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When you take time out, you move into greater alignment with the Love field

February 17, 2013 by John Smallman

Within your human spirit your divine connection resides permanently and irremovable, because you were created as divine beings eternally at one with your Creator.  You have been mostly unaware of this over the eons because of the severe restrictions and limitations that your illusory environment imposes upon you.  But now, with new and powerful energies embracing you all, you are becoming once more aware of your divine connection and are opening your hearts to receive and accept the loving spiritual guidance that is constantly on offer.  This acceptance is essential to the awakening process that you are undergoing — a process that will reach its inevitable conclusion with you all awakening into eternal joy.

You were created in joy to delight in that state eternally, and nothing can prevent you from awakening into it because it is your natural state — it is Reality, your Home.  Love is the energy of God’s creation, and it is joyful, happy, exhilarating, inspiring, and uplifting . . . infinitely so.  Consequently, Life — the aspect of God’s divine field of Love that enables full spiritual consciousness — satisfies the divine creative urge by constantly expanding, sharing Itself indiscriminately and abundantly in an ever-ongoing out-flowing of creative energy, thus providing and maintaining a limitless smorgasbord of heavenly self-expression.

Creation is changeless, and yet it is constantly expanding and innovating because God wishes to amuse Himself and His children with an infinite selection of new ideas and concepts which will add further abundance to the divine energy field in which all that is conceivable has its eternal existence.  Boredom, unfashionable-ness, decay, or death are of the illusion where newness is constantly sought.  In Reality no seeking is necessary; all that is conceived of is instantly present, further adding to the abundant wonder and beauty that is Creation.

When you are taking time out alone during the day to go within and commune with spirit — your higher self, the field of divine Love — focus on allowing your hearts to open in acceptance as you surrender to the Love that envelops you.  If you cannot sense or feel the warmth or the embrace in which It enfolds you it means that you have not surrendered totally, that you are trying to influence or importune the Divine instead of just allowing the Divine to influence you.  You will know when you are truly in contact because you will be overwhelmed by the total and unconditional acceptance you experience . . . without judgment of any kind . . . just complete acceptance of you as you are, in the moment.

It is in your own highest interests to make time available daily to go within, and I cannot stress this strongly or frequently enough.  The illusion is a vast series of distractions – everything that engages your attention for whatever reason, or encourages you to engage, is a distraction!  That leads you to forget that you are spiritual beings having a bodily experience.  Your bodies do need some attention to keep them in running order, but basically they can run themselves as they give you clear signals whenever they need food or rest.  And when you are not receiving those signals your egoic minds are up and running, almost ceaselessly, as they seek new and interesting stories to tell you.

When you take time out, relaxing, as your thoughts flow freely by, your energy levels move into greater alignment with the Love field enveloping you.  Peace descends upon you, relieving any untoward stresses, and your guides can communicate easily with you: either directly – you can feel or sense their presence; or indirectly — through your intuition or inner knowing.  In those moments of peace, issues and problems with which you are dealing become less urgent, less intrusive, and the answers that will occur to you will be wiser and more appropriate.  Take time out regularly during the day and enjoy the reduction in stress and the increase in peace that you then experience.

Your loving brother, Jesus.



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