Time for Change 20121228 Linda Steiner: Dates, Disappointments, and Divine Patterns


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Dates, Disappointments, and Divine Patterns

Posted on December 25, 2012 by Dr. Linda Steiner


So for many (myself included), 12/21/2012 didn’t bring the explosive and sudden changes we might have anticipated. And as we crossed through this temporal point, many felt let down when comparing what “actually” happened to what we “expected” would happen. But for those who have experienced fallen hearts and disappointments in this disparity – I urge you to take a closer look.

Because of the convergence of scientific and spiritual events piecing together the puzzle of Truth, we can simply look to nature as our guide. When a bud flowers into a blossom, does it happen “instantaneously” – or does it unfold into its self-actualized beingness slowly and gradually?

When the essence of life merges sperm with egg, does it produce a completed and finished new entity in the wink of an eye? No. It takes time to gestate and slowly emerge into its perfect and holistic form. Does the acorn become the mighty oak right before our eyes, or does it undergo its process of transformation according to the laws of nature?

In this same way, I don’t sense that we can expect instantaneous results from our newly Ascended existence. Rather, just like the acorn, the blueprint for our destiny as Ascended beings has been activated.

Now is the time to assimilate our new energies and potentialities. Now is the time to allow it to grow and manifest within us and around us and between us. Just because we did not experience a “dramatic and noticeable” shift – does not mean that it has not taken place. After all, how often will a woman carrying a newly fertilized egg not recognize the event that has, indeed, taken place within her for at least a month’s time?

It is wise to remember that we are moving out of a 3D paradigm where most, if not all, of our attention and resources have been devoted to experiences within a 3D density. For this reason, it is still far easier to recognize the same, old familiar aspects that have governed our current lifetimes than it is to hone in on the newly forming manifestations within and around us. But don’t think for a moment that the change did not – and is not – and will not take its rightful place in this next Divine stage of our evolution.

The seed has been planted. With the new energies now enveloping us, it will be nourished – but we too must take responsibility for nurturing this seedling as it expands into its full glory.



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