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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Black Swan is Due Soon


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Sunday February 3, 2013

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America - It can now be reported that$64.8 billion of U.S. investor mutual funds have been illegally hypothesised into $64.8 TRILLION of illegal cross-collateralized derivatives by the criminal U.S. banking cartel that controls the U.S. government and its royal court messengers, the extortion-friendly, corporate fascist U.S. media filth.

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke and outgoing U.S. Treasury Secretary, check kiter and money launderer Timothy Geithner, are currently orchestrating the largest PONZI SCHEME in financial history and it is about to collapse.

Note: The U.S. Federal Reserve and the Central Bank of Japan are actually buying euro currency futures as to protect the derivative holdings of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, which are located in Greek banks. This activity by the Fed and Central Bank of Japan threatens the entire European Union (EU) economy.

At this hour we can divulge that IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann have told the Fed, Bernanke and the Central Bank of Japan to cease and desist and do it NOW!

Crooked U.S. banks are currently writing put options on the euro currency, the Australian dollar, unleaded gasoline and call options on the Japanese yen.

The calls and puts the banks are writing in the FOREX currency market are then being used as alleged collateralized margin to write more options on the VIX volatility index.

And it gets worse!
The crooked banks are then using the option premiums collected to write even more options, this time put options on the S&P 500 futures.

The out of control crooked banks then turn around and use the premium collected on all these options to buy the actual cash S&P futures and stock on the Dow Jones industrial averages. The treasonous Fed, headed by bald headed punk Bernard Bernanke, keeps feeding these crooked banks with free casino chips aka lines of credit called credit default swaps with the banks able to absorb these costs at zero percent interest rates.

Note: The credit default swaps represent the illegal use of U.S. Taxpayers’ money by the criminal Fed in ongoing treasonous bank bail outs.

What the crooked banks plan to do is take profit in the cash market even if they take a loss on their written option positions before the market rolls over.

WARNING: The problem is that the computer algorithms could easily go hybrid, which will drastically increase volatility leaving the mutated algorithms unable to convert back to the prime number 10, which, of course, would lead to the collapse of all the banks.

P.S. It should be defined that when you write an option with the exchange that you take a futures position, which requires REAL collateralized margin to carry your trades.

The crooked banks are actually using un-collateralized written option positions to create more positions in the aforementioned financial markets.

At this hour, the crooked banks have exposed the entire mutual fund investments as well as the entire savings deposits of average Americans who have their accounts at these crooked banks.

We are looking at a real possibility of a massive Black Swan event. Logo

P.P.S. It is also important to remember that the corrupt financial regulators: the CFTC, the NFA and the SEC (who are directly controlled by the crooked banks) are allowing these crooked banks to use un-collateralized naked options as margin in this latest financial house of cards.

The CFTC, the NFA and the SEC and their handlers, the crooked banks, continue to be in total violation of the Commodities Exchange Act of 1936 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Definition: The Commodities Exchange Act of 1936 states categorically that is only the Commodity Exchange that can be the final arbiter and clearing agent of trades made in customers’ segregated accounts.

What the aforementioned regulators have done is illegally, and yes, UN-Constitutionally, let the crooked banks become counter parties to the Commodity Exchange.

The aforementioned corrupt financial regulators have done nothing since the 2008 financial debacle to correct the problem, in fact, they have made it worse, which means another MFGlobal-PFG fiasco is right around the corner.

In closing, direct message to the corrupt financial regulators:

We demand you reimburse 100% of the PFG customers segregated accounts tied to the PFG collapse and you do it NOW!

The fund were looted by a crooked bank holding company named Jefferies and are now sitting in a corrupt U.S. bankruptcy court in Chicago, Illinois.

Direct message to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Quit trying to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of the People of Chicago and get on the phone tomorrow with the NFA and the CFTC and your crooked Chicago bankruptcy court and tell them to put the People’s money back and do it NOW!

Deadspin. com’s Timothy Burke and
Ronaiah Tuiasasopo –images thepost.ohiou. edi. trbimg. com

Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings in which we will have an update on the Manti Te’o hoax frame up, including a homosexual affair between hoax mastermind Ronaiah Tuiasasopo and‘s Timothy Burke.

We will also update the American People on the TREASONOUS Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continuing purchases of 1,000 of assault rifles and magazine clips as they prepare to make war on the American People pending the financial collapse of the crooked U.S. banks.

We will also have a Benghazi update, which proves categorically that the alleged diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya was an unregistered CIA outpost engaged in money laundry and arms trafficking with the government of Turkey. The unregistered CIA outpost used Turkish security as to disguise and keep secret the activities of the outpost.

When Ambassador Stevens repeatedly asked for protection from the U.S. State Department he was denied that security by both the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Turkish Ambassador because the presence of U.S. State Department Security would have unraveled the covert activities of the unregistered outpost.

In closing, Protocol implementation remains imminent but Ambassador Leo Wanta continues to be threatened and harassed by the criminal banking cartel who wish to use the Protocol funds illegally in their latest PONZI SCHEME until the last possible second aka confirmation of Jack Lew as the new Treasury Secretary of the United States.

Stay tuned for emergency updates at any moment, the situation could become very ugly at any moment.




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