Good Vibrations from SIRIUS 20121204 Guardian Council of ​the Golden Ray Dec. 2012 Ascension/Upliftment Insights and Support




“Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray, sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time phase you are experiencing. We offer our unique perspective on the Cosmic relationship to your Personal Ascension and your unique Role in the Shifting of Ages on Earth. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at these magical cycles of time on your planet.

Let us begin with this sharing session.

There are many processes underway for this special 12th month of 2012 and the much anticipated 12/12/12 and Dec. 21, 2012… Gateways and portals further expanding to allow even more flooding of Light into the Earthly planes.

First, let’s pause and reflect on what you have already accomplished.

Within 2012 you have made many decisions in alignment with carrying forward the Platinum Age blueprints. You have chosen to access frequencies of Light from Home, despite having no manual and no handbook. Still, you did it and continue to do so. You are filled with light codes stored within your light body to assist you in accessing purer and purer levels of Light, by going within. As you choose to animate these light-based frequencies, you further align with your God frequencies. Additionally, you anchor them into the energy grids that support Earth and life on Earth. This is demonstrated by your ability to more easily access Light-based thoughts, truths and experiences with grace and ease. You have expanded the available choices for experiencing humanity, by knowing there were more choices available and by choosing them. All of these choices run parallel to each other, creating parallel realities you can easily transition between. We witness you more easily transitioning out of Separation Age thoughts and experiences to re-center into your feelings of Love for Self and Others, like flipping a switch. You re-member. You re-member you Can and that you wish to experience yourself amidst the powerful, healing, transformative vibrations of Love.

What you may not have noticed is that as you have made more consistent choices to embody your Light-based frequencies you are tuning the environment to do the same. All are affected by your chosen energy patterns. On planet and off planet. Re-member, the overall blueprints for this time phase call for the transition beyond Separation Age programs into Light-based experiences. As you live in alignment with these plans, you further their implementation while also making it easier for all other life forms on Earth to do the same. You have sufficiently anchored your Light-based frequencies from Home such that others do not need to repeat the same path cutting that you experienced. The paths of Light have been paved for humanity, by you walking them in your everyday lives. When you create the Platinum Age for yourself, it is naturally offered to all others also in human form and other forms of life.

Free Will Notice we said offered. Free will is a powerful ingredient to the human experience and it remains so going forward. Upliftment processes cannot be forced, cajoled or manipulated, no matter how much you wish for another to experience what you are experiencing.

The reason your experiences mean so much to you is because you are ready to create and enjoy them. To expect others to appreciate life, beauty and all that is in the same way you do is asking too much. It’s also more likely to lead to disappointment, as you hinge your own enjoyment on another enjoying something as you do.

Enjoy the life you are creating, for You. As you bring on line your unique God frequencies, you affect the very nature of humanity and the planet.

Others will awaken, experience and create according to their unique Soul signature. As Masters, you tend to do things your own way, in your own “time” especially when offered such a seemingly independent experience as Earth provides. We view this as a gift, not a challenge to be overcome.

The Value of Uniqueness The differences will continue going forward. Different perspectives on solutions. Alternative views on what infrastructure can best support humanity overall. Unique approaches to creating and sharing of abilities and resources. These varying perspective will expand the reach of any solutions/ideas created.

What can be very different is how you view these differences. From your Light-based frequencies, aligning with realities of the fifth dimension and beyond, you are no longer feeling threatened nor defensive of these differences. Your ideas and views no longer define who you are. They are understood as a way of experiencing yourself.

You more easily feel honor and love for others, no matter what views and opinions they hold. This approach changes everything about creating as a group. You more easily identify the shared goals and purposes and find more space within which to collaborate and experiment with what to try and where to try it. You are dynamic, light-hearted and adaptable because of the broader frequencies of Light available to play in, even when identifying solutions. This is a far different experience than the ego-ic approach of mine/yours, win/lose, give/take, good/bad.

The creative process as a group becomes more open, broad and welcoming. Especially when everything is viewed authentically as an opportunity, rather than a problem.

Hence, differences remain but it no longer need be associated with friction. Harmony amidst difference is already fully available to each of you. This requires some inner adjustment, and shifting. The programming of the third and fourth dimensional realities remains an option. They often dictate everyone or at least the majority must agree in order to experience harmony. They also often include an underlying intent to change and/or convince others.

Creating the Platinum Age That is not the way the plan was designed for this time phase. There was too much at stake. The opportunity for this Shift was/is too Significant. To exceed the frequency ranges available to the Earthly planes beyond those experienced in any other timeline… to create a Platinum Age that would surpass the Light, Wisdom, Love, Honor and Creativity of Earth’s Golden Ages (in any timeline). The unique torsion fields to be created and stabilized in this Shift do not require masses to be successful. It only requires a group of extremely pure hearted beings, sufficiently passionate about restoring Light to Earth and very courageous in their ability to Be their Light, as guided by their coding and structure.
Some volunteered to play this role, pre-coded to do so. Any could’ve chosen it. Not everyone did, for there are so many intriguing and satisfying ways of experiencing humanity from the perspective of the Higher Self especially during a Shift such as this.

This group broke free from the old paradigms of their own life. They saw with Divine clarity the limitations of their own patterns and programs. By seeing these limitations they were also very open to creating another energetic pattern for themselves. They experimented with how various things and experiences felt, to them. Was it in alignment with Love and honor for self? Was it in alignment with love and honor for others? They grew and expanded into a purer and purer reflection of their Inner Light, shining and beaming from the inside out. They continued and continue to experiment, and adjust and expand into purer and purer expressions of unity consciousness and Source creator, from within their physical form.

Their physical forms are altered, upgraded, as a result of being these pure forms of Light. The physical form has always been designed to respond to the environment it is tuned to, by the consciousness assigned to it. In this process, this group tunes their body to Light. Another facet of human evolution.

Does any of this sound familiar? We hope so, for it is definitely how we view You, Dear One.

A construction crew of Upward Spiral energies, magnetizing you, your journey and thus the physical planes overall to a new reality for Earth and for humanity that is rooted in Light.

Expanding Timelines You are stretching what it means to be human. Expanding what is possible in the physical reality of Earth. The dynamic nature of frequencies set in motion by the various Grand and minor cycles offered in this opportunity. And you knew this. You designed your journey at this time because of this. The quantum nature of these unique upward spiral energies, expand what is possible. We know others have interpreted this as a collapsing of timelines and we honor that perspective. we view things differently. The anchoring of Light now accomplished does not require a separation from the Separation Age frequencies to exist. They also do not require a majority vote. They also do not need a new reality that is separate from the former reality, the present Earth. That viewpoint is rooted in the Separation age of duality.

It only needs an expansion of what the present Earth is.

The present Earth, it’s third and fourth dimensional realities are still available to all who choose to experience it. Still, with more of you choosing the Light-based frequencies from which to energize and animate, they become even more compelling to those not yet aware of them. There will naturally be a stronger and stronger attraction to these Light-based experiences and its associated fifth dimensional realities and higher.

Even in those fifth dimensional realities and higher, as some of you already know, differences continue, as we discussed above. As unique aspects of God, would you expect anything else? Still, the underlying alignment with Light allows the differences to be experienced with honor and love for self and other.

Please consider the above carefully. Does your Creative ability as a Divine human require anyone else, or perhaps everyone else, to think like you, act like you and be like you? If so, you can expect friction in the continuing differences and expanding timelines. As you experience your God frequencies easily and openly, and you grant this same ease and openness to others on their path, you will easily adopt thought and behavior patterns that allow you to Be as you choose no matter what others are choosing for themselves.

This is a key facet in the Liberation of Humanity. As a voluntary member of this Ground Crew, your setting this in motion for yourself is a supremely important aspect of your upliftment, and thus humanity’s upliftment process.

Signs of Successful Anchoring of Light As the upward coils of energy become stronger and more stable in the physical planes, others are very likely to go through their own re-membering process at a more rapid pace and perhaps with little to no pain/agony/inner turmoil. This is to be celebrated; a sign of the beautiful and perfect job you and others did as an energetic Pioneer or path cutter.

Any flavors or hints of competition or jealousy within the sphere of your personal energy field can be easily comforted by a full heart that celebrates the re-membering of each and all. Instruct the wounded warrior within, “We did such a wonderful job. Look at how easily they found their way. We played a role in their process! They are doing it their own way, just like we did. As they activate their Light, we benefit, too, for their contribution of Light is unlike any other.”

Vessels of Light As these gateways and portals are further expanded, as planned, we remind you that You are the vessel for this Light. These gateways and portals are actually within the physical vessels on the Earthly planes which includes You, from within your carefully chosen human bodysuit. This Light floods… from WithIn your being. The gateway is You.

The role you play is tremendous. For those of you that have re-membered that humanity’s true essence is the Light of God, you are naturally guided, by an internal Divine Guidance System to expand into purer and purer levels of Light. And there is no limit. As an infinite being, calling upon Self from your human form, there is “end” or being “done” as your Creator abilities only become enhanced.

Further Honing your Field while Supporting Others From these higher frequencies you better understand what is not aligned to your true nature, to your Divine Light. You can ebb and flow with the energies which always guide you. You can offer love and support to others on their journey, yet recognize that each has responsibility for their own process, their own emotions, their own challenges and their own Creations.

Earth provides the very unique opportunity of perceiving individuation of Source. We view this as one of the gifts of Earth and humanity. The ability to experience yourself as a independent structure, a unique aspects of Source relative others is very special.

You share your Light, by being it. You Are your Light. And this becomes easier and easier the more you trust your true nature Is Light and the more openly you experience your Light in the Earthly realms.

As you call upon further levels of Light, from within You, your Creator ability increases in a very dynamic, non-linear way. The sphere of your personal energy field glows more radiantly with the Light and the eternal Power of Love. This is what further opens the gateways and portals to the physical planes; You calling on it, from within You. And to become physical, this Light must be expressed or animated in some way. So, what will you Create with even more passion, more energy, more love of Life and humanity? There is only one being that can answer that; You. Trust that rooted in that level of Light, there is no wrong way to be You. As a child with paint, express freely and joyfully as the Creator of Light that you are to the Earthly planes.

We witness and support and encourage, with great excitement for what is taking place and what you will choose to Create next. Infinite beings shifting Earth and Humanity from within their chosen human forms. It is a beautiful process you have designed and we willingly support and guide by helping you remember your true nature and the process you designed.

With infinite love and blessings,

Jill Renee Feeler and the Guardian Council of the Golden Ray”

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