Ascended Masters 20130829 Melchizedek’s Weekly Message for August 25 – September 01, 2013 ~ Always be True to Yourself ~ via Julie Miller


By Ascension Earth

Achieving whole balance and personal happiness in all areas of your life is not necessarily dependant on your ability to earn more money. We are positive that you realize there are much greater things that can impact your whole life and well-being that have nothing to do with material gains.

There is so much that makes up who you are, from your upbringing, experiences, natural-born personality, etc., all give effect to what it means for you to be truly happy and live a whole and balanced life. Because of your experiences and never-ending learning, you are forever changing and adapting to newer ways of being and living – change is a constant part of your existence. There are many areas which over time many of you may have chosen to ignore or to give your attention and those areas, situations that are large and cumbersome eventually come back, sometimes seemingly bigger reminding you, you have work to do, some sorting out that is essential to your progression forward.

We understand how hard it can be to manage every situation that crosses your path plus all the challenges in and around your personal life. You try very hard to sort out what is considered to be worthy of your pursuit to what can be done later. Balancing life is a constant challenge that never goes away no matter how hard many wish it would. We often see many dear souls watching what others are doing, not just out of curiosity but out of envy and they are taking mental notes on how to be like them because these other people have developed a way to be successful at something. Dear ones, you must choose what is right for you; learn what it is that will help bring balance and happiness into your life. Copying what another is doing for their life, will not make you happy because it’s someone else’s way not yours. Definitely another person’s way of life can motivate and inspire you to do better, but you must find your niche, what makes you feel good by listening to your heart and trusting yourself to make better choices that bring happiness and balance into all areas of your life.

It is important dear ones to listen to the reminders that prompt you that there are issues still required for you to look after. You know very well some issues and situations cannot be left ignored for long. They have a way of creeping back into your present creating imbalance and unhappiness. When an unpleasant situation presents itself, deal with it right away, don’t sweep it under the rug and wish it away. Work through the difficult situation and learn from it, be grateful for the lesson it brings and then move on with a clear conscience that will help you feel more in control of yourself and promote an increased flow of happiness and the calm feeling of being balanced.

There are many naysayers among you that find it incredible difficult if not impossible to attain a happy and balanced life, but truly dear ones such a life is attainable. To attain a balanced life that is rich with happiness it is essential for its development that you know your authentic self and all the causes of your well-being. Achieving balance dear ones does require planning, action steps that are truthfully designed to assist in the process of increasing your level of happiness and to maintain balance even while making changes and dealing with challenges.

When it comes to creating the action steps for you to achieve whole balance and happiness, remember and understand achieving balance will be different from person-to-person. What is good for you may not be the same for another. Focus on what is good for you, what it is that makes your heart the happiest and work with that. Achieving balance can be a complex process or it can be simple and it all depends on your situation and where you are in life.

There are many dear souls that focus primarily on creating a work-life balance where harmony is present in both places working together yet separately. Yet there are many others that are aiming to reach personal and emotional fulfillment, or reaching inner calm and contentment. There are many choices where balance can bring improvement to your life and you are the one who determines which areas require your focus, what needs balance the most, how much energy are you willing to apply, is it overall balance or just certain areas…choices dear ones never leave, they are a part of you even while choosing how to balance and bring more happiness into your life requires you to choose and this choosing requires you to be conscious and aware of what it is you truly wish to gain.

Think about it dear ones, what is it that is in your life now that makes you feel balanced and happy? Your answers are clues that will help you understand what true happiness really means to you and what makes you happy is where you will also find the focus to bring balance into the rest of your life.

As we talked about earlier, what makes a person happy and balanced will differ from one person to the next. And as you grow and mature your ideas of what happiness is and what it means to live a balanced life also changes. Sometimes because of busy lifestyles and work demands some areas become neglected and the areas that were pushed back eventually rise up when you least expect them. But by working through each situation, even the ones that you have forgotten will help bring new changes into your life and you create ways on how to bring balance from the new changes you have just made. Sometimes dear ones you have to let go of certain ideas that appealed to you when you were in your youth but, as a mature adult you discover and find different methods and ways of living is much more appealing. There is no right or wrong way, just a better way that fits you because you are the one making the choices that will bring balance and happiness into your whole life because you can’t truly focus on one area and not expect your new achieved balance and happiness to not bring affect into other areas. No matter how many different things or parts creates who you are, all is connected to the other and when you bring balance into one place, it is felt in another and if balance is not felt in one place you become encouraged and empowered to bring more balance to the places that are feeling out-of-place and because you like the feeling of being wholly balanced, it brings about a steady flow of peace and overall happiness and it does feel good.

Take some time for yourself when you are going through the process of making significant changes. Learn why you have changed over the years. Realize and remember the impacts that have brought you to some of ways that describe you – be objective and honest with yourself, don’t bring colourful or exaggerated adjectives while looking back at your changes. See how you have grown and developed in mind, body, heart and spirit. Are you handling yourself better now? And if you are what are the factors that have brought you into a deeper understanding of what it is you need for a richer and more fulfilling life that demonstrates balance and happiness?

Many times, dear souls suppress their natural-born preferences and personality because of social pressure and society. They end up doing work they dislike and give up their dreams that also hold their potential to demonstrate their true talents and strengths. Some dear souls remain in this tight grip of a lifestyle their entire life, yet there are others that find a way to break away from what is hindering their spirit and true self and they begin to live without falsifying their life any longer. No matter when the need to change hits you, it will have an impact on your whole life because you are upsetting what you have learned, what you have done up to that moment and stopped. You then come in with fresh new changes that turn what you have done upside down or at least a completely different direction. Many dear souls have met opposition but continued to persevere forward following their heart and soul to what happiness and balance is truly for them and they meet and bring into actual reality.

It is essential and vital that you are always true to yourself. Only you know you best. Don’t deny yourself the peaceful life you are meant to have. Be honest with yourself, learn who you are and ask others that are non-biased for occasional feedback, learn from what they see and try learning from your mirror. What you see from your mirror beyond the nicely groomed hair or make-up is your true self. Get to know this person. Become aware of your whole self and discover what it is you need to let go and what you can do to improve or correct factors that will enhance your overall balance with life and produce a happier and more peaceful you. Strive for what makes you happy; believe that you reach the goals that your actions steps are helping you to reach. Follow your own path, not the path of another dear soul, what is meant for you is yours, not theirs.

Never forget dear ones achieving balance and happiness that will affect your life and touch other dear souls that are close to you is personal and individual. This is your journey, do what is right for you. Allow your life to influence you to make different choices that are positive, strong and uplifting. We know you have the ability to bring balance and happiness into your life, and we want you to not only know this but to believe in this fact as well.

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller





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