Messages of Light 20130223 ~ Heavenletter #4473 – Your Heart Counts, Too


Your Heart Counts, Too

Heavenletter #4473 

February 22, 2013

God said:
What is going on with that heart of yours today? That heart of yours bounces up and down, up and down. Yes, you want your heart to be moved, yet maybe not so much as your heart does. Your heart, which is boundless, nevertheless, must not spread itself too thin. Your heart, unlike Mine, can’t be everywhere all at once. Your heart has to take a measured pace. It cannot speed everywhere.

Love and love yourself. Care and care for your heart. Your heart is unlimited, and yet it cannot be at the beck and call of everyone and everything. Yes, your heart cannot spend itself every day on everything everyone might wish. Seeming others are not to pull the strings of your heart. Do you get what I am saying? I do say that your heart is go to everyone everywhere, and I also tell you to refrain from over-spending your heart.

Yes, you are to be a friend of all, yet, that does not mean that when your friend is suffering, that you are to suffer as well. That is over-extending your heart. You have gone to the bank and taken out all your funds. You have exceeded your balance. Do you see what I mean? Sometimes, in the name of friend, in the name of love, you over-extend your heart. You allow others to take too much of your heart. Your heart has no bottom to it, and, at the same time, you can’t let your heart go every which way as if your own heart doesn’t count.

The Great Spiritual Ones loved with all their hearts, yet they did not overspend. They did not give all their energy away. They loved, and they were loved, and, yet, their heart was not a free-for-all. They did not cut their hearts too thin.

The Great Ones felt the suffering that others had, and, yet, they did not suffer. What good would that have been to anyone? They cared, and, yet, they did not take on the suffering. But you may well. You may tend to take on other’s suffering.

The Great Ones did not get weighed down in the suffering of others.

Buddha is known for his happiness. How could he have been Buddha if he cried with everyone who came to him.

When a man came to Christ for healing, Christ did not take on the man’s illness. How could Christ have beckoned healing from weakness? No, only from strength.

And you, even as a friend to all, must maintain your strength. You simply can’t give it all away. You do not put yourself up for grabs.

It is such a balance We are speaking of. You are heartful. You are not heartless, not at all. It is a more universal heart that you give and not overdo the giving of your own personal heart.

So, it must seem to you that I am giving you a mixed message. I say: “Give your heart to all.” And, then, it must seem to you that I say at the same time: “Conserve your heart.”

Perhaps, I should say: “Give your heart, and then move on. Don’t stay in one place. Do not get bogged down.” As I remember it, Christ was always walking along. He kept moving.

He was always a constant, and yet he moved forward. His light would remain as he moved along. He could give more because he moved along. He could give more because he did not overspend himself.

He did not consider himself a Savior. He was the Messenger. Above all, he knew from where all blessings come. He never forgot the Source, and it was from My pocket that he gave. Do you understand Me now?

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