Ron’s Channeled Messages 20121211 Yeshua ~ It Is Time ~As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 12.10.12



Hello dear ones, I come before you today, on this auspicious day, one of many to come. I beseech you to Be with and gather all you can of Creator’s Divine Love, to absorb it and sift it and spread it through your Heart and out to all your fellow Beings and the Earth Mother.

Oh, these are glorious days, where you have such an opportunity to lift your spirits to untold heights, dear ones. The energies are building and showering you. Stop and be still many times in the day and welcome it, for this is your opportunity for complete transformation. Yes, you have heard this, but we want to be sure that the next eleven days have your complete attention.

In your preparations for 12-12-12, be sure and pay attention to any thoughts of unity and connection to your fellow Beings and Earth. Wrap it all in a ball of Light and hold it in your Heart and expand with it. Feel the Abundance and Joy and Love that all are beginning to experience and make a prayer for all to experience it to the “nth” degree. Go bigger. Go larger. Go lighter. Go brighter. You bring everyone along with you that way.

You know we are all One. Any thoughts of separateness and competition are leaving your world. Make it so ”24/7”. Consider everyone, even Gaia, as a cell in your body, as you are a cell in theirs. All cells work together to complete and enhance the whole and you are beginning to fathom the magnitude of the benefits of everyone thinking that way. “One for all, and all for one”, as they say. A pulsing, vibrating organism, you are, that is part of a pulsing vibrating organism with all parts being vital and necessary to the peace and abundance and well-being of the Whole.

Savor this feeling. It will make you come alive. It will feed you. It will change the world forever more. Add to that your global meditations for the complete well-being, cooperation, peace, abundance, freedom and happiness of all, working in unity to build New Earth, working for the greater good of all, and you have a powerful combination. You know this. Now make it part and parcel of your every minute of thinking and Being, from here on out.

Life is precious. Your life is precious. All lives of everyone on this planet and beyond are precious. Every one of you contributes beauty and value just by vibrating and BEing You, like every flower in the meadow enhances and completes the whole experience of breathtaking beauty to one who gazes upon it.

My precious Lightworkers, fellow Beings of the Light, bringers of the New Earth, bring your full force and glory forward now, put your all into it; this is your moment, this is your destiny, this is your purpose, this is your birthright. Bring your full force of your Light forward now and share it will all. Nurture it as you nurture your bodies and minds and loved ones, dear ones.

The pieces are all coming together, like a puzzle that has been left abandoned in a closet for many years, and now you have renewed energy to finally put it together and experience completion. You are experiencing completion, now, dear friends, from that first step you took out of Divine Wholeness into duality many eons ago. It is completing and locking together like a mechanism starts to work with the turn of a key.

You are coming on-line, and in alignment, as is Mother Earth. You are doing it together, and the sparks are going to fly as everyone’s consciousness meshes and aligns. What a sight it will be for us in the heavens and higher dimensions. You are joining us. Set your wings, dust off your halos and soar with us into the higher dimensions. It is time.

My beloveds, you may never know the full extent of the feats you are accomplishing, but you are getting an inkling now, and it just gets better from here on out. Gather up your strength and your Love and go full force into the unknown. It Is Time!

Your loving brother, Yeshua


As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog)





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