Messages of Light 20121204 Heavenletter # 4393 Is Moving On to Be Mourned? December 4, 2012



God said:

Remember that there is no loss. All that ever was is still somewhere. Nothing is ever lost. A loved one may not be in sight, and yet no love is lost.

In the material world, you may mourn for the loss of a loved one and, furthermore, when you leave your body on Earth, you care that no one will be left to remember your loved one, and a time will come, when no one remembers you either. When you are feeling this way and bemoaning loss, what comfort can there be for you?

Even for your precious animal friends, their loss to you is devastating enough, and, furthermore, that no one, no one else has a recollection of their love. This is sad for you. No one loved them as you did. They never meant as much to anyone as they meant to you and mean to you now.

You do understand when I tell you to let go of the past. You are a river flowing. A stream of life flows, and the river does not mourn for the shores past. It was beautiful where the river flowed yesterday, and the river keeps flowing. The river is satisfied in having touched the shores it did. The river knows that the beautiful shores are still there. And the river has other shores to pass through.

Is moving on to be mourned? What is there to mourn for, beloveds? Why mourn for what you so lovingly held? Remembering is one thing. Mourning is another. Your loved ones who have moved along are still deep within your heart. They are deep within your cells. They are a part of you, and they are a part of your growth.

There is a photo in your heart of all whom you loved and all who loved you. Let the rivers flow, and, if your tears must also flow, then let them flow. The tears take some of the salt away from what you see as salt on your wounds. There are no wounds. There is no salt. And yet, you cry tears of salt, and the missing stays, and the yearning stays, and you feel adrift. Where have your beautiful shores gone? They have left you and left you bereft.

You don’t want to mourn, and, yet, part of you does want to mourn. The shores slip away, and you feel left abandoned somewhere. The streams flowed too fast.

The waves of the ocean recede. You only see a part of the ocean. You cannot see all at once the whole of it. No one has seen the whole of an ocean at one glance, and, yet, everyone knows that the ocean is there. More than one ocean is there. All the oceans ebb and wane without even a glance from you. This is the way of oceans.

The ocean is complete. Even if you live in a land-locked land, you know there is an ocean. You don’t have to see ocean to know it’s there. All the days of your lives, there are oceans and ocean waves and furrowing and unfurrowing.

You cannot hold all the oceans to you. If you held all the oceans in your arms, oceans would no longer be oceans. If you kept them to you, they would not be the oceans you love so much. Would you really contract the oceans?

Would you really stick your loved ones in one place and not let them flow to another shore, a vaster shore, a shore where you will one day join with them? You are ever joined to them.

You and they and your love are simply a river flowing. Each of you follows the shores of life and reaches the oceans deep where you are one burst of never-ending love.

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