Messages of Light 20130209 ~ Méline Lafont: The month of February and an update since the alignment


The month of February and an update since the alignment

Méline Lafont:

We are one month further along in this new year of renewal and even if it seems that nothing is different, it is on the other side actually very clearly felt that it is the case that things are different. We all seem to look for our new challenges, while trying to find our way back on that path that we were walking.  Because for a brief moment everything seemed lost, or actually not; we only just thought that it would look different. And yet  much has changed and that starts to penetrate now quietly in our perceptions  .. it takes time and it is very important also to take our time to allow everything to integrate before knowledge can be acquired.

“Everything looks the same and nothing has changed” are statements that I very often have noticed and received as reactions. If only all these hearts could see and feel what I feel and look into my world, it would hearten them.  But that is an individual thing that nobody can determine this but yourself. If only we could give the clear cut answer on a piece of paper to every soul struggling with heavy loaded questions, who feel down and see no way out of this all… but that is just the point. Nobody can do this for another and clear cut answers cannot be offered, because it all depends on one’s own perceptions and openness for this, until taking matters into their own hands and a step in clarity is taken. It starts within you and only you can evolve further and do something about it.

My task is to bring enlightenment by bringing messages, experiences and insights. I bring forth what I feel and intuitively know, what I communicate and what I am. This all tied together with my deep connections to my team and to my twin flame; this is what this package is all about what I bring. It is my sincere wish and hope to see all reaching their own enlightenment, so that no one depends on another nor a message, and that they merely and only turn to their self (inner) and that they are able to maintain a connection to their own light and truth. We all are coming to a point where everyone can access their higher source of being, where everything is knowledge and each has his/her own source of information.

My tasks here also include to bring my presence and enlightenment, to ground this and to expand. I have experienced a small number of incarnations here on Earth and mostly beyond Earth, to fulfill this mission. I’m here to bring my ascended being and to share it to mankind, to lead them through the portals of Ascension and to travel back and forth as long as I’m needed here.. I enjoy this all and I truly do this with Love and by heart.

The month of January was for me personally, and I believe for everyone, a very strong month with both great heights as well as lows. A bumpy ride with ups and downs, emotions and thoughts that go hand in hand accompanied with strange and violent dreams. A very intense cleansing takes place and a great cleansing of emotions, as well as of our psychological aspects. It is very much felt that this all happens to make room for your pure and True Self and expression. Place is being made for the light that is integrating and finding its place, so that you are slowly filling yourself up with your True Self. The garbage is being put outside and it is better to be rid of it. You’ll feel better and lighter, free of emotional clutter that has always kept you in control and brought you to confusion with even losing control as a result.

The dreams are very intense and are relived as if they were real. Again, it is very important to know that these are old patterns and memories that have settled themselves long ago in the corners of your Self, and someway always had their influences in your life. It is good to know to not take these for real and that they are not truths, but instead release them and let them go.

It’s a whole rigmarole of past and present that are mixing in your fields, while going their way out of your systems, of your cells and of your consciousness, they still can be felt all around you, as if they keep lingering around. Therefore, to me it seems very important to always stay centered and grounded, so that nothing can bring you out of balance while you are turned upside down and rattled all around till the last penny of dark content leaves your body. We’re almost through this, it is indeed very intense but also very necessary!

February seems like a month where the extremely hard work will continue on this cleansing and mental approach, it will go a gradation deeper hence there can be many threatened to get out of balance. But with the “feel” towards yourself, there will always be a guidance offered to get through this as comfortable as possible. This month of February is going to be a month of much “turmoil”, as Saint Germain told me aside, but for the best outcome of all. To me it feels also like a month full of shifts where many things “suddenly” could manifest and reflect themselves, it will absolutely be more intense and it will bring a lot.

What I personally noticed a lot in the last couple of days, is that words often fail me. I often tend to not use words anymore and just say nothing, only just feeling and thinking as a communication. I am at a loss for words and it seems like I cannot handle it or find them anymore, just like a baby who does not know words.

Words cannot describe what I get through and I am often speechless. I feel myself growing to a point where channelings could become redundant and that one can only do but tapping from the Source by just feeling and being this state, and no longer by the expressing and conveying of words. So that is why I feel it is so very important that everyone gets to that point, because messages, words and descriptions are going to disappear and there will only be room for the Being. This state of BEING is the new world and the path to the Source.

It is through the many dreams that many things are being clarified and these bring me much. Memories, images and foremost a state of being, I experience a lot of this in those dreams. The feeling and the flashes of light that I experience in my inner being are indescribable. It makes no sense to clarify what all of this means, it’s more a knowledge and acceptance, a state of Being. It clarifies and it is very obvious that everything is progressing toward a world without words, a world of only Love and BEING.

Eyah asher Eyah. Meline ♥

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