Ascended Masters 20130505 ~ Wake Up Humans It’s Time ~ Archangel Raphael through M. Gamma


Wake Up Humans It’s Time

Archangel Raphael through M. Gamma

My beloved humans on earth. It’s time you realize that I’m not just an Archangel, but also a creature of God. A creature of God like you are. I am not more or less than you are. This is something you always have to understand and this is so important.

You have been left too long with the wrong knowledge about us and our task, it is only to misguide you about your beliefs about the church, the religion or the pope. The pope himself is only a puppet for the men that are controlling the affairs and the processes on earth. They try in different ways to manipulate and show you how weak and insignificant you are.

Soon you will realize that you are great and wonderful creatures of God. Creatures with mighty powers and possibilities to control and influence things. With control I mean this only in a positive way, I know that you are aware of that. (chuckle).

It’s about time that you realize, that the long time of oppression and destruction is coming to a end. It is important that you realize that it’s impossible to be happy in a environment like this, because there is no fertile ground, when you always destroy it over and over again.

You have to understand, that you have to realize this yourself. This is the only way you will receive freedom for yourself. Nobody else then yourself can achieve this. Believe in yourself, you are great and wise creatures of Mother Earth.

So please go ahead be happy about the realization of who you are and where you come from. This is the power that lies within you. The power that can change everything. Everything I have told you will soon become a reality. There is only a short time to go then everything will collapse, since the light is flushing it to the surface and it can’t be hidden or covered up by anybody on this earth.

I cannot wait to see your faces when the big show begins. A show that was announced already hundreds of years ago by the Hopi Indian (Native American people). This show will clearly make clear who is holding the power in hand. I guarantee you I’m not exaggerating.

As usual we will not give any dates, because dates will only confuse you and are counterproductive. It will start, when our heavenly father think it’s about right to start.

Be ready, because the show can start soon, that I can assure you.

Go ahead and be happy with the outlook of the nice coming days. Days with happiness and enjoyable moments. Be ready for what I have told you. There will be more to come, this a can promise you.

In great love for you.

Your Archangel Raphael

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