Ute Posegga-Rudel: Messages from the Realms of Light 20130208 FROM OUR GOD-SELF: YOUR SOUL IS ALWAYS HAPPY!

 Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

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The wisdom of the ages is now arising in the heart of mankind. I AM Arising! Every heart is being now ignited by Me, but it takes time for many to recognize Me in their awareness!

My Divine Love is now fully present on Earth and can be received by everybody that desires so. 

Those who turn their attention to the old times of separation and suffering will continue to experience this instead of My Bliss and the Light that is now given to all. Therefore be aware of your creator power!

You who are already in tune with this great  Divine Change are now given the task (if you wish), to help humanity to  SEE and FEEL what is in fact happening!

Those who desire to be happy,  must learn to receive in their hearts  My  Light and My Love  that is already here. They must be educated that they are the masters of their own Happiness in any moment. As soon as they merge with My Presence and the new Consciousness on Earth, their life will change dramatically, first inside and than outside.

They are asked to perceive (or at least to presume) the Divine in all things, to allow all things and situations and beings  to be illuminated from within, as they themselves recognize It in everything and everybody.

If you do not do this you just continue the old ways of separation and of judgement! This is the time to recognize where you judge and where you have judged! But by all means not in a manner to judge yourself because of it, but only to notice, to love and accept yourself and let go, and allow your heart of love to shine forward instead!

Beloveds, it IS a process in Consciousness and old habits must be given up consciously and be gone beyond! Do this in every moment! This is  your service of Love, your service to the Light! It is all a matter of being aware of patterns that do not serve Me, your OwnDivine Self. What counts are not the failures in this process but the Happiness in your Heart that wants to serve.

Whatever happens in the near future, even if dramatic, can only be understood rightly beyond your point of view of duality and the conceptualizing mind. Because all that happens has been designed in your own Heart and follows your Soul’s plan to experience. You are not victim, but your Reality is Radiance! 

There is no good or bad, it is mere experience. A Soul’s development depends on those experiences and what counts is the prior invulnerability of the Soul, as the Soul is always happy as It always inheres in Me. It is the Soul that desires to experience and to know that there is nothing that can harm or even destroy It!

And even what the mind perceives as misfortune is only a way of experience from the Soul’s perspective!

This is the time where your Soul’s victory prevails, because all the means are given to you and all mankind! The forward-coming of your Soul is ending the illusionary dream of separation from your own Divinity. The old dark dreams of the lower mind are vanishing, and the Light of your Heart is  shining forth! That is what you have been yearning for! And this is the time where your desire manifests! 

Beloveds, this is a process from inside out!  If your perception inside changes, the experience of your outer world changes respectively!

The state of the world that you see outside, is only a reflection of yourself. Even if you don’t yet understand! There is no coherent world in the realm of duality! This kind of coherence is illusion! Coherence only exists beyond or prior to duality at the Divine Heart!  When your vibration rises,  there is light everywhere. If not, then the lower mind is interfering!  It is your greatest teacher and tells you where you still need to shift. It teaches you where you need to see the world with your Divine Heart. That’s how you prepare for the New World That Is Me.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute








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