Greetings from Sirius 20130827 “The Importance of Sanctuary” August 2013


“The Importance of Sanctuary”

August 2013


Greetings Beloved Ones,


This is Archangel Zadkiel along with Lady Amethyst of the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation. Today, we wish to discuss the importance of sanctuary.

Sanctuary is that place which is special and spiritual to you as an individual. It is the place where you receive inspiration, renewal, and refreshment. Your sanctuary can be a grotto of trees beside a stream, a garden of flowers, an outcropping of stones, or a special structure such as a room in your dwelling place, perhaps your meditation area. No matter what area brings peace to your Soul, it is important to have at least one such area to which you can retreat regularly, either in person or etherically.

If you do not have a physical location that feels like a sanctuary, then you can create one etherically with your imagination. Sit quietly, and picture in your mind what your ideal sanctuary would be – a garden of trees and flowers, a mountain setting, or the gentle waves beside an ocean. It may be a beautiful meditation room filled with objects that are special to you. Your imagination can create the sanctuary of your heart’s desire. Then you can place yourself there with your mental imagery.

Spending time in sanctuary can help you remain centered amidst the changes that sometimes swirl around you. It can help you find a stillness in your Soul and remain attuned to your greater purpose in life, for you each have a special role that is unique for you. It is the role that you are carrying out with much grace and which is benefitting those physically around you as well as those in the ethers. This is why it is so important that you refresh yourself by spending time in sanctuary. It keeps you fresh and alert, grounded and centered, and allows you to traverse the dimensions.

You have both an outer and an inner sanctuary. The outer sanctuary creates the conditions that are conducive for you to enter your inner sanctuary where you find peace in your Soul and commune with your inner guidance, guides, and teachers. Your outer sanctuary is the physical or etheric location where you feel safe and inspired. Being in your outer sanctuary creates a feeling in you that is in harmony with All That Is.

A synchronistic flow begins to develop when you recognize and practice the connection between the outer and the inner sanctuary. The outer leads to the inner where your refreshment and inspiration occur. This is where you tap into the wisdom of the ages. This is where you see the interconnectedness of all things and feel this in your Soul, throughout your entire Being.

As this vibration builds within you, it reverberates back out into your surroundings and into the ethers. It is like a wave in the ocean going in and out. It is a free-flowing exchange of energy going in and out from the outer to the inner and back out again. It is the process that brings peace to your Soul and lets you know that you are part of the flow of life and that, indeed, you are a co-creator of this flow of life.

Spending time in sanctuary allows you to be deliberate and intentional in setting the type of flow you wish to create. You become the director of your flow, and the sweet gentle vibration you create will benefit many.

You may have many spaces or areas in which you feel inspiration. It is not necessary to limit yourself to only one. The important part is the feeling that you have when you are in your special place, for this is what leads you to your inner sanctuary where your Divine Spark resides. This is what connects you with All That Is. The stronger your connection with your Divine Spark, the higher your vibration will be, and the greater the high vibrational energy you will send back out into your surroundings and the ethers.

You may wish to establish designated times to be in sanctuary, for this alerts us in the Higher Realms to be ready to assist. A sanctuary time in the early morning hours while the restful energy of the new day is fresh can help you set your vibration and intention for your day. The energy of this time of day has a newness, a freshness, and a fullness of the promise of many possibilities.

Returning to sanctuary at dusk or at the end of your day brings a sense of restfulness, a retreat back into your personal inner sanctuary to focus again on your connection with the Divine and All That Is. This continues the inward and the outward flow of the waves of consciousness that form the fabric of your Being. It is the flow of the inbreath and the outbreath of co-creation. It is the breathing in of current and potential creation and combining this with the Adamantine Particles of your Love and Light and letting it flow back out with the infusion of your consciousness. It is the rhythm of life.

The more you establish your pattern of spending time in sanctuary, the more you will feel the connection with All That Is.

Beloveds, spending time in sanctuary allows you to experience the inflow and the outflow of All That Is. We invite you to join all of us in the Higher Realms in this beautiful expression of co-creation.

You are greatly loved.



WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and We surround you with love
And so it is.

original message by Linda M. Robinson,




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