Laitonn Pleiadian Dolphin 20130110 Aurora Explains Our Ascension Level Now – Multidimensional Ocean 10/Jan/2013


Aurora News 10 Jan 2013

Hi folks! I received a short message from Aurora today about the situation with the planet.

Aurora explained that in fact Earth is in the process of Ascension, there was a huge step forward in that direction on the 21 Dec as expected. As far as the Galactics are concerned, Earth has ascended on that day for all intents and purposes.

What stops us from moving forward now is in our own make up. In other words, we could call it mental barriers and fear of tasting the freedom available to us.

There are also many people who although having ascended, they wish to continue the 3D usual “business as usual” state of affairs.

She also explained that those of us still in 3D or believing to still be in 3D still see Earth with their 3D eyes only, and indeed how could it be different.

Those of us closer to 5D or in 5D see the wonders around them.

There are also those who are in a state of perpetual transit between both levels (3D and 5D)

She explained that for them, as they see us, we are in 3D and in 5D at the same time.

She understands this is a difficult concept to grasp for most of us, and that our mind used to think in 3D terms, cannot comprehend how is it so?

She proposes that we try to understand this concept and even have a discussion on this topic here. She also know that some of us feel disappointed and even angry at 21 Dec. 2012.

She said it would help if we could speak of it calmly and impartially.

Thank you for your time. Multidimensional Ocean and Aurora




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