Awakening News 20130216 ~ Graham Hancock w/ Earth-Keeper: Brilliant! The Question of Humanities True Origin


Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock w/ Earth-Keeper: Brilliant ! The Question of Humanities True Origin


Published on Feb 12, 2013
This video includes an interview that was conducted in December 2012, at the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12 Conference, hosted by James Tyberonn. Graham Hancock is one of the most prolific authors and researchers of our time. He is has written over 12 amazing books, which have sold over 12 million copies worldwide. He has been featured on BBC, National Geographic, CNN, The History Channel, Sky News, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Travel Channel, Omni International, Arts & Entertainment Network, Science  Television and Fox News.

The interview with James Tyberonn and Graham Hancock is followed by Graham’s presentation. Take time to view this incredible video, it is well worth it. Presented courtesy of

See Graham Hancock live at the May 2013 Earth-Keeper WESAK Gathering with James Tyberonn in Scottsdale, Arizona, May 24-26, 2013. Details online.

Academic Researcher & International Best Selling Author Graham Hancock is THE most sought after speaker in the realm of human origin, lost history, ancient civilizations & the fascinating topic of Parallel Universes. Graham Hancock will be featured along with James Tyberonn & Richard Hoagland at the Earth-Keeper Arizona WESAK Gathering in May of 2013.  Take a moment to review the full video (above)  of Grahams astonishing presentation given at the December 2012 Earth-Keeper 12-12-12 Gathering.

We consider Graham Hancock to be a true Walking Master. His 2 presentations in December of 2012 at the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12 received prolonged standing ovations from the 750+ attendees.

James Tyberonn Bio:
James Tyberonn worked as a professional engineer & geologist for 33 years. He is a native of Arkansas, but has lived & worked abroad for 33 years, circumnavigating the globe many times & traveling to over 95 countries in his geology work. Tyb has always had a very deep love for the earth, and a driven interest in spirituality and metaphysics all of his life. During his 33 years of working abroad, he devoted himself to intense metaphysical studies of varied disciplines. He has focused on understanding the energy of the living Earth for over 38 years, from both a scientific and metaphysical perspective. He is considered to be one of the worlds most knowledgeable experts on Earth Energies, Crystals & Healing Gems, Sacred Sites, Power-Nodes, Vortexes, Portals and the Planetary Grid System…having devoted over four decades to  intense study   on these topics.

He has recently been to the United Nations S.E.A.T as the featured speaker. A military veteran, Tyberonn served his country as an officer in the US Army Signal Corps. In his geological work, he lived as an expatriate in Bolivia, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Gabon, Congo, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Scotland. He studied gemology while in Brazil, and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French. He has had a great interest in metaphysics, sacred sites, grids, leylines, portals, vortexes, healing gems, crystals, auric maintenance,  Light Body, spiritual growth and music.

Tyberonn is a member of the Sierra Club and a staunch environmentalist. He has a great love for the planet, and believes the Earth to be the living sentience of GAIA. He has visited over 300 sacred sites across the globe over the past four decades. He has been a guest speaker at the ‘Elders Speak’ Conference in Sedona, Arizona and the 2007 Eagle & Condor Elders Gathering in Peru, attended by over 100 Native Americans including Spiritual Head of the Mayan Nation, Don Alejandro Olax. He has hosted many conferences and been a guest on numerous metaphysical radio programs and has been featured on the Travelk Channel series regarding Sacred Sites.

He has mixed Euro & Native American heritage, and has completed seven 5-day prayer fast, vision quests in the Lakota modality, and several 3 1/2 day fasting dance ceremonies . He has had numerous shamanic journeys in Mexico and in South America. He has authored four books, co-written a fifth with Lee Carroll (Kryon) and Tom Kenyon (The Hathors) and is writing his sixth book on the metaphysical healing properties of gemstones.

He began channeling Archangel Metatron in 2007, and is featured each month in the ‘Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine. He has recently retired from his geological work, and now writes and conducts seminars and sacred site travel throughout the  World  on a full time basis. His extensive travels and time as an expatriate allowed him great opportunities to learn other languages and cultures. He is truly a “Citizen of the World”, and dedicates his life to sharing the spiritual and    sharing the spiritual and sacred scientific information received from Archangel Metatron.

The Earth-Keeper mission is to merge the scientific with the spiritual, forming the integral circle.

Tyberonn  is truly a “Citizen of the World”, and dedicates his life to sharing the spiritual and sharing the spiritual and sacred scientific information received from Archangel Metatron.
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