AA Michael by Ron Head 20130827 A Meditation for Peace. – channeled by Ron Head



And now it is upon you, my friends.  This day, this 25th of August of the year 2013 as you compute time, has arrived almost unheralded in contrast to the great fanfare preceding the momentous dates at the ending of your last year, your 2012. The cosmic alignments have been noted by quite a few, but not much other attention has been paid to this time.  And that is well.  It is good.  Perhaps you will not have set yourselves up for such great disappointment as you did before.


Let us therefore, at this time, offer you an opportunity to participate in, and enhance, a most glorious occurrence.  At 11:11 PM Cairo time this evening, an extremely rare alignment will happen in your heavens.  A portal, as you term it will be opened, activated.  Energies will once again be enhanced.  We are asking our channel to place some times for his location at the bottom of this message.  If you live in other locations around the earth, please convert these times to your own if you wish to participate.


We suggest that you may wish to actively take part in a global meditation for peace at this time.  This, you see, is as great a marker in your ascension journey as your December 12th was.  It has been suggested that you send love and light to several situations around your globe in order to bring peace to them.  This is a wonderful idea.


Let us remind you however that the divine intention to spread peace and light will see that the peace and light, which contain divine intelligence of their own, will find the appropriate places on their own.  So let us offer you a meditation which will bring those energies into your hearts, allow you to spread them, and lift you up, as well.  This will make today’s message somewhat longer than usual, but we trust you will not mind.


Please begin by assuming your normal places and postures for meditation.  Relax and quiet yourselves.  Quiet your breathing.  Center your attention in your heart space.  Bring golden light from Creator down through the crown of your head and into your heart.  Imagine this light filling you entirely.


Send a beam of this light, containing also you own deepest gratitude, down into your dear mother Gaia.  Send it deeply into the earth and connect with the light in her central core.  Expand this column of light, which now reaches from your Creator down through yourselves and continues down to the very center of the earth.  Expand it until it entirely encompasses your world.


See the light connecting each point of light of those participating in the global meditations on this day.  If you wish to connect also with us, we assure you we will be joining you.  And now, infuse the light with the most loving feelings of peace and love you can imagine.


Sit with this, my dear ones.  Be this.


Thank you, dearest ones.  Please accept our hugs of appreciation.  Good day.  We will speak again soon.


The times for this meditation in the U.S. are:

5:11EDT, 4:11CDT, 3:11MDT, and 2:11PDT.

I am sure that if you are working or unable to participate at this particular time your energy will be just as welcome and effective if added by your intent.  Thank you.



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