Messages of Light 20130208 Heavenletter #4459 The Worth of a Dandelion, February 8, 2013


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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said: 

What more do you want, beloveds? You always want something you don’t have or feel that you don’t have. It’s a good idea to give your attention to what you do have. Recognize the blessings you do have, for I have given them to you. Accept them, and attract more to you. There is always more and more and more aspiring and more to come.

As it is, you may not always feel that life in the world is a great blessing. This is because life in the world challenges you. That you are challenged is a great blessing. Challenges help you to grow. Whether you like it or not, challenges help you to grow. Challenges stretch you, don’t they? Consider challenges like good exercise at the gym.

You may say that it is your choice to go to the gym whereas challenges tend to visit you uninvited. What would happen if you were the one who pushes the button that pops out challenges? Challenges might be far and few between, you are sure. And, yet, the irony is that, in the far-back recesses of your heart and mind, you are the one who chooses your challenges, and you aren’t timid about it. Not at all.

Challenges are like this: You are in the army now! You may not always like what the army makes you do, yet, you are the one who did sign up for it.

You may say that you never signed up for your present stream of life, but, yes, you did.

You may say that no one in his or her right mind would sign up for the challenges you face, but, yes, you were in your right mind, and you did offer yourself into the arena you now find yourself in. The thing with the arena of life is that it is always changing.

You’re not going to tell Me that you haven’t grown in this lifetime. You have had to grow, and grow you have. Beloveds, you are not exactly even the same person you were yesterday.

Let’s face it: You are someone who has grown leaps and bounds. You may have been forced into it, and, yet, you have grown. You have lived through situations that you would have thought you couldn’t, and yet you have lived through them and grown through them.

You have grown in understanding. One way or another, you have furthered your own growth. You have grown and grown, yet, still, you wonder what is the purpose of this growing when all this will pass away.

Beloveds, you are learning what matters. When all is said and done, what matters? What has been your contribution to the world? There is only one contribution you can make, and that is love. That is the only thing to give. Every challenge teaches you that. As much as you may not want to learn that love is what counts and nothing else does, you are learning that. Willy-nilly, you are learning that.

You were born of love. Somewhere along the line, you aspired to other things that seemed more charming – for a while. What matters anything without love? Diamonds are symbols of love. Love is their value. Not their carats. Carats are only an approximation. Oh, yes, a gift of a diamond can warm your heart, yet without love accompanying the diamond, the diamond loses its shine. Not even the greatest diamond in the world is worth an inch of that dandelion that a loving heart gives you.

Cultivate your own love, and the whole world will be a symbol of a great diamond of love





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