Ascended Masters 20130124 Saint Germain ~ NESARA Is Very Real – A Message from St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, January 22, 2012


By Ascension Earth 2012 

As channeled by Beth Trutwin


Questions for St. Germain

St. Germain,

Before you became an ascended master, what lives (names) were you living on Planet Earth?


Greetings! Sanctus Germanus means Holy Brother. Other names I have been known by are Master Rakoczi, Compte of St. Germain and Sir Francis Bacon. I am one of the Holy Kumaras known as Sanaka and have been incarnated on Earth throughout the ages. I have the ability to descend from the etheric plane and live physically on Earth. I come and go as I please. This has made it appear during all the time I spent in Europe, that I was alive for hundreds of years. That infact is true. Most recently I came in as the son of Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Dudley. In the royal family I was an illegitimate son of the Queen and my identity was kept secret. I was raised as Sir Francis Bacon. I wrote the plays of William Shakespeare. 


As Sir Francis Bacon I worked as Lord Chancellor and played a very active role in the colonization of America. I was there when they signed the Declaration of Independence, the basis of Spiritual Government declaring all men are created equal. At this time I had uncovered the hiding places of most of the gold in the royal families across Europe and recovered it to be stored in preparation for NESARA. I worked to help create the political philosophies of the time on which Earthʻs first Spiritual Government would be built. I mentored George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. We worked together with the Rosicrucian and Free Mason teachings.

What year did you start your World Trust?  How much money was put into the World Trust originally?  How has the account gotten so large – interest?  Daily?  Compound?


The World Trust Fund was begun hundreds of years ago. I started to collect the gold by robbery during my time in Transylvania as Count Rakoczi and also in England and across Europe as Sir Francis Bacon, son of Queen Elizabeth. I moved in the royal inner circles. I seduced young ladies and learned their family secrets. I did this for hundreds of years as I learned the locations of gold pilfers from all points on Earth especially Asia, Australia and the Americas. The amounts of gold added up over time. There was that much Venusian gold hidden away in the royal families by the Elites who were time traveling bandits.

Who contributed to your World Trust originally?  Have people been contributing continuously over the years (I presume it’s hundreds of years)?  If so, who?


I amassed the gold secretly. With my adept abilities I did not need assistance to break in, steal it and relocate it. I kept the new locations secret. Often these family fortunes were stored away in chests and these royal families did not routinely check their hidden gold. They had enough to live their whole lives. Sometimes they would not discover the robbery until generations later.

When you started your World Trust, did you figure that the World Trust would be all that was needed to free humanity?  If so, when did you figure that humans would open up and accept this freedom?


I knew the Plan involved a wait of centuries and it was to be expected as we were creating the first ever Spiritual Government on Earth. We were targeting the end of the Kali Yuga. We never knew exactly what date it would be. There were many considerations to take and several pitfalls and failures along the way. It has been worth the wait.

When did the negative faction create havoc with the World Trust?  Did you help to form other accounts, trusts, departments, etc… in order to create more funds for freedom of humanity?  Or have you always known that NESARA would be created and you were just building to that point?


This was always a coffer of pure gold, platinum and silver. It has been stored as gold bars, coins, jewelry, goblets, treasure troves from Empires of old. Funds were not created. It was a Robin Hood situation. We reclaimed treasures long lost from “sunken” ships.

When was NESARA signed into law?  Who signed it?

It was signed into law on October 10, 2000 by President Clinton and it waits to be Announced and Enacted.

When does/will NESARA go into effect?  Will the financial packages still be released to Canada, the US, England, and Australia first or has this changed?


NESARA will go into effect when President Obama Announces and thereby enacts it. He is under the orders of Mother Sekhmet, Lord Sananda, myself and Lord Ashtar. We are all working together with a myriad of concerns which dovetail into each other. There have been external factors which have slowed our progress at times. We are working with millions of Galactics risking their lives everyday. When it is time then Barack will do his part.

What makes up NESARA?  The estimated number is 1 quadradecillion dollars, and there has been mention of precious metals and jewels.  Are there trusts part of this as well?


There are several trusts involved and they are earmarked for certain projects like free energy and cleaning up pollution including run down structures and the like. There are a number of projects planned worldwide for clean water, housing, medical needs, schools, internet as it were, infrastructure. We we are going we donʻt need roads. As each person receives their reformation funds of $10 million dollars for every non-criminal woman, child and man then certain individuals will receive more. It is not about how much money you will get. It is about how much of a load you can carry. Those who have more will be required to share it in these global projects in cooperation with those from 180 or more other countries. There is a lot of work to do.

Who is in control of the Trusts? The trusts come completely under my control. 


Please explain more about what happened with the recent pre-NESARA scheme?  Have the ones responsible been arrested/taken care of?  


This has died down, but it still continues. Many White Knights have sacrificed their lives and been killed protecting the law until it could be enacted.

Can you foresee any more issues that we should be aware of?  Humanity should have been freed years ago but it’s only because of our negligence and greed that we are still in the position we are in right now, so maybe knowing what still needs to be done (or nothing, if so) would be appreciated.


The timing is perfect. No one can say it should have been done years ago. It is not everyoneʻs greed, but the greed of a few. We are very close to have fulfilled all the requirements and the requirements were many. The greatest thing that can be done now is coming together in your hearts and being love. It is not about nit picking the details, but rather agreeing to all being on the same page of sharing with one another. With the changes in vibration frequency comes many new challenges and everything is in Divine Order.

What is meant by having an interim president and how does that affect financial things?


NESARA Law includes the Declaration of Dissolution which we have had since March 31, 2008 : the act of dissolution was done by Paul Andrew Mitchell – which means insolvency was the case for Federal Reserve, the IRS and the Federal Government. On Oct 1, 2008 George Bush Jr tried to declare martial law, and two U.S. Marshals picked him up from the stage and took him off in the middle of his announcement. On Oct 2, 2008 Nancy Pelosi became acting President of U.S. and remained so until November 4, 2008 when Barack Obama became President Elect.


Is the 14th amendment the smoking gun as to the introduction of NESARA?  If not, what is?


The 14th Amendment, Section 3 is the big deal. Essentially, no registered barrister of the BAR Association is allowed to hold office in the United States. Period. Members of Congress, Members of OAS and other organizations and Presidents. President Obama, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton all renounced their BAR associations before taking public office. Only fifteen members of Congress, sponsors or co-sponsors of the National Economic Security and Reformation Act were eligible to pass the law.  British soldiers destroyed copies of the Titles of Nobility Amendment in the war of 1812 because it prevented anyone who had ties to the crown of England from holding public office.

Was it the Galactics that were responsible for Hurricane Sandy hovering over New York?  In regards to the stock market and the government offices, what exactly happened?  For the stock market to be shut down for 3 days, there must be a financial reason related to freeing humanity.


Among other things, Mother Sehkmet was destroying birth records. This effects the dark hats making money from Birth Certificate Bonds. Every time you give your personal information to phishing schemes Mother Sekhmet must scramble the records again. This takes time and holds everything up.

Were the Sandy Hook shootings always planned or were they a retaliation due to the White Knights removing financial control from the negative elite due to Hurricane Sandy (if that’s the case)?


The Sandy Hook shootings were a Black Ops with CIA and FBI. It was about the father who was a tax director for General Electric and they paid no taxes. He was getting ready to blow the whistle. Also a hedge funder involved.

How many countries are aware of you and your Trust and how many have signed on to bring freedom to humanity?  Which ones are not there yet? 


180 Countries. This is under consideration.

The introduction of NESARA has always been related to disclosure and arrests.  Please explain how it will go down.  Are there little hints and tips that we would notice that would make us realize that we’re close?  A lot of people watch the news for hints and tips leaning towards our freedom.  Or will it be similar to 9/11 where it just happens and no one has any idea that it’s coming?


The News itself is misrepresented lies to create fear. Most of what you see never happened. Watching the news is a waste of time which you all still find comfort in because you have not learned other ways to find comfort or peace. You will continue to see the thread of arrests and consequences for banks but not all that is reported is true. You will continue to see false provocations of war. It will happen perfectly in its own timing in its own way. It will happen in a moment.

When the NESARA funds are released, all of the chemical and petroleum corporations along with banks (and many others) are going to be bought out.  Who then “owns” these corporations?


The 13 families own these companies and always have used them as covers for their crimes globally.

Please elaborate on Hillary Clinton.  Too much has been going on that is “weird” and doesn’t feel right about her.  With Bush Sr. in hospital and Norman Schwarzkopf passing, things are obviously changing.


The clones even realize that their days are numbered. It gives them a sense that nothing they do matters. They feel their power shrinking and have lost their zest for life. Life has no point because their power is gone and there is nothing they can do about it.

Feel free to speak openly on 9/11 and how that ties into NESARA.  Touching base on the towers, the Pentagon, the field where the plane crashed, the culprits, the planes, the NYPD, the government, building 7, etc… would be appreciated – just what’s related to NESARA.


On the morning of 911 Alan Greenspan was in the lobby of Tower One with a Delegation and they were going to Announce NESARA Law. NYC Police opened fire on the crowd and shortly after the lobby explosives brought down the building on top of the evidence. There were few survivors who were able to get out. The computers for WorldTrust funds were located in Tower One and ready for instant changeover. They were destroyed in the demolition. Offices related to NESARA implementation were located in Building 7. Dick Cheney was 53 stories below the White House operating the joy stick which sent the missiles into the Towers.  Joe Biden gave the order that day which came down from the Black Pope.  This event set back NESARA enactment by the War Criminals who did not want to be found out. They felt a massive psychological attack could sway things in their direction and change the course of history. They couldnʻt have been more wrong. Nothing can stop NESARA LAw and Spiritual Government for all on Earth.

Has NESARA been tried to be announced before 9/11?  How about after?  Why didn’t it work?  Was humanity not ready or were we just straight lied to and the money stolen?


When 911 happened it changed the destiny of Earth and the destiny of NESARA. It was a whole new game and it took this 11 years to tie up the loose seams and heal the Collective psyche.

How are we going to receive the funds?  Specifically, if you could that would be great.


There will be a bank account tied to your own personal information. Every child woman and man on Earth will receive one. Your money will be on a debit card of sorts and almost everything will be purchased with a swipe.


Thank you for this opportunity to answer questions. Know that the Galactic Federation is working with you and we have this well in hand. You are loved beyond belief. Call on Me In Your Times of Worry. I Can Assist You and Show You The Light. Blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Flame to any situation which needs transmuting. I Stand By To Help You Pass All Your Tests! This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, January 22, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. (Elizabeth Trutwin permits the sharing of this information stating;  Please Share This Information Widely and add a hot link to the end Thank You! ~Elizabeth Trutwin)




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