Greetings from Herak/Sirius 20130626 High Council of Orion Message ~ GREATER MANIFESTING ALIGNMENT!! ~ via Holly Hawkins Marwood


Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

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 By Ascension Earth 2012



“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

What we would like to speak with you about today is this idea of living your future reality as we are often speaking about, yet with the specific area of focus today being that of really connecting to what it is that “You feel that you want and you need, and your desire to have what you would consider an ideal life.”

For as we observe many of you on your planet, there are lots of thoughts and dreams and desires that are always out there, they are always outside of you.

There is a disconnect between what you desire, and you really feeling that you can embody that which you desire. For example, if there is somebody who is living at the poverty level, saying that “They’d really love to be driving around in a Maserati.”

There is a large gap between those two things, does it mean that it can’t happen absolutely not. Yet what we ask for you to do is envision that which you feel is within your reality. That which you feel you can own, that which you feel you deserve, that’s what you feel that you can live into.

Now does that mean that’s your ultimate goal? Not necessarily, what if you can manifest in incremental ways as you move forward and move along. What if you have a very large hearts desire, but there are more steps in between that you could own in the meantime.

If you have a very lofty goal and you really want to achieve that, but diving inside yourself understand that you can’t vibrationally really feel it yet, what’s the step between you and your ultimate dream that you can embody, you can own, you can feel, taste, touch, understand that it’s right there, that you could see yourself in that position, that’s an intermediate step.

And once you have reached out and embodied that intermediate step, from that point then you can manifest the next step and the next step. And what is this doing?

As you are on your journey to that, you are of your becoming increasingly successful at envisioning and manifesting. Because what you want to manifest and the dreams and goals and desires are beyond where your at, if you will, but not so far (it makes it attainable), and once you’ve exercised your muscles at attaining that one goal then we say, ”What’s next?”

What’s the next thing that you can see and envision beyond that. And what it does is give you a positive reward, your flexing those muscles of manifestation to the point of really feeling into what’s’ next.

Many out there are talking about envisioning all these wildly fancy and amazing things which is fantastic, but the disconnect that we are observing on the planet is people get frustrated with this idea of manifestation or attraction, because they are not able to truly feel and see and embody the essence of the energetic of where they want to go.

So we say it’s not that you’re a failure at it, what we say is reach out ahead of you to the place that you do feel like you can embody, that you do feel like you can embrace, you could see yourself there, you could feel yourself there, you can imagine your lifestyle or your relationships or your business truly being at that level.

And that doesn’t mean that you then once you are at that level you don’t step forward, of course you do, and it doesn’t mean you’re shortchanging yourself, it means you’re doing it in incremental steps that allow you to feel successful, and really start living into the reality of what you want.

We encourage you to do this with all aspects of your life, it’s easy to give examples in the business realm or in a realm of manifestation of physical things, but the truth is, you can work on these incremental stages of manifestation in, relationships with others in relationship to yourself, and relationship to yourself talk and relationship to your body and the issues within your body, and even your healing of your body if that’s necessary. You can work this out in issues with your emotions as well.

Perhaps you’re somebody who tends to get very very angry very quickly, and so your ultimate goal is to be unflappably peaceful at all moments in time, and therefore then if anything ever flares up between extreme anger or temper, and then there is the perception is that there perhaps is failure that you haven’t embodied this infinite reservoir of peace yet.

But what are the steps in between the extreme anger and the embodiment of peace itself, that you can find your way up that ladder to where you want to go. Perhaps it’s just working with yourself to feel peaceful and centered when you’re around certain people, or in certain situations, and then you can grow and expand on that and allow yourself the success, allow yourself the positive feedback of working in incremental steps until you reach your goal.

This is true about all areas and aspects of your life, and as you do, you start trusting yourself, trusting yourself to guide your life, and as you trust yourself to guide your life you start relying on yourself as that ultimate resource. Which is the goal of all of our teachings, as you and your soul are collaborating to have the most Soulically expressed lifetime now.

And as you do that, you begin to embody your future in the here and now, and you close that gap between that ideal future and where you are now. Self-empowerment is the key to that, and by self empowerment we say that with the capital S, which is a very gentle loving Soul-connected, Soul-aligned place to live from. Where you are always being informed and expressing yourself in the world through your higher self, which is your Soul.

Play with this and have fun as we always say, enjoy the journey, enjoy the ride, applaud yourself for your success, as give yourself a break if it’s not as successful as you wish, and always know there is another opportunity, always know that there’s another way to look at every situation that comes upon you.

You are all infinite beings of light.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”


© 2013 Copyright Soul Genesis





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