Ascension Earth 2012: 20130129 An Hour with an Angel, with Archangel Michael



January 28, 2013

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the Golden Age of Gaia.

It’s a pleasure to be with you all.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to all of you. Welcome to each and every one of you. I bring you my peace, my love, my blue flame of truth. I bring you my laughter and my joy.

I bring you release from whatever you desire to let go of, for this is the time and the opportunity to simply pass onto me this weight, this burden, anything that is not of joy, of love, of sweetness, of kindness and consideration. Yes, I am the warrior of peace. I am the archangel of love.

Long ago, I gave you my sword and shield, and you have used these in a multitude of ways. But it is also useful to simply use it to disconnect, to cut the cords to old beliefs, to old pains, old hurts, old injuries. And I am pleased during this time together, this night and every night, to assist you in this undertaking.

But we know this is not the focus and the core of what we speak of today. But I still wish to extend myself in this manner. Dear heart, where do you wish to begin today?

SB: Thank you, Lord. Well, I think you know, and I think you also share this same desire, that the next 60 minutes be our opportunity to hear more from you on what we lightworkers should be doing to build or co-create Nova Earth.

Last week you touched a little bit upon the inner work, mastering the divine qualities. But I’d be very happy to hear much more on that subject. But then also if we could move into the outer social arena and hear what we lightworkers should be doing in the outside world to build Nova Earth, particularly peace in the world, an end to discrimination, persecution and other sources of conflict, whatever you want to impart to us, whatever will allow us to get moving, while considering that we don’t have the financial resources really to do things like hold conferences.

So if you could give us a picture of what it is we’re to do to co-create Nova Earth, that would be most welcome.

AAM: And it is most welcome on this side, as well, to have this opportunity to address this subject. For the building of Nova Earth is also coming from and emanating from the anchoring of your inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional nova being. I have said in our last visit that you have been working on this for some time, and so we do not wish to in any way negate or minimize the work that has already been undertaken — because it has been monumental — and so let us begin with that.

Let us begin by each of you looking in the mirror, whether it is real or etheric, physical, mental, emotional. Look in the mirror and see who you are, the truth of who you are, not simply the image that you have created or the suit of clothes [body] that you have put on for this brief undertaking [this life], and acknowledge the work, the letting go, the clearing, the cleansing, and the works, what you think of as good deeds, as loving acts, as acts of consideration, of kindness, political activism, social activism.

Look at yourself and begin right there by giving yourself the credit that is due, by giving yourself the unwavering love that is your due. Because, sweet angels, you have earned it. And yes, I use that term very specifically, because most of you think of this, this word “earn,” as tied to money, as tied to wealth or abundance.

So when you think, “What have I done to earn abundance, to earn ease, to earn the ability to go forward in ways that I choose and desire and co-create?” think of what you have already accomplished. And in that, we do not want you to dismiss the fact that you are shifting inter-dimensionally, that you, with Gaia, are anchored inter-dimensionally in the Fifth, that you are working and demonstrating and assisting the collective of humanity in the Third, that you are cleaning up the remnants of the old Third. So, begin there, and then let us fly together.

The emphasis on what is resting within and therefore exhibited externally, in your social, political, economic, communal arena is very important. If you do not have regard — and I mean deep, reverent, love, regard, and value — for yourself, for yourself as you are right now in what I call this suit of clothes, regard for the larger you, the eternal you, the infinite you, if you do not start there with love and reverence for yourself, how do you extend it out to others?

How do you in any way shape or form, pretend, or extend yourself in ways that are meaningful and solid? Because what we are discussing in terms of building and anchoring Nova Earth is firmness, not simply a passing trend or a flight of fancy. We are talking about the bedrock shift and change of what this planet is, does, exhibits, experiences, and how that is reflected through and with Gaia in you, in each of you.

As you know, as you have written, as you have shared, as you have heard from us, if you focus on the blessings and virtues, if you focus on the divine qualities, then you are ensuring and becoming the truth of what you wish to experience and co-create in what you think of — and I emphasize the word “think” — as the material world. Because, really, what is the material world? Most of it is an illusion anyway. It is simply a collection of atoms, of energy, that you are formulating into what you believe is solid form.

Institutions do not have solid form. Belief systems do not have solid form. They appear, and you come to believe that they do, but they do not. You can build edifices, office buildings, institutional buildings to represent and house these belief systems, but the institutions, the systems themselves, do not have solid form.

So, what do they have? They have the qualities. And many of them are disintegrating, even as we speak this night, because the qualities that have formed many of your old-Third, old-Earth institutions, have been based on illusions that you no longer serve to incorporate — control and lack, all the dis-es — disease, disappointment, despair. So how do you begin? And how do you begin with the illusion — and yes, we will speak of this — the illusion that you have no money?

Let us speak to the formulation and the foundation of power. And we do not mean power in the sense that it has been used, as control scenarios. We mean power in the sense of an individual, and therefore group, or a large collective, assuming a pathway. And it is a pathway of freedom, it is a pathway of self-determination, and it is pathway and a way of life, of existence, that is based on those divine qualities.

You may tire of hearing me say this. That does not matter. We are going to continue anyway, by saying that the beginning, the middle and the end of creating Nova Earth is the incorporation of these qualities within you. So, throughout your day, throughout your hours of waking and sleeping, you are asking yourself, “Am I feeling, am I experiencing, does this feel like serenity, purity, grace, consideration, temperance, prudence, joy?”

And if it doesn’t, and you are doing this until it is absolutely second nature, if it doesn’t feel that way, you can take a moment and say, “Well, what does it feel like? Is it simply the old coming up for release? Is it an ancient vasana? Is it somebody else’s energy from the collective that I am helping to heal and cleanse?”

You can briefly identify, if you so choose — and I say that, it is in the choice, it is not in the necessity to identify, because quite frankly if it is not of the divine qualities, if it is not of the umbrella of love, then there is absolutely no point in spending one more moment on it. But the human nature is such, still at this point, that you like to understand what you are up to, so go ahead. But use my blue flame of truth when you are doing so, please. I am honored and pleased to help you in this way.

Then it extends person to person to person to person. You cannot be unkind, cruel, inconsiderate, dismissive, arrogant or trying to control another in any form of personal, inter-personal relationship, including yourself, and then say, externally, “How am I building Nova Earth?” because it does not work. That is the foundation. It is the pillars. It is the bedrock. And it is getting easier and easier, not only because you continue, you know, to be flooded by the energies of the Mother and Father.

We did not stop the flow of those energies. You did not stop the flow from the Company of Heaven, from the Council of Love, from your star brothers and sisters. All of this is continuing.

Gaia, in her shift, is also flooding you with the sweetness of being alive, of being in your form, that you have never known before. You may have had moments when you were in a pristine forest or by a lake or an ocean or a cave, where you felt this moment of pure blissful connection, but now she is flooding you and this is the new normal.

So your inclination to simply stay in this state of connection and the feeling of interconnectedness, not just to the human collective, but to everything, is growing substantially, exponentially, every single day, every single hour.

So your desire in that is why we are having this conversation today, to truly get busy, and create Nova Earth has begun to expand. That desire to see the reflection of what is truly within you in an external, large, grand manner, is becoming almost a drive, not a compulsion, but an instinctual drive. It is as if you are seeking true North and you have your compass set and you are not veering off course.

Now, as I have said to you before, does that mean that there are not blips in the compass, on the radar? Yes, there are. But more and more what you are finding as co-creators, as the creator race, is that these obstacles and this debris within and without — because there is clean-up on the outside; that is most definitely certain — that these obstacles become less and less and less.

You say to me, “Michael, how do I begin?” And what I suggest to you, and I do not simply mean you of the Golden Age of Gaia or InLight Radio, but each of you, my beloved friends, my brothers and sisters of light, what I say to each of you is you have begun already, building your platform within which you will operate to participate fully in the creation of Nova Earth.

It means taking action. And for so many of you — and I do not say this in any way but love — many of you have been exceptionally reticent to step forward into what you would think of as action, public or private. You say to me, “But, Lord, of course we are reticent. We had said time and time to our friends, to our families, that this or that will happen. Have you forgotten December 21st, 2012? There are many who simply look at us as if we are sadly mistaken and are from a different planetary system.”

Well, in fact, most of you are.

And what I say to you is, yes, these are obstacles, these are debris, these are fears. It is the fear of stepping forward and declaring yourself and being left open to criticism, ridicule, disappointment, and dare I say the fear of failure. All of that, my beloved friends, has need to go. And that is where I have started this day, by saying, give it to me, give it to Raphael, give it to St. Germain, give it to the Mother, give it to Jeshua, give it to your guides, but let it go.

And why do you let it go? Because it is not kind or loving to yourself.

So we are asking you in creating Nova Earth to step forward in concrete, visible, meaningful ways. Now, what does that mean? Well, I will tell you what it does not mean. We are not asking you to walk the plank. But we are asking, requesting, and yes, offering, assisting, that you shine your light continually, daily, visibly. And it does not matter, the venue that you choose, because that is unique to your soul purpose, your choices, your journey.

But what I do suggest to you is during this time of shift, and during this time of transition, that many of you, if you have not already experienced it, you will experience a significant shift in what it is you want to do. And even if you are returning to the same job, the same occupation that you have done for 20 years, your feeling about how you are going about it and what it is you are truly doing and accomplishing is shifting.

It is time to declare yourself. That is the biggest stepping forward to create Nova Earth.

And what does it mean to declare yourself? What does it mean in practical terms? Yes, I can be a very practical archangel. It does not mean that you have need to declare yourself, that you speak to your guides and angels and archangels on a regular basis. It does not mean that you have need to declare yourself that you know and visit with your star brothers and sisters on a regular basis.

But what does it mean? That you start to act and speak the words, the actions of love.

Very often, human interactions, regardless of the setting, are fraught with control, political intrigue, desire to destroy in a very negative way, desire to control other people’s thoughts and actions, and to minimize yourself, to present yourself in ways that you have come to believe are acceptable to those that you are in association with, whether it is your family, your partner, your neighborhood or your place of work.

That minimizing has need to absolutely halt today. You, each of you, are massive, enormous souls, beings of energy who have come to Earth during this time of change simply for that reason, to be part and catalyst and agents — and angels — of change. So if you do not participate and demonstrate and embody the change, then you are denying who you are. You are cheating yourself of the very experience you came to Earth to have.

Now, if you take a moment and reflect back on other lifetimes, other realities, even other planetary situations, you have done that before. There is no need to repeat it, because it has only ended in misery, sadness, pain and hurt for yourself and others.

Many of you are also going to begin to have new ambitions. You want to completely change what it is you are doing, not only internally, or not even interpersonally, in a private situation, but what you are doing in the outer world. You may well feel very disconnected from what you have done in the past. Do not ignore or minimize those feelings, those inspirations, those inclinations, because that is not only this side, but your own soul Self inspiring you to move more clearly in alignment with your mission and purpose.

So, for some of you it is doing what you have done in the past in a more vociferous, clear, abundant manner. And then for some of you what it is is starting entirely new ventures.

The belief — and this is why there is what you think of as lack of financial support, andthat will come forward — but the belief that you cannot do something because you do not have money is being eradicated. What you are doing is breaking through that belief system to the belief system and the knowing, the anchoring that the abundance of Gaia, of all her wealth, of all her resources and far beyond, is absolutely available to you. So the hindrance of what you have thought of as external support — because most of you think of money and finances as external support — you are breaking through that.

So you are stepping into new rules. You are stepping forward as the agents of radical change. You are stepping forward as the agents of focused intention and action. So that everything — and yes, practice does make perfect — everything you do is in alignment with who you are and with the One.

Now, I can hear you — and I can hear many of you — say, “Michael, help! I don’t know if I can do that. I don’t know if I have the wherewithal to do that.” Of course we will help. It is our purpose, our joy, and our commitment, our sacred promise not only to the Mother but to each of you, that we will help. But do not tarry. Do not stop. Because this is a process, and it is a process of significant change.

Now, before I go further, dear Steve, do you have any questions on what I have said?

SB: If I could ask a couple of questions, I would appreciate it.

AAM: Absolutely, dear friend.

SB: All right. But first, could you just confirm for listeners if I’m correct in what I’m about to say. From this moment on, we have now left the qualities of the old Third Dimension, the old paradigms of separation, conflict, competition, control, etc., and we’re now incorporating the divine qualities. But that is something that will go on, now from this point right to the day we merge again with the One. Is that not correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So incorporating the divine qualities is not something we’ll be doing, say, in the next three months or a year. We have our marching orders for from now ‘til the end of what one could consider time.

AAM: it is the alignment that has always been the plan. Yes, it is your marching orders until the end of time, until such time as you merge back into the One. And let us suggest to you… no, let us share with you.

You do not anchor the divine qualities in a couple of months. Think of how long the old Third lasted and how solidified those illusions were. So one of the watchwords that you are incorporating into your daily life is gentleness, kindness, consideration. Because it is not achieved [by simply saying] “Now I am going to be the embodiment of the divine qualities.” But I have even better news than that.

Each of those divine qualities never ceases growing and expanding, both within you and as it expands within you, within your planet, upon your planet, and also within your planet, and within your galaxy, and within your universe. So the ripple effect is infinite.

So, for example, if you are choosing joy, you do not say, “On Thursday, the second week of February, I have anchored my joy.” No, that is not how it works. When you anchor joy, we will celebrate with you, and the rainbows will be in the sky and around the moon. But it will continue to expand.

You have talked about bliss, my friend, and bliss is a state of being. But it’s a state of being that will expand and expand until you are simply and fully what was always intended, which was the heart consciousness.

So you are accurate in your question and in your statement.

SB: Let me ask another question then, Lord. These realizations are creeping up on me. I, myself, perhaps some other people on the Nova Earth team, have been through a lot of testing situations, a lot of trials, like, for instance, the Neptune expedition, or even 21/12/12. And, and it’s been sometimes difficult.

And what I seem to be noticing is that our usefulness as lightworkers seems to go up to the extent that we can let go of a desire to look good, a desire to be right, a desire to emerge from things with our reputation intact. I’m laughing because I’ve seen some enlightened masters talk about the spiritual seeker being like a kept woman. They make jokes like this. But in a sense, we have to, it seems, have no attention on our reputation, on our financial success, on whether we look good or not.

Am I correct in that?

AAM: You are correct in this. And let us say, the only reputation that counts for anything is your reputation throughout heaven, your reputation and your standing with the Mother. And that has always been golden. It cannot be otherwise. But yes, when you attach to this old Earthly need to look good, to have the accoutrements of what society has told you that you want, that you desire, that you need to achieve, then what you are doing is attaching to something that is a false illusion.

Let us also suggest to you — and I suggest to each of you who are listening as well — you have been tested. Now, each time you have been tested, and you have continued on, it is an act of faith, it is an act of trust, and it is an act of pure stubbornness, that, no matter what, you will do this, because your soul demands it.

These are not simply tests that Heaven has sent out for you, that the Company has devised. These are also things that you have created, in concert with each other, with yourself, with your Higher Self, and yes, sometimes with us. And you have passed these tests with flying colors.

And there are many, many different kinds of tests — yes, reputation, wealth, health, security, relationships. And those of you who have chosen, because of your choice, your soul purpose, your mission, your makeup, to be somewhat in the more public arena, shall we say, when you go through these trials and tribulations, there is no one that you can speak to as you construct Nova Earth, and they say, “Yes, but what about…?” You can say to them, quite honestly, “Yes, I have been there. I have been through that. I have weathered the storm, and here I am.”

And so we continue on. It is about detachment. Again, not one of the more popular words. But it is about detaching from expectations and attaching to the only reality that is truth, and that is the love and the unfoldment of love and the anchoring into form, during this lifetime upon your planet, upon this magnificent Gaia. Because the lessons, the teachings, the experience that you are gathering and garnering are also the template throughout the multiverse.

So not only are your anchoring the divine qualities and showing what it looks like, how it operates, how it constructs into form, you are also gathering these teachings of the how-to in terms of practicality to share with other civilizations, that came both before and after you, by the way. Because, do not forget that time is simply a construct within which you are operating.

So when you feel that you have had such significant challenges, and, my beloved friends, you have had them, in your heart, in your mind, in your emotional field, and you have cried in the night, and you have searched your soul, and you have said, still, “No, I choose to go forward, and I choose love.” Not because it is the easiest path, but because it is the only path. It is the path of peace, and it is the path of fulfillment.

SB: It seems that detachment is essential to the experience of bliss, Lord. But before we go into that, could we use the remaining time, perhaps — if that’s okay with you — to focus on the outer social world? Can we have you tell lightworkers what they can be doing, not in the internal world of themselves, where they’re incorporating the divine qualities, but in the outer world, where peace does not yet reign, where abundance is not yet here, where there are conditions like homelessness and illness and disability. Could you tell us what you expect us or want us to be doing in that realm at this time?

AAM: I am very happy to share a margin of things that you could be doing and that we would be overjoyed to help you with. Do not underestimate social media. The entire internet has been a gift, as you well know, from your star brothers and sisters. And it is modeled upon the universal internet, which is a system of communication throughout the multiverse. So that is one thing we encourage you to do.

Now, there is a fine balance between becoming into addiction or obsession with the internet and social media. So it is meaningful excursion into the internet and social media, much the way your platform does, but there are other ways in which you can begin to declare yourself.

For example, many of you are on such social platforms as Facebook, and you use it to share pictures of your children, your dog, your house, your flowers, news of the day. But are you also declaring what you believe to be true? Are you declaring that this is an opportunity for change or sharing just some of the subtle changes you are feeling within yourself? “I am feeling different today. I don’t know, but I feel the planet is shifting. Love is becoming more important to me than ever. Relationships and kindness and sharing is becoming more important.” (1)

That type of statement touches the hearts of thousands and then millions. The same thing with media like YouTube, videos, radio shows. But choose your platform. Some of you — actually, many of you — are uniquely positioned to be politically involved. Now, some of you will choose to become involved on a grassroots level or a national level or a county level — it matters not — within your own political situation in your own country. You are not there to play the game as is, because, think of it, that is simply a bubble that is about to be pricked and blown apart.

You are there to anchor the new, the new ideas, the new paradigms, the new emphasis on the building of community and voice for the community, of priorities for sharing and equality, the elimination of homelessness, for example. And social welfare programs that keep everybody trapped in poverty.

Some of you are uniquely prepared and positioned to begin to work in education, and it can be education in the newest sense of the word, of working with the new children of Earth, or education in the traditional sense. But again, when you are going into those platforms you are bringing not only your light, which is significant — it is bigger than ever before — but you are also bringing your change in attitude, information and positioning.

Now, may some people pooh-pooh you and dismiss you? Yes. It matters not. Keep going. Involve yourself in movements such as Occupy. Involve yourself in Action Now. Involve yourself, whether it is a community action group, a community board, even some of the faith-based churches, because if that is your venue, that is where you have chosen to present, then so be it. Because what people think of as religion over the next couple of years is going to shift significantly in terms of faith, in terms of belief. Because the religious factions and the tie to political control is dissipating and disappearing. And that is my job, and it is the job of those of you who are working with me.

Now, I do not need to speak to you at all of the night work that we do together, because all of you are lined up and eager and have been completely available to me, to Gabrielle, to Raphael. Some of you are spending a great deal of time knowing and unknowing on board ship, working with the evolution of new technology, and what we would call clean technology. Some of you are absolutely keen to emerge into the field of exploring, sitting on test groups for free energy. Do so.

In other words, you are giving of your time and energy to actions that actually result in a shift in how people feel, because you are carrying — and practicing — and incorporating into the groups the divine qualities. I hear you shaking your head. I see you at home this night shaking your head and saying, “But, Michael, that will take years.”

No, my friends. Do not forget that the shift is underway. Humanity is changing. And when you ignite that spark within that, what you are truly doing is fulfilling your role as pillar, as wayshower, as gatekeeper, as teacher, as healer, as channel. So do not, please, put the constraint of time upon this change. It does not need, nor is it planned, to be lengthy.

So often, when people have spoken up, for example, and said, “It is not right in terms of universal law that wealth should be concentrated in the hands of a few who manipulate the masses. It is not right that people in Africa starve. Therefore, I am going to put my energy there.”

But it is in the speaking, also, of that knowing. That is not just a belief system, that is a knowing of the divine plan. That is why people starving feels like anathema to you, because you know it is not of alignment. So what you are attaching to, if anything, is the divine plan, divine mind, heart, will, One. And you are detaching from everything else. (2)

So take a step this week — if you like, I will go with you — not next month, not when spring comes, but this week. Join with me. Choose just one thing that you are going to go public on, and make it within your realm of comfort, but pushing the edges, and know you are so supported in this, because this is your piece, your first steps in creating Nova Earth.

Perhaps it is objecting to yet another highway, or the construction of an ugly building, or pay raises for municipal officials when people are living on the streets. These are practical things, my beloved angels, my agents of change, that you can do.

Will you win every battle? No, but will your energy and your voice be heard and act as that seed and catalyst for change? Yes. That is not a dream. That is a promise. And you say, “Why now? I marched in the sixties, the seventies, the eighties, the nineties.” And I say, “Why now? Because Gaia and the energy of your planet has changed.” And so the humans, conscious or not, are ready for these changes. But they will not know that unless you step forward and help them.

Is that clear?

SB: Very clear, Lord. Very substantial, too.

In the remaining two minutes, could you give us your comments on Nova Earth Day? Could you tell us what you would like to see happen around that event, please?

AAM: It is a celebration of the new, it is a celebration of the divine qualities, and it is a celebration of love. There are many on this side, particularly the Council of Love, that are finally joyous that this is being acknowledged. It has been a day of love for a long time, but not in the true universal sense.

It is a day to throw open your arms and say to strangers — and the stranger the better — “I regard you with infinite consideration and love. I wish to be part of your life in unity and community, and I wish for you, dear stranger, to join with me in creating a bountiful, prosperous, abundant, co-creative Earth.


SB: Thank you, Lord. That was very helpful.

AAM: Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.



(1) Interestingly I had already composed an article on exactly this topic before the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel.

(2) “I am all that a man may desire
Without transgressing
The law of his nature. ”
(Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 71.)

The Divine and its will, heart, etc., are all that can be desired without incurring karma. We can attach to God but nothing else if we wish to escape from the need to be reborn into matter.




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