Jesus through John Smallman 20130220 It has made you aware that something of enormous importance is missing from your lives



The excitement rises!  The energies of divine Love enveloping you – all of humanity – are continuing to intensify as more and more of you surrender to Love and allow the release of anything within you that is not in alignment with It. The progress you are making is amazing, even though most of you are, as yet, basically unaware of how well you are doing.  It is your collective intent to release all that is misaligned or inharmonious that is so mightily effective, because, as all are one, it is rather like a snowball rolling downhill and getting larger and faster as it goes.  Nothing can hold it back — it is unstoppable.

You are on course and on schedule for the grand awakening for which you are all longing, and nothing can prevent that from happening!  Nothing!  As the moment approaches, continue to hold your Light on high where It shines out as a beacon of divine intent, guiding others along the path to Reality.  Your individual intent, even though it may well seem to you that you are swimming alone and unnoticed in an ocean of darkness, is constantly aligned with and connected to the divine energy field and to the energy fields of all those millions of other “individuals” who are also making their way decisively and determinedly homewards.

The enormous power of those interconnected and almost fully integrated energy fields is truly awesome, as you will see when you awaken.  There is absolutely nothing individual, isolated, or alone about them; the oneness of creation has embraced you all and is carrying you relentlessly forwards.  You do know this, so when doubt or anxiety assails you remind yourselves that you never can be and never are alone, even for an instant – your Father’s Will ensures it.

Your Father’s Will is your will because you are one with Him, eternally.  It just seems, as you struggle in your embodied state to make sense of the illusion, that you have separate individual wills that if not actually at war with His are in serious disagreement with It.  You have to remember that your present life experiences are illusory.  God is complete because all of creation is one with Him and inseparable from Him, in perfect and eternal harmony – even though, particularly when you are in pain or suffering, this does not seem possible.  Intense pain appears very real indeed.  The illusion is a cleverly convincing but non-existent construction because you are powerful creative beings who collectively have wished it so.

This is no longer the case, and it is crumbling.  The Light that you hold is intensifying and will continue to do so, and as it does it burns away the foundations that support and maintain the illusion.  This is your express intent. The illusion is finished because collectively you no longer desire or support it, and because you have removed that support it will disintegrate and disappear from your field of view.

Your Father supports you and ensures your permanent eternal existence because He thinks of you with infinite Love in every moment, and will always do so because you are one with Him.  He gave you immense power; you used it to construct your unreality, the illusion, and in the same way, by constantly holding it in your collective minds you have maintained it.  By ceasing to hold it in your thoughts its support collapses, and without that constant support it is gone.  The disintegration it is undergoing occurs in stages as your collective consciousness allows thoughts of it to weaken and fade away.

It is an unreal concept that has never been in alignment with the divine field of creation, and the unloving attitudes, philosophies, and behaviors that it has encouraged cannot exist within that divine field.  You have become aware that God and all of Creation is a state, a source, a field of Love in which perfect harmony melds all together in Its all-encompassing, loving embrace.  That is the start of the awakening process that is leading you Home.  It has made you aware that something of enormous importance is missing from your lives.  That missing element is the constant experience of being one with your Father — loved, honored, respected, valued, and inseparable from Him.  And it is your intent to re-establish full awareness of that infinitely blissful state.  Because your will is in perfect alignment with His, your success is inevitable.

Your loving brother, Jesus.





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