Messages of Light 20130505 ~ Truth Shining Like a Star ~ Heavenletter #4544


Truth Shining Like a Star

Heavenletter #4544

Published on: May 4, 2013

God said:

In Heaven, what is true is true. On Earth, what is true depends. In other words, what may be seen as true in the world is undependable. It depends who says it, who sees it, who wants it. In the world, truth depends on many reversible matters. Truth in the world changes according to point of view and vantage.

Many may well see two points of view or more. Many may see only one point of view, and that would be their own.

Everyone on Earth can be self-righteous, can say that his or her point of view is the only correct one. But that’s just it. In the world, many points of view can be correct, simply depending upon one’s current point of view.

In the world, there is room for all.

In Heaven, Truth is Truth and not at all dependent upon a point of view. Truth is Truth, or it is not. In Heaven, all have awareness. Truth is not an opinion. In Heaven, Truth is easily recognizable.

On Earth, often as not, opinions are easy to see, and yet Truth may not be so easy.

On Earth, opinion-givers will do well not to call opinions Truth. A law may be a law, yet that does not make the law Truth. A fact may or may not be Truth. Truth in Heaven does not have two ways about it.

There will come a time when My children in bodies on Earth will know Truth beyond opinion. A time will come when you know Truth as well as you know food and the way you know a stone or a certain flower. Of course, a rose called by any other name is still a rose. How complicated it has been in the world. What in the world cannot be argued? What in the world is safe from disagreement?

Yet what I say right now is also arguable. Certainly, from My perspective, Truth alone is, and there is no argument. I see argument never. I see Truth shining like a star. I can see opinion and argument as stick figures drawn for the entertainment of a moment.

How shall I say this? I have no reason to prove My Rightness. I love to be believed in, yet I do not require that I be believed in. Belief also does not reach the height of Truth. A belief can be true. In the world, a belief is not inviolable. Beliefs change. And, of course, beliefs serve. A certain belief may serve well or serve well those who hold the belief, yet belief is not everything.

Truth comes before belief. Truth certainly comes before judgment. Judgment is a kind of opinion. If an opinion judges only one way in the world as correct, well, that is a leap, for in the world, many ways may be right. It is a big stretch to call only one side right. And that brings up another point. A side, a point of view, is a faction, and factions exist only in the illusion of the world. There is one si­de, and that is Truth. There is one side, and that is Unity. There is one side, and that is Love. Love precedes judgment. I would leave no one out of My love.

It is possible for you too to include love for all, regardless of their deeds, and regardless of your be­lief in virtue and right or wrong.

Let love be attributed to Me in preference to judgment. Cast away judgment for judgment can cast a dark shadow where love would cast light. Believe in light more than you believe in judgment, will you?




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