AA Michael by Ron Head 20130902 AA Michael: You intended to change, and you are doing so. – channeled by Ron Head




This will be our last message for the month of your time known as August.  Let us speak, therefore, of your month of September.


You are already in the beginning of the energies and changes which this month will bring.  You are already feeling the significance, the flow, the shift.  You ask each other constantly if others are feeling it, as well, partly to reassure yourselves and partly to confirm it.


You are correct, dear ones.  This is another, but even more significant, month of remarkable shift which approaches at whirlwind speed.  With your improving tools of discernment, begin looking into your daily media reports for growing evidence that your world is changing for the better now.  Even when those reports seem terrible, ask yourselves how the end results might work to your favor.  We tell you now that nothing in this time will work in any other way, no matter what some may intend when they act.


If you would offer your energies to enhance this, just intend each moment that it be so.  Bring the unconditional love of your Creator, your God, your Source to bear on all circumstances.  We know you have been doing that for some time, but now you will find that you are even more able to maintain that in your hearts than you have been previously.


You intended to change, and you are doing so.  As you begin to see more and more evidence of the changes in your outside world, do not forget to give yourselves credit for creating the changes in you which have in turn created those changes without.  You will thus be acknowledging the success of the purpose you embodied when you agreed to participate here at this time.


We are not saying you should stroke your own egos.  We are saying you may now begin to see the power of your highest selves.  Let not the apparent frightening mask of circumstance cause you to lose your hard earned balance.  Send light and love to everything and everyone.  Everyone, dearest ones, includes even those with whom you disagree.  It includes even those whom you perceive as acting against you.


In the perspective of Creation, there can be no acting against you now.  You may begin to celebrate if you wish.  We are.


We invite you to feel our presence with you in each moment.  Until we speak again, good day.



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