programs like Unsealed: Conspiracy Files and to tell us how television as a whole may be changing.

(2) Literally. Some people here today have had lives as lightworkers in which they were burned at the stake for trying to advance spiritual knowledge. I won’t name names but Archangel Michael is not being fanciful here.

(3) He may be chiding me here. I regularly say this.

(4) Another subject which I did not follow up on. Could have been Atlantis. Could have been the fall of the angels.

(5) I’m really talking about myself and AAM showed later that he knew this.

(6) And in fact this happened for me; hence the genesis of the article “Last Stand for the Ego,” at




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