Ascended Masters 20130608 ~ Archangel Gabriel Daily Message ~


Archangel Gabriel

Daily Message

When you practice surrender and flow, you are moving with the ebb and flow of the universe. You are in the energies of acceptance and allowing, embracing your own divine nature and your rightful, empowered place in the universe. You are calm and centered, knowing everything is absolutely perfect and that you are in alignment for your greatest good. It is from this sweet spot that you can draw to you your most heartfelt manifestations in the clearest, most direct way possible. From that place of knowing without doubt that everything is being taken care of, you can savour each Now moment, which leads you to experience greater and greater joy. Why you resist so mightily against moving into all of this magic is a mystery to us! Don’t you see? It is all there for you – the help, the movement, the support, your highest alignment – everything you seek and everything you could ever possibly imagine or desire, just waiting for you to move into the energies that allow it all to become part of your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel




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