Messages of Light 20130214 Silver Connection – The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI



Channeler: Roger Nichols

Greetings beloved ones, only just one step into this new and highly pivotal year and already one change, one dramatic change has taken place that will be the beginning of redefining who you are and your spirituality.
We speak of course of Pope Benedict and his resignation from the post. A nigh on unique move certainly within the last 500 years, for most Popes have held on to the position for which they fought and clawed for, many lied and some indeed even killed to get to the position of ultimate power within the Roman Catholic Church.  Now suddenly you have a Pope who’s going in exactly the opposite direction.
Many stories will be put about and indeed it only needs your own eyes to show the effect the 7 years of sitting upon the Papal Throne has had upon him and his health. And so now he will go into seclusion and what secrets does he take with him and what has caused such a dramatic change in this man? Many have reigned through sickness and up until death, so therefore is that the answer that he is sick? Are we going to give you the answer? Certainly not, for although we may have a fairly good awareness as to what has created it, this is his and his to give out alone if he should so desire.
But is it not strange that we get into this year 2013 Anno Domini and this bombshell is dropped. We think that as time moves forward and more information comes out about this happening, that he will be lauded for being the most honest and truly spiritual leader in all it’s senses, of many decades and indeed centuries.
This begs the question does it not as to what will the Roman Catholic Church do now? Will it change? Will it become more open? Or will it try to continue in exactly the same manner that it has for century upon century, pretending to be open and available for all and yet behind those great walls of the Vatican there sit those who plan and will continue to plan for their own domination of what is around them. 
A true Church and indeed one must say a ‘true religion’ is there to unite the individual human beings in their own personal quest and their own common cause to allow them to express their love for themselves, for those around them and for those upon other realms. To allow them to become at one with their own spiritual being, to be comfortable with that being and to allow it to guide them in love and in friendship as they move through lifetime after lifetime.
Are there truly any churches or religions that have this as their pre-eminent intention? If so we laud them for they are doing the work that they should and need to do and need oh so badly to do at this time. There is this one step, this one time when the Roman Catholic Church can take stock of itself, can look around, look at it’s history, look at it’s current situation and even to a degree look into the future and for once it has a wonderful opportunity to become what in many people’s eyes it should be. 
To become that place of love and compassion, that place of hope, that place of divine guidance. Not a manipulation, not a control, not of power, not of money – for once it has that chance to make that change.  
Will it make it? Time will tell will it not. 
Do we hold our breath in anticipation? Certainly not.
Do we say it cannot happen? Certainly not.  
There is an opportunity, this is the time, this is the place, this is the now, this is when it needs to happen. This is when this religion can truly once again become the leader that it always purported to be, but in essence rarely was. It will take very brave and dedicated souls to bring this about. It will need strength and courage, determination and the capacity to continue on whatever is hurled at them.
Let’s hope that such people rise now and look to take over the mantle on what has the opportunity to lead this world of yours and of ours forward into a New Age. Let us dear friends see what will happen. 

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