Originally published July 12, 2009


Hello again, Beloved Lightworkers,

I wish to bring to your attention a very important fact…of the need to take action each day in order to be the Co-Creators on this Earth. You are the Human instruments of the Divine and as such, it requires action and dedication on your part. This requires a daily space of time, to bring the Cosmic Light into yourself and into the core of the Earth. This requires expanding your own auric field each day, for your auric field expands more than you know, Beloved Ones. Your auric field covers thousands of miles when you are in your Highest vibrational frequency; so when you meditate, when you decree or do your affirmations or prayers each day, your auric field extends, and what I am suggesting to you as soon as you complete the raising of your vibrational frequency fields, is to state your intent that this frequency field be held in place until the next day, so you can build upon it…so that you never lose the frequency level that you have established the day before, and so on and so on. This will create a great deal of stored power within you and you will not have to struggle to regain any that has been lost through being Human upon this Earth. Always you will have that reservoir as a starting place as you go forth in your day. All that is required is the daily adherence to your disciplines, for that stored energy does no one any good if it is not used.

The Cosmic Energies continue to pour into the Earth and is anchoring into the Earth through each of you. You are serving admirably in your chosen and voluntary Service. There are more and more of your Lights lighting up the World, more and more spheres and globes of Light that are coming forth that were not lit before, and of course, that means that the rest of Humanity is Awakening, and it is so exciting for we of the Higher realms to see. When we see this, we rush to the side of the newly Awakened One, and Angels are assigned to each newly Awakened One, and we work with them from that moment forward. There are Legions of Angels ready to serve, that surround the World. All One has to do is call upon them, all One has to do is intend and ask for them to come to your assistance and to give you guidance on a daily basis, and this is then, so.

Many, many of you are dedicating each day to the Light of God that never fails, and this creates great joy, for as you do this, and as you give gratitude in humbleness for the gifts that you are receiving and for the remembrance of your task in the Divine Plan, and you work your Plan each day, this Light grows exponentially and you may not know this, but when you go forth into the World, into your shopping malls, into your banks, into the stores, in your work places – wherever you go, you are impacting every Human Being who comes into contact with you. This is of great importance. This is one of your functions, in your tasks upon the Earth, and as you go forth, the Violet Flame that surrounds each of you ignites the auric fields of those you come in contact with and they begin to remember their reason for being here on Earth at this time, and this creates what you might call ‘spontaneous combustion’. This Light is beginning to spread in your communities, in your cities, in your nations and across the entire World. You are more powerful than you realize, Dear Ones.

Never be afraid to stand in your Light, the days of hiding your Light are over. The time is NOW to shine forth, the time isNOW to be the Light that you truly are in every facet of your life. Each of you came to ground this great Cosmic Light into your every day, mundane existence, that it may become a part of Humanity and the Mass Consciousness and this is happening at an accelerated rate. There is a great impetus of this Cosmic Light moving across the Earth, not only INTO the Earth but ACROSS the Earth and as this is occurring, more and more that was hidden is coming to the surface until there shall come a time when all that has been deliberately withheld from the people of Earth will no longer be able to hide behind any corner, and this Truth WILL come forth. Believe this, Dear Ones, and never falter in your task, in your disciplines. This is what we are all working towards.

We see many, many Seekers of Light – Lightseekers. Do you remember that phrase, Dear Ones, this is how each of you started out, you were Lightseekers and now you are Lightworkers, and even beyond that, you are Emissaries of Light upon the Earth. Be gracious, patient and kind to the Lightseekers, and know that each of them is already a great Being of Light who is in the process of the discovery of the Light that they truly are. Extend a helping hand when you are asked, but remember the great rule, and that is, you must be asked, just as we must be asked by you, you also, upon the Earth who are Emissaries of Light, must be asked before you can give assistance, for you are on a Free Will Planet and every Being upon the Earth has Sovereign Rights and Free Will, and as your perceptions grow and expand, you will see much in the Lightseekers that they do not yet see, and so this is where we caution you, Dear Ones, to always ask for permission, to always get permission, before you can come forth with information, before you can give assistance in this way. Each Being has the Sovereign Right to make their own choices and decisions, each Being has the right to go at their own pace, each Being has the right to set their boundaries, and it behooves each Lightworker to honor those boundaries within Self and others. So in your desire to be of Service, remember this, Dear Ones. Remember that each Human Being on the Earth has boundaries that One must not overstep and that it is always clear, if you see a way that can help someone, you must first ask if they give you permission to give them further information. This is the way of the Higher realms, this is the natural Law.

More and more of you will be called into Service to become Transducers, to give of your Light to others. More and more of you will come into your talents and abilities in the days that are coming forth and it will become clear to you, how you may Serve further. We stand with you, we applaud each and every one of you and we Love you dearly.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2009-2013 Marlene Swetlishoff

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