Ascended Masters 20130521 Daily Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration 20th May 2013 Ease Your Burden


Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel, overjoyed to be with you this day!! I have missed you Dear Ones, as the messenger has been unwell and unable to receive me this past week and it is my great pleasure and honour to be flowing words through her and out to you once more. It feels so good to be with you in this way, these messages open you up to receive me you see Dear Ones. I AM always with you when you call upon me or think of me and I always will be but when you read these words and take a few breaths to connect and hold me in your heart, you are much more open to receive me and the healing encoded within the words. Dear Hearts, if you have not already done so, take a breath, a deep breath and open your heart to me. Let me in, just for this moment so that we may join in Love and heal your hurts.


Dear Hearts what ails you this day? What is stirring within you that is causing you discontent and dis-ease and keeping you from All That You Are? For make no mistake, everything that stands in your way, everything that is keeping you from All That I AM is coming up to be healed, surfacing if you will into the chambers of your heart to be felt Dear Ones. And this is the part that many of you are struggling with as you FEEL everything that is coming up to be released and re-polarised, sent back to the Great Central Sun.


Dear Ones, in your day-to-day life this may well be causing great havoc, for not only are the feelings and emotions surfacing to be released, so are all your dysfunctional relationships or should I say all the dysfunction within relationships, the meaningful and close relationships you have, predominantly with family members, any cracks that are within these relationships will be beginning to show and expand until they can be covered over no more, and Dear Ones, you will have to face the music so to speak.


Everything that you have swept under the carpet in the past, all the times you bit your tongue and did not speak up, all the times you shut down and said nothing as another rode rough shod over your heart, all the times you have been ignored and gone unnoticed or all the times you did not consider another’s feelings or were clumsy with their heart, all these things Dear Ones can no longer go unspoken and the pain of the past is coming and for those of you who have run the fastest from yourselves and are still running, it will feel like a great tsunami but come it must as everything that keeps you from All That You Are must be released.


Many of you know this already and many of you are well aware of what is going on and you may be thinking that pointing it out is not terribly helpful when one is in the midst of it. And you may be thinking that I can’t possibly know what it is like to be you but by now Dear Hearts you know in your heart that I do. I do know you and what challenges you face, I do know what keeps you from the greatness that is the real you, I do know the density of the 3rd dimension and I do know that the opposition to the Light on Earth is staggering to experience.


I know Dear Hearts, I know and because I know and have experienced all of this and gone through my Resurrection and on to Ascension and gained my Freedom in the Ascended Realms, because of all this I can help you and I can help you in very real terms right now.


Give it all to me Dear Ones. Give it to me. Let all your pain and hurt rise up to the chambers of your heart, let them surface, let them sit upon the chest cavity and give them over to me your Beloved Emanuel, Jesus the Christ. And I will take them from you, I will take them from you.


This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and you shall rise my beautiful Children of God you shall rise into the Great God Presence the I AM That You Are. God Bless you Dear Hearts.


And I will say one more thing, let not your faith falter for no man-made creation shall touch you. God Bless you.


Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy.


This message is a gift, please freely copy and share it. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


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