Ascension Earth 2012: 20130613 Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 1/2


Posted by Steve Beckow on June 11, 2013

An Hour with an Angel, June 10, 2013, with Archangel Michael

Geoffrey West:  Greetings and blessings to all. Welcome to another Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening. Joining her this evening is Steve Beckow, founder of the website Golden Age of Gaia ( and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

I’m Geoffrey West, sitting in for Graham Dewyea this evening.

I invite you to bring in Archangel Michael’s blue flame of truth and peace as we welcome Michael back again. This evening, Michael will offer more information on the profound energetic shift we’ve just gone through, what it consisted of, what it has done for us, and what it promises for the future.

With that, I turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow:  All right. Thank you very much, Geoff. And just before I welcome Archangel Michael, let me say that the last hour that we recorded, I had difficulties with my Skype, and even though I could hear Archangel Michael asking me if I wanted to ask a question, I could not respond.

So I beg his pardon, and I simply mention to Archangel Michael and to listeners that if I’m silent at a moment like that, I will soon rejoin the call.

Welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael:  And welcome to you.

I am Michael, archangel of love, warrior of peace, bringer of news. I come this time in history, in your time of evolution, of Ascension, of becoming, to engage, to encase, to engulf you in this moment with love.

When I say to you, “I am archangel of love,” what do you think I am telling you? It is not simply a surname or a descriptor. I am sharing with you the essence of who I am, and what I wish to accomplish — to share, to give, to gift with you this night — is to truly wrap you in my gift, in my energy, of love.

Many of you know what it is to be wrapped in the cloak or in the arms of the Divine Mother, and how this brings you not only a sense of reassurance, but a reminder of your wholeness, your worthiness, how deeply you are cherished.

But do you understand, my friends, my brothers and sisters, that we do this for you each and every day? But because of the shifts, the changes in energies, you are able now, and I am able now, to more clearly wrap you in my love.

Is it the same vibration as the Mother? No, and yes. And it is certainly magnificent blue. What I wish you to bring into your heart, in this time and in this moment, which is eternal, is the deep knowing of how I and we care about you.

Yes, there has been a wonderful wave of love that is sweeping your planet, (1) but it is not come and gone! Dear hearts, you are in the middle of it.

So let yourselves feel and know and receive and accept what it is like to be hugged by an archangel — not simply protected or recruited, or even taught, guided, but simply loved by one of your brothers from above.

It is important, and it important not simply for you but for the entire multiverse, that you come to know, to feel, as human beings, as inter-multi-dimensional beings, as galactic beings, what this sense of truly being loved, and being love, feels like, looks like; to allow all your senses to be engaged and embraced by this energy that I give you right now.

You have elected to go forward in change and transition and Ascension.  And while there are many details that your curious minds have wished to know about, and that we wish to share with you, what is the truth of Ascension?

It is moving out, abandoning lack, eliminating lack, and embracing love. And love has many faces. It has the face of joy, and the radiance of bliss. It has the serenity of hope and the depth of nurturing.

All of this I wish to give you, this night and always, so that you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you are loved and that you do not walk alone. You never have. That has been such a pervasive, but in many ways ridiculous, illusion.

So now, set that aside. Set that aside as the Masters come to walk with you, (2) but even more importantly, more importantly than the Masters walking with you, more importantly than your brothers and sisters of the stars walking with you, you are choosing to walk with one another in support, in companionship, in family — soul family, and in peace.

And there is hope in the air that you breathe. There is shift within your body, your mind and your soul. You do not need to think, to sit and ponder, “What do these changes mean? What are they teaching me?” Simply go with what they are teaching you, what they are showing you.

This is not a mental process. Is the mental body invited, the ego invited, the emotional body invited to participate fully and joyously? Yes. But there is no separation. You are an integrated whole, all your fields demonstrating, exhibiting, through this wondrous, physical vessel that you, and we, have created specifically for this life and this time.

Let us celebrate. Are you completely there yet? No. But, dear hearts, the journey, the experience of life, of this form, was always intended to be joyous.

So as we begin this day, as we begin each day, each night as you curl up in bed, feel my essence surround you and let my love nourish you and lift you up and be the mirror of who you truly are.

Now I know, dear Steve, brother of the journey, that you have many questions this day. And perhaps I have pre-empted you. But let us continue. Where do you wish to begin?

SB:  Well, thank you, Lord. And just for the knowledge of listeners, of course you have anticipated a couple of my questions. So well, let me ask you. Which order would you rather follow, the current affairs questions first and the questions on full restoration second, or the reverse order, Lord?

AAM:  It matters not, because they are completely interchangeable.

And it goes back to my suggestion to you that as you look at things like current affairs, rather than sitting and pondering, “What is it I am supposed to learn?” to allow the recognition of what your perceptions are showing you and to trust those perceptions.

But let us begin with the more esoteric.

SB:  All right.  And by ‘esoteric’ I think you mean the questions on full restoration. Is that correct?

AAM:  Yes, I do.

SB:  Okay. So perhaps we could spend, then, the next half-hour reviewing where we are at the present moment with full restoration of consciousness. Could you start with where our bodies are at in their transition from carbon-based to crystalline-based, please?

AAM:  Well, it is not a standard for all beings. Understand that.

SB:  Yes.

AAM:  And also understand, as I say this, that it is not that some are ahead of others. It is simply a process that you are undergoing of shifting your essence from one form to another.

Some are more speedy. For example, when you get up in the morning there are some of you who dress in five minutes and there are some of you who take an hour. It is not that one form is right or wrong; it is simply different.

But having said that, you, as a collective, and particularly within the lightworker community, are almost complete in what you would think of as this transition. Now, it is not so for the general populace, but it is well underway, certainly well above what you would think of as the fiftieth percentile.

Now, let me talk to you, if I might, about this. You have come – and notice that I am using past tense – you have come from a place, an old dimensional reality of polarization, of duality. So there has been a tendency to think, “Carbon is undesirable; crystalline is my goal. And that is what will tell me that I am bright and shiny.”

Do not make this differentiation. The carbon structure of humanity, of your frameworks, of these wondrous vessels that you have inhabited, have served you very, very well. And it was appropriate, and useful, for where you were in your journey.

And as an aside, dear friend, in the future we wish to continue this discussion on evolution. (3) It needs clarification. But I digress.

So but the crystalline format, rather than the carbon format, is simply because it contains and has the capacity to contain, emit, transmit, and receive greater information, transmission and connectedness.

It puts you in a greater position of receptivity and transmission, of sending, of transmitting throughout the multiverse the clarity of who you are. It is the diamond structure that is really known throughout the universe and the multiverse, and it is the return in many ways to the original form that the Mother had designed.

But with this shift in form to crystalline — and those of you who are listening are about, hmm, 86 to 90 percent there — what you are able to do is to receive greater clarity. That is the primary gift. But you are also able to hold more energy.

You are also able to truly be your multidimensional self, your transdimensional self. It is a vibratory situation where you are able to communicate telepathically and physically, more clearly with your star brothers and sisters and those far beyond, and certainly with us, as well.

One of the primary essentials of shifting into a crystalline format is that you are able to have your chakra system amplified to full measure. And so in that, the restoration of your chakras, of your energy system — because that is what your chakra systems are — is at full operational strength while still being in a human form.

So that is the only reason why the shift is taking place to this, can we say,  a different…  yes, many of you think of it as an upgrade. And of course in practical terms it is, because it allows you to operate more fully as yourself. But it is not that the old was not useful and should not be appreciated and honored, because it performed its function in your journey.

Now, there have been many, many different forms of discussion about this shift to crystalline. But truly, this is part of the collective process into Ascension. Now, what you are going to say to me, “Lord, does that mean that if you are still mostly carbon-based that you cannot ascend?”

Understand this, my beloved friends:  transformation can take place in a moment. So all of you will be crystalline, one way or the other. But it has been mostly an evolutionary process. But that does not mean in the final moments that there will not be some last-minute renovation.

Is this clear?

SB:  Yes, it is, Lord. And you’ve mentioned the chakra system, so maybe we can talk a wee bit more about that and then perhaps go onto the DNA.

It’s my understanding that the chakra system relates to third dimensionality. Will there be a chakra system in fifth dimensionality? And if so what are the differences going to be in that system, and how will it perform and operate?

AAM:  The chakra system that you have been working with was already altered years ago. And yes, there will be a chakra system, simply because… think of it as energy centers.

Now, what you have thought of as your chakra system in the old third dimension has been a system of separation. And traditionally you have worked with seven, although you know that there are hundreds of chakras, even in the third dimensional reality.

But you have thought of these, even when you have adjusted them and attuned them and had them open and operating, you have thought of them as separate centers, and that each center was defined and, might I say, limited to certain functionalities.

Now, of course that is not so. So you are thinking of a system of chakras that is completely interlinked. And it is, within your body, certainly 13 above; many below, many. So and throughout your quadrants, many. And all of it is activated and harmonious.

You are still going to have a physical form so your chakra system is akin to your spiritual generators, and in your crystalline form they are all humming, spinning, receiving, sending, activated, at once.

Now some of you have had this experience. You feel quite literally like you are humming, like your body is humming, that you are filled with more electricity than magnetic energy, that you feel that you are highly charged. And, my friend, you are.

So yes, there will be a chakra system. Now, this was given to you and introduced a while ago. Some of you are working with the expanded chakra system; some of you are not. That does not mean that it is not activated. It is.

SB:  Lord, are you familiar with the passage in Da Free John where he had the experience of the chakra system falling away, and that was a level of enlightenment? (4)

AAM:  Yes.

SB: Can you tell me what happened for him? Is it that in the old 3D the old chakra system did fall away after a certain point, but in the new 5D, with the physical body, that the chakra system has been made to continue? Is that a correct statement?

AAM:  But as you leave what you think of as 3D, you are straddling in between. Now, this was not really available before. So of course as you left 3D your chakra system fell away and you became a pure light being.

SB:  Okay.

AAM:  But in many ways, the fifth dimensional being in physicality is somewhat of a hybrid, a magnificent hybrid, a being that has never been known before, and certainly not on this planet.

But make no mistake about it, that sense of the old falling away is very accurate, but it is like other conversations we have had, when we are talking about the fifth dimension and this process of Ascension into different or higher realms, dimensional realms, new rules apply. New understandings emerge.

Now, it is difficult, and that is why I am glad to talk about it. Because there have been very few reference points.

SB:  Perhaps we could turn to the subject of our DNA now. And can you tell us, when you say we’re 86 to 90 percent done, does that apply to the DNA as well? And what can we expect to see or know or feel as result of the extra DNA strands coming on line?

AAM:  Now, be very clear. You are talking about the activation of the DNA, not that somehow you are being re-braided, or re-gridded, although there is a sense of re-gridding. And there are many of you who have gone to the 13th octave, at which the activation of your 13 strands of DNA, 12 woven into one, which is the thirteenth was a potential gift, which you could receive.

What happens with the recalibration of the DNA is that you are able to be active within your physical, mental, emotional — all of your bodies, your capacities — to bring forth what you desire, not only in terms of rejuvenation, but also in terms of mental capacities, mental understandings, expansion of your mental capacity, health.

There is no such thing as dis-ease in the higher realms or dimensions. But it is a matter of each person, as this DNA is fully engaged, of you in conjunction with us, or with your guides, or even, to some extent, with the star brothers and sisters who are involved in health and well-being, to activate the markers in your DNA that you are wishing to bring forward.

Now, if everything was brought on line at once, you would feel, in your physical body and your form, as if you had been quite literally electrocuted. So there is no being, above or below, who wishes to have that occur.

But in this bundle of DNA, as it is brought into the crystalline light, as the central channel is brought to full capacity, which is happening even this night, as we speak, look at your bundle of DNA. Each of you, your strands, stop limiting who you think you are and begin to say, “Well, I think I will activate this marker or this marker or this marker.”

Begin, my friends, with what you feel is your most urgent physical need, and then go through your strands of DNA that are already, hmm, there and waiting, and simply, as if you are lighting it up, as if you are bringing a point of light to that activation. Ask for our help, particularly Archangel Raphael or St. Germain. We are more than ready and pleased to help you. But this can begin yesterday.

Now, many of you have already been doing this, again consciously and unconsciously, because you have noticed in your being that you feel more vibrant, more radiant, that you appear and feel physically different. It is not a matter —and, again, this comes from your idea of separation; and we are not suggesting there are not separate systems, there are; but they are an integrated whole — so your crystalline form, your chakras, your DNA are of a piece.

So what we would suggest to thee is that you begin to see yourself. Go into meditation and look at yourself as if you were looking at the new you, and it is crystalline, as if it is a crystal structure.

And within that, see your brilliant chakras completely inter-linked and intertwined, and then look at your DNA. And as you are looking, bring to it the points of light everyday, that you wish to bring forward.

You see, we keep saying to you, we are in sacred partnership. Are we activating you? That is the purpose of the love. That is the purpose of the light. Yes, we are activating you, but we are also doing it with you.

So for example, if you are saying to me, “Michael, could you slow down a bit?” then of course I will, and we will. And similarly, if you are going too rapidly, because of your eagerness and your excitement, and you are about to short circuit, will we slow it down? Yes, we will. But we are standing next to you and with you, as we never have before. You have no idea how close we are.

Is there still a variation in our frequencies? Well, of course there is. But as you come — and this is part of the key — to accept your mastery, there is less and less difference. Are we different energies? Of course. Are we in different realms? Yes, we are. But were these realms always intended to be a double blind? No, they were not.

Throughout history, in all faiths, in all religions, in all traditions, philosophical and otherwise, the theme has been that we are one, and that you are one. That means no separation.

But it also means that you are one being, unique, powerful, brilliant. So as you look at your reconstituted framework, your DNA, your chakras — do not think of them in terms of your old chakras; that will not work —  your crystalline body, think to yourself, “I am one.” And in that place of divine union, where you are one and with one, from that, allow yourself to emerge.

Because all you are really doing — it is actually quite simple in the final tally — is reclaiming your being, your wholeness, the truth of who you are.

Many of you have asked, “What dimension do I come from?” Do you not notice, my friends, whether you ask this of me or in meditation or in any other format, that very rarely would we ever say you are from the third dimension.

We may say you are from the seventh or the fifth or the ninth. What do you think we are saying? We are saying the wholeness of you, crystalline body, regenerated self, has come from elsewhere. So in so many ways, you are returning, or beginning your progression back to who you are.

And once you come to realize that, that you are not stuck in the third, then you begin to understand how this form called a body can truly be this vessel of miracles and of mighty creation.

That is why you are staying with Gaia, on Gaia, with all the beings. You are staying to be in the form of who you are and in cooperation, in love and community, and unity, to create the planet not only that the Mother envisioned, that Gaia envisioned, but that you envisioned long ago.

So we are here to help you. Your star brothers and sisters are here to help you to accomplish this huge, magnificent feat. But, my beloved ones, you are the leaders. You are the showers of the way.

And as your vision, your knowing, is fully restored, you will really understand what I am saying to you this day. And that is why I have begun with a gift of love, because in the acceptance of this energy that I flow right to you in this moment, it awakens you.

And it is time to awaken, fully. No more delays.

(Continued in Part 2.)


(1) I had this question on my order paper to ask Archangel Michael, but, as is so often the case, he answered it without my asking him.

(2) A reference to the “Return of the Masters.”

(3) We will continue it. We have already scheduled that program.

(4) “In February I passed through an experience that seemed to vindicate my understanding. For several nights I was awakened again and again with sharp lateral pains in my head. They felt like deep incisions in my skull and brain, as if I were undergoing an operation. During the day following the last of these experiences I realized a marvellous relief. I saw that what appeared as the sahasrar, the terminal chakra and primary lotus in the head, had been severed. The sahasrar had fallen off like a blossom.

“The Shakti, which previously had appeared as a polarized energy that moved up and down through the various chakras or centers producing various effects, now was released through the chakra form. There was no more polarized force. Indeed, there was no form whatsoever, no up or down, no chakras. The chakra system had been revealed as unnecessary, an arbitrary rule or setting for the play of energy. The form beneath all of the bodies, gross or subtle, had revealed itself to be as unnecessary and conditional as the bodies themselves.

“Previously, all the universes seemed built and dependent upon that prior structure of ascending and descending energy, so that values were determined by the level of chakra on which consciousness functioned, and planetary bodies as well as space itself were fixed in a spherical or curved form. But now I saw that reality or real consciousness was not in the least determined by any kind of form apart from itself.

“Consciousness had shown its radical freedom and priority in terms of the chakra form. It had shown itself to be senior to that whole structure, dissociated from every kind of separate energy or Shakti. There was simply consciousness itself, prior to all forms, all dilemmas, every kind of seeking and necessity.” (Da Free John,  The Knee of Listening.Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973, 116-9.)





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