Contacting Beings of Light 20121128 High Council of Orion Ascension Channeling 6 of 30 – Oneness Part 2



Channeled Ascension Message from
the High Council of Orion
Countdown Day 25
November 26th 2012.

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

Audio file is available at
ONENESS – Part 2.

“Greeting Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.
Today we’d like to talk about Oneness.  We’ve mentioned this idea, this word, before and we also have said that we would discuss it more. So today we will.

It’s a word that’s used quite frequently and bantered about in all kinds of realms, particularly metaphysical realms, these days as the time gets closer to December 21, 2012.   And more and more frequently the concept of Ascension is being discussed. This word Oneness seems to be part of this conversation.
We would like to discuss Oneness as yet another topic that is a future experience of humanity on the planet.  In sharing the idea and the concept of Oneness in your current time and space, the potential for living in a state of Oneness moves ever closer.  Bringing the information from the future to the now for those who are ready to connect with this concept, allows a bridge to be made. The bridge is happening from the future back to the present, and those who connect to it create the foundation for the bridge, which allow many more people to cross.
Let’s talk about Oneness.  The word Oneness implies singularity, which for many based on the world you live in at the current time, could be a word that doesn’t feel comfortable and perhaps even confronting.  For when one looks at what’s going on around and sees fear and strife, discord, untruths or any other experience that is not one of ease and grace and beauty and joy and love it’s easy to be in a place to say “Never mind I’m not interested in Oneness. That doesn’t feel good. There are too many things out there that I’m not interested in being at one with.”   And from that point of view we would completely agree. For polarity is still a strong experience on your planet and more importantly in your consciousness at this time. So we would not be a proponent of living in Oneness from the place where your worldwide community stands at the moment. It would be wise and recommended to not choose Oneness of the place you stand now. However, Oneness in the future is a place where each individual is dignified, respected, and seen for who they are fulfilling their Soul’s mission, regardless of outward appearances of their human condition.  It’s a place where there is no judgment about good or bad, more or less, better or worse.  There is no judgment about religious beliefs, about philosophical understandings, about political sides of the road, about socio-economic strata or about political dominion.

We are going to ask you to play a little game with yourself to bring the experience of Oneness closer to your everyday reality.  For we’re not asking you to go from the state of collective consciousness that currently exists on your planet at this time, to suddenly embracing all as if you can look past all the barriers of divisiveness that are there.  What we ask you to do is start dropping the veil of separation in any place, in every opportunity you have in your life.  As you move through your day, what we ask you to do is any situation you come upon that you feel judgmental about we’d like you to remember that that situation is comprised of individuals. Each of those individuals has, beneath the veil of their humanity, a beautiful, infinitely intelligent Soul that’s guiding every action in this life for its highest purpose.  What if you take a moment and take a breath and in any situation you feel judgmental, you just allowed yourself the awareness that behind that human experience that you’re feeling judgmental about, is a beautiful, wise Soul guiding that human experience in a dance of perfection for the Soul-level outcome that is most appropriate.


For example, if one is driving down the road and someone cuts you off and instead of getting judgmental and making statements about their driving competency, or the lack of brains in their head or any swear words that might come out, what if you take a breath and step back and remove the veil of the humanity and realize that is a Soul?   Just observe how you feel, perhaps it takes a little of the punch out of your anger or your frustration, perhaps it shifts your point of view just a little bit, maybe even a lot, maybe it brings you into greater level of peace and non-reactivity.  What if you see somebody outside of a store, on the side of a road, asking for money, and you from your judgmental place might decide that they don’t deserve it, why don’t they get a job, or they make you feel guilty for choosing to not give them money, whatever it might be?  We ask you in that moment to just stop and breathe and see and experience that individual as a Soul who’s carrying an equal amount of light to who you are. From the place of their Soul all is in its perfection, even if the human experience from your point of view seems less than perfect.


All we’re asking you to do is just observe how you are feeling in that moment. Do you feel a little more compassion towards that person? Even just a slight shift in your judgmental point of view?  It’s actually a fun game and the beautiful piece of this experience that were asking you to practice is because as you become aware of the Soul-level truth, and even allowing the Soul level truth to be whatever it is for each Soul who you come in contact with, you are allowing the Soul level truth of who you are to shine a little brighter. For in you allowing the Soul to shine brighter in others, you are dignifying your Self from that same level of truth.  As you do, observe how you feel about the day, the people who you come in contact with, your response to the news, things you see on the Internet, the way you feel when you go to sleep at night, the way you wake up in the morning.


What this is is a beginning experience of practice of Oneness.  For without seeing the sameness in all of us sharing the planet at the same time, it is impossible for us to get to the higher levels of consciousness that our Souls are crying out for.


What we ask you to do is just play and have fun with this practice of Oneness. By seeing the dignity and respecting the Soul level path of every person, every animal who comes across your path, and just see how you feel and play with it.  It’s an experience that can bring you greater peace, greater peace of mind, an increased level of ease, and much gratitude for the perfection of the Soul’s orchestration of each individual life, and most importantly your Soul’s orchestration of your life.

We emanate profound love for each and every one of you and see through to your Soul-level experience, and the perfection in each one of you, and hold the light high that you see the perfection in yourself.
Be blessed!
We are the high Council of Orion”.

© 2012 Copyright Holly Hawkins Family Trust






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