Ascension Earth 2012: 20121210 CRYSTALLINE GRID ACTIVATION DAILY MEDITATION Ashtar — Dec 10th – 21st 2012 – J’Tariah En’Ra El



Posted: 09 Dec 2012

As channeled through J’Tariah En’Ra El


To Begin Monday, December 10, 2012

Ashtar here, on this most joyous occasion, to bring the meditation that will aid in the completion and overlay of Earth’s Crystalline Grid; an occasion which has been eagerly anticipated not only by you but also by those of us in the higher realms. For truly this is a most auspicious moment in the history of your planet. So let’s Light it up, shall we?To begin your meditation, please take the time necessary to center yourself and ground your energy into the body of the planet.Having done so, you are to then state the intent that your energy will merge with the energies of all others across the globe, for this will be a group effort of Unity Consciousness. And, of course, the energy I speak of is that of Love, the most powerful Force in all Creation, for we will be laying down a Pathway of Love for the Crystalline Grid activation to proceed in a more graceful manner.

As we have spoken of many times before, there are certain processes that we of the higher dimensions perform and there are other processes that we depend upon you, our Ground Crew, to perform. Therefore, for this meditation, your task is to provide the Pathway for the Crystalline Energies to flow throughout and upon the body of your Mother Earth and all her many lifeforms. So, after centering yourself, grounding into the planet and stating your intent, please proceed as follows:

For the entire fifteen minutes (each day) — or longer if desired — you are asked to send the Energy of Love, through your intent, to the Crystal Kingdom of Earth. This includes all crystals within the planet, upon the surface of the planet, and within your physical forms. Having thus sent forth that intent, you are asked to then visualize the Energy of Love anchoring into the core of the planet, expanding to fill the interior of the planet, and rising up to the surface and encompassing all lifeforms.

We, in the higher realms, will facilitate the unlocking of the Crystalline Codes, while you will be facilitating the Pathway on which those Codes will be dispersed. For this Grid, my brothers and sisters, is the Matrix for your New Earth and what we have all strived for, for so long. And NOW it is so!

I AM Ashtar, ever surrounding you with my love.




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